To My Wife

I dedicate this to the woman who found me at my lowest, and raises me higher than I ever thought I could go.

To my wife.

To me, there is nothing that shines brighter than you.

My lighthouse, guiding me towards a future across a black sea.

My sun, that reveals the way through a maze of confusion and self distraction.

My other half, in more than just a term of endearment.

I love you so completely and utterly, that the world could end tomorrow and I would still have a smile on my face if you were with me.

Love is not a strong enough word to encompass the feeling that I have for you, as it pales in comparrison to what I truly hold for you.

Everything I am, I give to you completely and unreservedly.

You are my one, my other half, my Love.

Words cannot grasp how amazing you are, and this I will say to anyone.

Thank you. For everything that you are.

I love you.


Dudley Castle (2nd time?)

It’s here again, it’s one of the local landmarks, it’s freakin Dudley Zoo and Castle.

So those of you in the U.K, or more specifically England, you probably know of this place. Smack bang in the ‘heart of the black country’ (the region near to Birmingham, but not quite encapsulating, so naturally most of the residents here get pretty pissed if you describe them as having a Birmingham accent)

Little bit of knowledge, that I dont think many people know or speak about (plus I don’t know any accurate historical references off by heart) but I always found sunsets around the town fascinating. Thanks to the amount of chemicals and damage done to the environment about 100 years ago, the sky now lights up in a fantastic array of colours every sunset now. Ranging from pinks and yellows to greens and every colour between. I hope at some point in the future I can capture some images for you guys as it really is an understatement for the area.

Mostly, were known for an incoherrent speech (for brits) and also being relatively rough in certain areas.

Lets go back to the castle, as that is what I have pictures of for now. If there is an interest, ill get some shots of the town or surrounding areas.

These are taken from the central courtyard.

One of the walls, the architecture intrigues me, plus I wanted to test how sharply textures show up on my new phone.

Side note, this guy and another 2 I think are free to roam the grounds of the castle, but they tend to stick near the cafe as thry have a penchant for chips!

This is a shot of an area known as Kates Hill, when I in high school I had a lot of friends that lived over that way, to be honest I think most still live over there haha.

Another shot in a similar direction, this one however taken from an elevated seat about 20 feet above the ground and dangling from a wire. Safety first kids.

Yeah thats what I was sat in…

#babymeerkat #sizedifference #lookatthebooooones #obscuremontypythonreference

Love the hidden stairwell here, really would love to be able to see the areas that are blocked off or inaccessible.

As time has gone on (not talking the almost 1000 years or however long since the first lord of Dudley owned the castle) parts of the castle have been closed off due to damage. Even over two years, they have had to close off what appeared to be a kitchen or servants quarters due to gradual damage and erosion and it’s scary to think what could go next.

Anyway this has been fun, i hope you guys liked seeing some of where I grew up. Post you soon!


So that’s an issue

Hello again, I hope you’re well.

Right so I hate to admit it but i’m out of ideas for stories that I can put up at the moment. Well not exactly out, but not really able to post any of the more worked stories due to what I plan to do with them in future.

Also came to realise that one of my posts had a typo in the freakin title! It’s been up for about a week as well so, that’s a thing.

Alright well, instead of a story, I wanted to say that I’m actually at uni today, Humour Writing, so this should be good. Will post something about the course later on if i get chance, theres a birthday in the family today so ill be attending that tonight.

Not sure what time it is for you, so good morning/afternoon/evening/unholy hour of the morning. Have a good one!


Just a short, sharp scratch

Too many stories start like this.

Drink, gamble, debt, drink, gamble, debt rinse and repeat constantly for 20 years, throw a kid into the mix about 4-5 years in and boom, there you go, tragic backstory perfectly established. But the turning point? That part which changes everything? That comes much later. From the word “go”


Oscar braced himself, took a deep breath and stepped forward, one, two, three, the gap between the shipping crates was only about three to four feet wide, an easy enough jump to make usually but when your four crates high off the ground with nothing to break the fall, four feet might as well be forty. The gap neared quicker than he anticipated, a sharp intake of breath and he leapt, sailing cleanly over the gap in the crates and landing cleanly on the other side.

“See? I said you could do it!”

