3 years after the fire

Lian stepped off the bus that had taken her to freedom and pulled in a deep breath, letting the scene sink in to her.
It felt so different, the air here to where she had come from.

Almost as though it was filled with electricity, charged and ready to strike anyone that stepped out of line, or even someone who had a glint of bad luck.
She knew it was risky coming back here
They’re probably following you…

Her thoughts did that now, had a voice of their own.
It had been bad before the fire, but nowhere near as strong.
Before she could handle it, a small thought here and their, but she had friends that helped her get passed them.
Helped to quiet the bad ones.
Now, she was alone and had it had grown almost into a separate person.

Ignoring it’s warning voice, she proceeded down into the street, retracing the steps she had made so many nights, all those years ago.
She was expecting the place to be filled with homeless people, or maybe even just dilapidated to the point of no entry.
It wasn’t truly safe when it was used often…

The area, even though it was the middle of the day, seemed to give off a grey aura. She passed the shop, now boarded up and closed down, it looked as though the street had stopped the moment it had happened.

Lian smiled to herself as she let the memories flood back, gliding her hands against the wall.
When John joined the group, the youngest and definetly most eager out of them all. He spent most of his time running away from the fighting, but he was so clever.
“That little guy could out think all of us and still play a game of chess”
She had though of him as a little brother… but then, they probably all did.

Then there was Hawk.
He was a strange one, always so distant to the rest of us, he refused to reveal who he truly was even after they had all revealed themselves.
He was the best fighter, so efficient and sharp with his kicks, most people dropped before they even saw him coming.

Then there was-
Her hand ran against a worn down poster, almost as though someone had tried to tear it down, but hadn’t been able to…
Or wanted to.
They where all stood, staring out from the flat picture, smiles and bright eyes full of hope on their faces.
Once, they had been the ‘Stars of the City!’
Once upon a lifetime…

And there he was, front and centre.
It was strange to see him smiling, almost alien as she knew him personally and he was not a smile kind of person.
Robert. ‘The Battle Captain’
Stupid name
The leader of the group, he was the one that smoked and spoke with metaphors a lot.
A real… you know you want to say it…

She shook her head, a tear welled up in her eye as she looked at his red bandana, that bizarre mask thing on his face and his heavy leather coat.
I’m not going to say it.

I can make you say it anyway… why fight me?

No… please, I can’t…

Then why did you come here? To relive the memories? Of course not… that’s why they locked you up in the-

Shut up! You dont control me!

Watch me

The word sat disgustingly in her mouth.
She wasn’t a hero.
She had let her team down in their moment of need and they had all died because of it.

She continued down the street, a dark, pulling hole weighing her spirit down with anguish.
Then she found it. The entrance to their hideout.


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