5 am wake up.
5:30 am walk from home to the bus station.
6:08 am the bus turns up and I’m off.

Off to the place I’m gonna spend a lot of time, work.
Of course, if I ever get to the point that I can live off what I earn by writing, I will be at my happiest, but this jobs good.
Requires thinking and that’s something I like.

Plus. I feel helpful! I’m constantly busy and it feels amazing! That was one of the problems I’ve had with jobs previous, plus I’m not fantastically confident in my own ability to do anything, other then writing.
That I know I’m pretty decent at haha.

Sorry to brag, but I think I’m alright at it haha.

I guess I wanted to post this just to get it off my chest, head or wherever these sit on me.

Thanks for reading!
Enjoy a picture of a gladiator chicken.


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