Oscar looked over to his friend, Nathan, his oldest and best friend. They had gone through preschool, primary and into high school together, now as they neared the end of high school they had even decided to attend the same college. Nathan was one of those that made everything look easy, good grades, sporty, held his nerve around girls. By all accounts, Nathan would be the hero of the story due to his strengths.

But this isn’t a story about heroes.

Oscar nodded, his stomach was still knotted with anticipation for the jump and he felt a little sick. Nathan patted his back and pointed over to a small building, just away from the crates.

“I bet we can get over there”

Oscar shook his head

“We shouldn’t even be in here, let alone jumping onto the shacks that the guards are probably in”

Nathan hopped forward, spinning around with a gleam in his eye.

“Oh like they’d ever catch us. You stay here and watch me do it then”

He leapt over to the next few crates with ease, all the while Oscar watched with envy. Often he visualised himself doing something that Nathan hadn’t, swapping roles in his head. He had played out scenarios where it had been him suggesting they go climb the huge tree, and immediately after Nathan being scared to do it, saying things like

“But isn’t this to dangerous? Oh but what if i fall??”

Then Oscar waving it off and going ahead, pulling off a quadruple flip and landing twelve branches up.

But that was in his head, and Oscar never really took charge of…

He fell.

Oscar watched, aghast as Nathan landed badly on the corner of the building and unintentionally bounced off, falling to the side and out of sight.

“Shit! Oh shit…”

What do i do? Oh god what do i do?? Oscar looked at the path along the crates. There were so many breaks and awkward angles that had to be overcome. Oscar thought about leaving and calling an ambulance… but then they would know that they had been over here in the first place.

He bit down on his courage and began making his way towards the shack, leaping across the crates. It started to feel easier, but Oscar still worried about Nathan. What was he supposed to do? That was a long fall, what would he do if Nathan had broken his leg… what would he do if he had…

No, don’t think like tha- 

The last crate wobbled underneath him, causing his jump to fall flat a few inches shorter than it should have, Oscars arms slammed into the crates edge. His fingers grabbed at the grooves, but it was no use, the metal was to smooth to hold.

“No no no…”

His fingers barely managed to grip a small sharp lip at the edge, just about stopping his fall. A sharp, jagged pain ran into his fingers making Oscar grunt with pain. He almost let go reactively but his instinct pinned him to the edge. He pulled and scrambled his legs against the cold metal, heaving up and onto the crate. The sickness returned as he rolled himself onto his back and lay, staring up at the orange clouds above, taking in the occasional star that pricked its way through the misted veil. 

His thoughts returned to Nathan, lying half dead in an alley, broken, bleeding and alone. Oscar rose to his feet shakily, one last jump to the roof and he could safely get down and find his friend, then work out what he was supposed to do next. The gap between the crate and the small metal building was larger than between the crates by quite a large amount. Oscar began to worry that he could end up lying next to Nathan if this went bad, which it more than likely would, he thought as he looked at the size of the gap. But there was no other way to go now, he had come too far and this was realistically the only way forward.

He looked on the sides of the shipping crate but they had been stacked to well leaving only a sheer drop around him. With gritted teeth, a churning stomach and shaking legs, Oscar sprinted from one end of the crate and pushed off as hard as he could, sailing towards his target in a weird mix of both fast forward and slow motion. Oscar crashed heavily onto the roof, his legs locked up on impact and threatened to throw him off, just as it had with Nathan. But Oscar managed to fall forwards, slamming onto the sloped metal sheets, his foot had wedged on what felt like a clump of stiff wire that pressed viciously into the sole of his shoe. Now, how to get down?

As his face pressed to the cold, ridged metal, he had to figure out a way of getting from the roof and to his friend, but other than letting go and sliding down the sheets, catching himself on whatever guttering their was, it seemed to be quite a dead end. What had he been thinking? Was there any actual way of getting down from those crates without going all the way back to the entrance? Oscar screwed his eyes up, angry at his own rash decision and now, stuck to the sloped roof of a building did the despair hit home. His friend may be dead, or at least severely injured and here he was locked in a state of fear, cowering on a roof. There has to be a way, there’s always a way, Oscar prized himself up and looked down the slope, it was quite long in all fairness, so there was a possibility that the drop from lower down wouldnt be as bad, if only he could see a little, further.

