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The sun stretched it’s burning fingers across the land, gradually sweeping across with astounding, silent grace.

It’s rays pierced through the monumental structures that, despite their age and destruction, caught the rays and threw them in every direction, slashing beams of light across the scene.

Animals began to wake, snuffling out from their hiding places untouched by civilization for centuries.
The world was a quiet place now, aside from nature’s surviving calls, absolute silence deafened everything here.

Gerald looked out from his window, his last visit had been an eternity now, he wondered when they would come back to see him.
He was saddened, having lost his wife on the journey to this place, somewhere that the name escaped his mental grasp.
Watching, the birds took flight from somewhere beneath his window.
Having a high location allowed him to observe the world, even in this state of near paralysis, he could still be free to run with the creatures that came alive.

He was sure the land was… different.
Not so green
He thought, looking out into the sunset as it rose between the destroyed buildings, the glass that remained, blasted orange in colour, the wind catching the incredible vines as they draped towards the ground.

A tear ran down his cheek.
He wasn’t supposed to be seeing this.
They where supposed to wake him when they had found a treatment for his condition, surrounded by doctors and family .
Not alone and desolate.

Had they forgotten about him?
Just carried on with their lives and he had been lost?
He slowly, painfully raised a hand to his face, gripped the Mask that covered his nose and mouth, and pulled it off.
Breathing the air was wondrous, all the smells, all the taste swept into his senses and he felt more alive then ever!

But as he breathed in the fresh, unfiltered air… his hand fell limp to his side, dropping the Mask to the floor as his eyes caught the last glimpses of this beautiful planet, as the light began to fade away…


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