Life got a funny little way with me.

A few years ago I used to do the whole “karma” thing, almost scoring points on a universal level, doing good things for rewards from something.

I never found out what that something was, but it seemed to like me, gifting me even on my b day!

But this post isn’t about that. Something I came to realise was that if you talk about something you don’t understand, it… comes back.

But that’s another story.
The point is that in my observations of my life, I would generally get kicked to the floor by luck, bashing my feet into things, getting hurt more then normal, all the usual kind of stuff.
It began to get me down, but I remembered what I had learned years ago.

There is always a massive downswing, just in time to swing you wildly upwards.
Having recently started work, I did a training week that was overwhelmingly difficult in theory, and I began to panic about what was expected of me.
Plus having to get up at 5am was a new and… not entirely welcome change to a lifestyle I had grown accustomed to.

So that week ended and suddenly I realised I was banging my toes on furniture, tripping over stairs, getting hit by things of sheer randomness that, it really started to affect me negatively!
Yeah I know ‘why is that bringing him down?’ Well let’s just say there’s only so many bruises and things like that you can take before you start to feel a little picked on…

And then work actually started and… it all made sense! The things I was stressing about just… happened as if I’d been doing them for years.
Everything began to slot into place and I think it’s going really well!

Or its the final kick in the face that life has for me before it gets bored and moves onto its next victim…


18 thoughts on “Swings and roundabouts

    1. It’s just… something that stick with me a few years ago.
      One of the characters I made had it in their name and I stole it for myself, altered it a little (the previous being 680) and spelt it out instead for… I dunno, added effect? Haha

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  1. I went through a few job changes in the 1980’s and with experiences similar to your own, adopted a policy – permission to be temporarily incompetent when learning something new. πŸ™‚ Enjoyed your writing.

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  2. Your post is positive even though you’ve been down. But the upswings often feel better following a downturn. Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. Travel seems to make us feel better; however, there are lots of home days in between trips. It’s knowing how to balance life that makes it richer for us. Best wishes in the coming weeks and months, finding balance.

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    1. Thanks, when I made the post I was in a proper run of bad luck, just little really… really annoying things kept happening to me haha.
      Banging my toes, my head, falling asleep on busses and stuff. But I’m definitely on the upswing haha

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  3. Good to hear the upswing has been reached. Hope the momentum continues. It’s taken me a while to come by and thank you for the follow. Much appreciated! Life got in the way a bit, but I’m catching up now.

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