There was a loud thud, a metallic sounding clunk and the sheet Oscar lay on bowed and creaked horribly. He looked on either side for a way off, but it gave way before he could reach anything. He slammed hard into the floor, knocking the breath from his lungs as his eyes scrunched up from the pain. He was grabbed roughly and dragged backwards, his hands fumbled and dragged behind him, his eyes opened and before him was an older man in a suit that looked familiar as well as a large fat man in similar attire. The older man quickly hurried out the room as Oscars mouth was covered by a rough hand and someone whispered “just a short, sharp scratch” followed by a pinprick feeling in his neck. Oscars vision swam before his eyes as they rolled back into his head.

Inspirational quotes

Hello hello, how are you today?

So as im (desperately struggling) to post somethig every day, I had an idea for a post. ‘Inspirational quotes’.

They’re everywhere. If you’ve got facebook and aunties and uncles that use it, theres a veeeeeery high percentage chance you’ve seen at least one minion post.

By minion post, i’m talking about those yellow… things from Despicable Me, the side characters that stole the show pretty effectively, be that  by accident or on purpose, it worked for them. Maybe a little too well…

Anyway, ‘Minion quote’ is basically a picture of a minion, with a very generic, very broad ‘inspirational quote’ next to them. I don’t know why they bug me so much, maybe because it’s so irrelevant to the character, maybe it’s the people that post them, I’m unsure.

All i know is that I find them incredibly annoying.

Alright, that is my weird rant for the day over, I hope you don’t come across those things but again, you’re probably going to at some point. 

What’s your favourite/ most hated quote that you’ve come across? Something that’s really stuck in your head with irritation. (Like when people reference kryptonite and superman incorrectly, that REALLY BOTHERS ME LIKE OH MY GOD HAVE YOU R E A D A COMIC!?) sorry for shouting.

Have a great day, speak soon!


Question time? 

This Thursday, the university I attend will be hosting a session of the BBC show, Questiontime and I’m gonna be in the audience! As of now, I’m not particularly sure as to who will be in attendance, but if I can think of an interesting enough question, then theres a high possibility you might see me on the show.

Again, that’s if I can think of an interesting question that I think needs to be asked. If not, then you might see me in the crowd. Also sorry for not publishing yesterday, sometimes it can be hard to get chance too.

I have a story on this that is very near completion, I will post that as soon as it’s ready so I eagerly await feedback on that when it’s up, same rules apply, share if you enjoy, leave comments and feedback etc…

Anyway I shall leave it there and (with any luck) post that story for you all later!



Today we went to the local city (Wolverhampton) with the kids and, whilst it was typical sunny England I snapped some shots of the kids near these little ground based water jets. Kind of a fountain, but more of a dog/kid cooler offer in the summer.

Schedule, posting and other stuff

Ok, so I know that I need to post more (yeah you do, stop lazing about with this) so I have decided to create a… I guess schedule would be too much a strict word to follow as such, but maybe I need to be a little more strict with myself?

Gettin’ sidetracked there, so look, heres tha dealio. I’m gonna post something every single day.


Everyday your gonna get an insight into what the heck im up to, random thoughts that occur (beware, these can be a little crazy sometimes but im always willing to talk about things so dont be afraid to comment and ask, i reply to as much as i can) and also i shall be posting my writings when i can.

So what i’m saying is that this may become something of a diary for a little while, but I will post writings as they happen.

Thanks for reading!


900 follower count, Thank You all!

Well, finally (as of this moment anyhow) I hit 900 follower/subscribers I don’t really know what to class you as.

So let me say what the title says.

Thank you. No seriously, thank you.

I don’t know exactly how many of you actually read the things I post, but if even 1 of you reads, and enjoys it might I add, then i’m a step closer to getting where I want to be. A legitimate author.

So i’m sure that you are aware that I have two fantastic kids (they really are – Bar the ear piercing screech that the little one has developed. Could live without that) and the love of my life, my Wife, who without her support I wouldn’t be half the person I am today.

She saved me, quite literally, from an eternity of “ill do it tomorrow” and “ehh it can wait”. That was basically how I lived until she came into my life, like a godamm sexy unicorn into a room filled with dust covered boxes and greasy pizzas and blasted her magical rainbow mouth lazers onto everything and revealing who I should be, who I wanted to be, and what I could be.

So thank you, and if you like what I write/do when I have a laptop, then especially thank her.

I love you B, you godamm sexy unicorn.