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Breeze – A world barely remembered.

“Hi, my names Mike… im kinda… new around here so… who’s who here?” The girl looked up at him, frowned as if to say what is this guy? She was pretty in a standard way, medium length brown hair, slight tan from the brief burst of sunshine they had recently.

“Uhh… ok…” She stood up, taking Mike by surprise at her willingness to help. She pointed out across the office “Welcome to JTC recruitment, a “brand new approach to recruiting!” As you can see we each have a desk, well except me, i get this batterred thing that stops me seeing when people come in.” He did recall having to lean over to get her attention.

“Were split into sections that cover the local area. Generally were speaking town by town, so youll get assigned a town that you’ll get used to, make friends and contacts and just as you hit optimal sales the boss will throw you into a different section entirely.”

Slight hint of bitterness there. Mike thought as she reeled on.

“So weve got Dave and Bill covering the Eastern parts of the town, Wendy and Gavin on north and central, Ted on south and Manji on Western. Youve got me on reception and booking clients in, im Alecia and lastly, lurking in the dark office away from the genral public youve got Harry, or “Mr Wizard” as he will introduce himself as. Hes IT. And a freak. So where will you be working?”

She gestured limply in the directions of each of the tables and stared, stony faced into Mikes eyes as she awaited his answer.


The winds of Breeze – preview!

Hello everyone, sorry its been so long but ive been incredibly busy being a responsible adult, which by the way, suuuuuuucks.

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So yeah ive been falling asleep on the bus instead of writing. And on the sofa. And maybe a little bit at work as well but we wont go there.


Heres the teaser section for an episodic adventure i will be creating gradually. Id love to release one a week as a realistic element but i know that at the moment thats a little bit… mad.

So here goes, ladies, gentlemen and all of you who sexually identify as a houseplant, i present The Winds of Breeze!

The dreams i had as a child where vivid. They seemed to be more then dreams, more like i was awake somewhere else then asleep in my little bedroom with its striped wallpaper.

It all started on my lunchbreak. Id gone to my usual sandwich shop, passing the other miscellaneous stores of which i never frequented, due to not really caring about what they sold. There was an alley that i passed day in, day out, in fact so often i forgot it was there. But on my usual stride passed the alley, i happened to look down into its shadowed entrance with its weirdly shining tiles that glowed with reflection. Thats when i saw her.

She stood just ahead of the shadows, staring out as i looked in. Her eyes seemed to be surrounded by  a black mask that stretched across her face, framing her mouth. She was dressed in a bizarre ragged outfit, patchwork and barely held together. She lifted a finger and brought it to her mouth with a shushing sound, but what was she shushing?

That night i dreamt about a place i havent seen in a VERY long time. And immediately i could feel how much it changed since i had last been there.


Hey guys, heres a new author to the site and hes also someone i know in real life. Please take the time to read the first part of his story “Silent Heaven”, leave some feedback and a follow if you liked it!


Silent Heaven: To Nightmares Awaken – Chapter One: Beginnings –

By the way i know ive been away for some time, lifes been hectic but i will be posting stuff soon!

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Hey so…

Hey everyone, sorry i havent been on here in forever, ive been focussing on rewriting my books and progressing at work.

Im about to become a dad for the second time now, next saturday so im sure ill post something for you guys of my new offspring haha.

I feel like i should give you guys a taste of what ive written so far, now some of you might have seen bits of this before, remember it is a rewrite, so i know your going to know what happens, but dont spoil it for those that dont, cause i knlw i have fresh followers that came after i deleted it.

So without further ado…

I present:

Court of blood V2.0

Winter had hit thick and fast in Revenant city, turning the skyline into a silhouette of spiked architecture. The bricks had been completely snowed over, blinding their textures and colours beneath a thick layer of white. Even the tallest of buildings within the city had been coated in a thick white cloak.

Standing atop the building, a figure wrapped heavily in a thick brown cloak, a black mask covered their face, but offered little protection to the biting winds at this height. A wound from earlier caused them to grit their teeth as it ached, pulsing with pain.

They stared out across the blanketed city, taking in the small flickering flames of the lanterns trying to stand against the breeze and thought admirably about the lamplighters that were fighting to try and keep the flames lit.

