A funny little emotion
Wrapped up in pain, passion and heat.

Chase it down with tears of joy
Tears of happiness
Anger and hate

Sounds less funny,
Upon diagnosis
More like stress
More like addiction to something that will kill you

But it’s there.
It latches in place
When you want
When you expect
When it’s the last thing that would possibly be good for you
It sticks in your chest

Suddenly your heart begins to beat
For a reason other then your own

To push life around your vessel
Just for another moment with that person

It’s my perspective
Love hurts
Love kills
Love saves and heals

Equal measure
Of pain and pleasure
Welcomed and pushed out
All at the same time

That funny lil thing called love


9 thoughts on “Funny little thing called love.

    1. Yeah… i feel as if I have a premature feel with love, often crushing on people I really don’t anticipate… Maybe it’s part of me, maybe it’s the passion for writing, I don’t know

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