A story I quickly threw together based on something from mySestina.

Once, the world split into twins.
One, a beautiful creature of protection, peace and calmness.
The other, as beautiful, yet behind its mask, a storm of rage and hatred.

They existed in harmony, watching over there people. For as the left gave, the right took away.
And yet, for all the time they spent together, they hid the true nature of their visage for the angel, forever wearing a beautiful smile upon her face to disguise the pain she felt at the betrayal of her sibling.

The sibling, wearing a face identical to her sister, took from the world the love her sister gave, destroying happiness and causing tragedy the world over.

Sorry this isn’t my best, I wrote this without planning or much time to do so.


15 thoughts on “Beautiful. Evil.

  1. Don’t apologize or make excuses for your work! It’s good now and there’s always time to edit and revise if you feel you can do better. I was enjoying your words and then you put the thought in my head that it was not so good, but I never would have questioned that on my own. Believe in yourself and your words πŸ’•

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