The plan was simple. 

Brutal, but the time for strategy had passed now, there was only brutality left. This was about sending a message. A message that they where wrong and, even in the face of defeat, they would strike one last scarring blow against an enemy they had so severely underestimated.

They uncovered their face, letting the wind bite at their features. With a deep breath, they called out to everyone that was left, a desperate call for help, few would answer, less would help with what was required.

It was a strange sound, the noise of those that moved at incredible speeds rushing through the thick weather and landing on the thickly covered roof.

There could only be around thirty left of us.

“What do you require of us, your highness.”

“That was my parents. Just call me what I am.”

“Yes… What do you require of us, Vanguard?”

They didn’t turn around, feeling a dozen sets of eyes staring at the back of their head.

“I require a sacrifice of great value. What I will ask of you, I have no right to claim but we find ourselves in this position.”

The wind seemed to silence as the words landed amidst the other survivors. They all knew that these where the final days for it was only a matter of time before the disease took them and they would die screaming in pain whilst their bodies turned to ash.

“What is it you would ask of us?”

“I ask that you strike with me as one single force, to forgo all your alliances, your enemies and vendettas with each other and fight with me to prove why we were the lords and kings of this city.”

The cloaked figure turned around and faced the last slivers of an ancient and proud race of near immortals, each once a powerful and wealthy character, now desolate and scarred by the loss of loved ones. 

Matted hair, scars and wounds, eyes filled with rage and fear.

“Lets strike together. One race. One enemy.”


Hey so, im gonna be focussing a lot more on writing that book i mentioned previously.

That doesent mean ill be ignoring this, but i will be posting a little bit less, but hopefully you guys will understand that im trying to make this serious now.

Ive spent too long ignoring myself, and thanks to all of you who like and comment, i feel ready to start pushing myself to do this properly. 

I thank you all, stay awesome everyone. I hope to see all of you thrive with everything you try. Never give up. Never forget yourself.

Come, rain!

Tension filled

Water brimming

The air begins to pulse with electricity

The energy that precedes violence

Come rain, wash out the lines of grime

Fill the gutters with spite and discarded life

Come rain! Save us from the stagnant heat

Trapped in clothes, fibres of our beings

Offering a cool release from our strife

I offer my face to the heavens to receive

With eyes closed and arms outstretched

The dots begin to dot my face




5 seconds…

5 seconds.

5 seconds the idea is born.

5 seconds the charecter is there

5 seconds he is clothed and equipped

5 seconds his world takes shape, size, structure, items, scenery.

5 seconds a flashback occurs, staging the event.

5 seconds we have an island in limbo,

5 seconds the town is built

5 seconds centuries pass

5 seconds history begins to fill

5 seconds is all it takes.

5 seconds creates life

5 seconds destroys a world.

Throne of Hell 3- Ending

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I hope you have enjoyed this teaser and will follow the story through to its epic conclusion when it is released.

Thank you!

Sheena sat in her Realm, tail curled around her legs and the body of another man drained of life and soul sprawled out on the floor before her.

She was growing tired of the same thing now, seduce an idiot with power and… Feminine wiles, bring him to her Realm, a quick ride and he gave her all she needed.

The chance to absorb his soul and life.

It didnt matter who it was, she had bedded slaves, traders, soldiers and kings.

Even a legendary hero once or twice, much to the dislike of the effervescants, but she didnt care.

They couldnt touch her if they tried.

With a deep sigh, she examined the Realm, all twenty square feet of it, laid out exactly how she liked it.

The bed, with its luxurious sheets made from the rarest of fabrics, and something only available in Minerva, the Demon world.

A silk so soft that it felt like waters touch, refreshing and yet keeping you dry at the same time.

Pink linen drapes around the “walls” bordered the area, suggestively tinted and parted to resemble…

It all added to the effects that she had on men.

And yet she grew bored.

Seducing men was easy, her powers allowed her to be seen how they wanted her to be seen. She was a sexual chameleon with a taste for mens souls, and a talent for seduction.

Yet surely there was more to life then this?

She headed from her realm, destroying the body of her last victim casually with a flick that produced an incinerating flame, burning it to ash that blew away into the voids that surrounded the realm.

There were no walls, only black canvasses that showed stars and galaxies, all manner of constellations and other bodies of mystery to humans.

She stepped out into the Cortex, a red tinted spiral of floating symbols and objects that hovered in the air.

She walked away, unimpressed by the hovering structure and out into the city of Minerva.

A bustling city of greed, violence and obscure structure.

It surrounded a castle, thr cortex being the only other long lasting structure in the entire city, everything else was ramshackle and battered.

Demons tended to avoid the city if they had a realm of their own, only coming here when absolutely necessary.

She wandered through the streets, heading towards the castle. Passing beggars and mangled bodies of crippled demons that had fallen from glory.

There was one rule in the city.

You make it out or you die.

A large circle gleamed above the city, casting a silver glow upon everything that remained stationery, fires lit certain paths up as best they could, but nothing could bring light truly to this world.

She knew where she was going, and it wasnt the castle. This time it was to the Forbidden sector, “forbidden for their own protection” they had always been told.

But it made no difference.

Nobody enforced the law and often demons entered and never came back.

She was determined to find out what happened their, even if it meant never returning to her realm.

“Stop, succubus. Where dyu think your going?”

A scratchy voice jerked from the shadows.

Sheena stopped and looked towards the shadow.

Suddenly the area flooded with skinny, ragged bodies, grey in colour with yellow eyes.

They piled out with incredible speed, throwing themselves at her feet, she stepped back but found that they flooded faster then she could move and was soon blocked in by a sea of bodies that blocked the entire street.

One hopped out amidst the waves and crouched bear her, a strange flickering haze around his head gave him the look of being behind fogged glass.

“Reckon you could handle all of us? I can see… see your power… yes. See what you arrrrrrrrre….”

She pulled but it was no use, they covered her completely.

She felt hands grabbing at her flesh, sliding their cold hands across her bare skin, searching and grabbing for something that they could take…

The demon drew close to her face, breath stinging her face as he got there, poisoning her lungs with its filth.

“You need all… of these to capture me? Im on my own… take me yourself…”

He laughed, a raking sound that bit at her ears.

“You are right… i should have… first go…”

His eyes stayed glowing yellow yet she could feel his gaze scraping across her.

The tide of bodies parted suddenly and dropped her to her feet. They stood on either side of her as a fat green creature revealed itself, short in stature with a bulbous belly and rubbery skin.

It has a smattering of hair on its head and enormous yellow eyes that glowed with an orange ring around the yellow that resonated with the grey swarm.

It licked its lips and walked towards her, a greed in its massive eyes she had seen over a thousand times.

She was aware of the wall of bodies staring at her as the creature neared.

She was no  stranger to people watching, the years she had spent bedding people had meant she saw numerous parties where she had claimed souls all around. Even some women, but they where difficult to capture… unless they where willing.

She dropped to her knees and began to crawl towards the creature, this many people under his control, he was obviously into this form of seduction.

She looked up, trying her best to be what he wanted… crawling across the street, she tried to block out the hundreds of bodies that could pounce on her in a second should it go wrong, and even she couldnt guarantee that she would get out of that…

His eyes widened as she neared, staying in her knees, a smile cracked on his face as she got closer and closer, he could feel her warmth, the heat from her breath as she edged closer and closer.

She could practically feel the effort it was putting in to not give in to her, when suddenly her head was wrenched back and she was face to face with him, a smile cracked upon his face as he held her, staring at her panicked face. He knew what she was doing, and had caught her off guard. Then began to use his hypnosis on her, bearing down into her eyes, looking for the anchor point to lodge his thoughts in.

“St… stop… you dont…” she breathed in, a scared, fear filled lungful of air as she felt him probing around her mind.

She dodged as much as she could, twisting and turning, flashing thought after thought before his vision, trying anything possible to get him to anchor to something she could afford to lose when.

“Got you.”

He snared a thought. A deep thought, one of the deepest. Thoughts or memories she could have possibly shown.

The day she broke into the world.

He saw it all, the tear in the sack, the first breath she breathed, the lights, sounds, smells, the fear as she saw her brothers and sisters all about to turn on her as a power struggle.

She was his.

An elated feeling blew up inside him.

Never had he ever thought about capturing a succubus. With this as an ally, he could take a castle for himself… maybe even get his own realm…

His mind wandered far from the original thought of conquering her and began to imagine himself as the leader of a demon army, all under his control and free to do as he wished.

Then a strange feeling came through the fog of his mind, as though four black spikes stuck up through the dreams, mountains blocking his vision of glory.

They grew in size as he snapped back to reality, the pain grew in intensity. She was standing above him now, fear had left and the yellow glow of influence began to fade from her eyes.

It became hard to breathe, drawing in a harsh breath, he felt her move her fingers behind his tongue and at the bavk of his head.

He gagged a little, catching sight of his army of ragged beings as they fell in a swathe of death.

She grabbed something hard at the back of his head and twisted sharply, a satisfying crack issued from his mouth and his eyes dulled.

She felt the wind pick up around her as his power transferred to her. She already had the power of influence, but having more power was never a bad thing.

She retracted her hands from the disgusting creatures body and let it fall to the floor amidst the pile of grey flesh.

She continued on her journey, unfazed by the creature and its tide of grey beings when, his face flashed before her eyes. Its gleaming eyes pierced into her brain, a sharp spike of pain ran through her head. She raised a hand to her head reactively, a bark of pain issued from her mouth.

That thing had poisoned a memory, even though it was a false one, he had anchored into her mind. He may be dead but his influence had stung deeply into her mind. She shook her head and continued onwards to the Forbidden place.

Oa reached the top of the hill and stood at upon a mound of dirt, ahead of him was a smoothed clearing leading up to the structure. Two large creatures stood ahead, both powerful and muscular in structure, strange horned heads and thickly furred legs with stumped feet. They stared at the floor, almost as if they were waiting for a challenger to approach them.

Oa knew this would kill him, but he skidded down the dirt mound to the clearing and began a steady walk towards the beasts before him.

Suddenly, the sky exploded with a horrendous flapping noise, thousands of beating, flesh coloured wings filled his vision. He raised his hands up, aware of the beating wings whipping around on all sides. Swinging his arms, felt like he was fighting the wind as they came thick and fast. He was blinded by the sheer ferocity of the creatures, his sight flashed but he just about made out the creatures from earlier, covered in thin fleshy strands of creatures, tearing and ripping at their skin as they tried in vain to fight them off. He closed his eyes and lashed out in every direction, spinning and twisting as his blows landed and smashed through creatures all around him. Suddenly he felt them land on him and begin biting and pulling at his flesh.

Sheena stood in the entrance of the Forbidden Place, a large cavern that refused to let light escape its depths. With a deep breath, she stepped over the boundary and headed down into the darkness.

It took very little time to come across the centre, but she had no idea what to expect. It was another cortex.

Smaller, bluer and considerably quieter, she was astounded by its weird familiarity. The symbols and structures that floated where totally different, strange scripture marked on the stones. As she approached, they began to vibrate nervously. If this is like the other Cortex, then it should work like…

She reached up into the quivering airborne scales and came within a hairs width of touching a tile when a golden glow appeared at her side. It shimmered and danced like flames, calling her to its embrace. She positioned herself before it, this bizarre twisting, pulsing window. Its glow and warmth breathed on her like hot breath, yet she couldnt draw herself away. Peering through, she could just about make out a fire, there was someone standing on the other side of the flames, but they refused to abate or reveal who it was.

Out of nowhere, a skeletal figure sprinted past her, blackened, rusted sword raised above its head, through the window towards the one behind the flames. Is this the Mortal realm? How can this have been created there?

The portal flickered as the Screamer ran through the flames and then quickly exploded into shards. Sheena watched with more amazement as the one behind the flames simply lowered his arm and stared forwards. The portal again began to flicker and fade as she made eye contact with the creature on the other side.

She sensed the power that emanated from his soul, just by looking into his eyes. It was a mortal, or at least… possibly a mortal. However she couldnt quite make him out. He seemed to be a large, black winged demon, black spikes and tendrils sticking out in various angles. But the eyes… they were unmistakeably human, even with the rest of its appearance…

She vowed that she would find them again. No matter what.

Valkyn breathed a sigh of relief. That was too close, if his magic had faltered at any point. He would be dead. Now who was that woman in there?