The dust had long settled on this place now.
Having three years would do that to a room.

It was exactly how she had remembered it on the night of her accident.
The tipped chair still laying on its side, a few magazines sprawled across the table, she pictured Robert, his large form rising up quickly and bashing his fist harshly down on the table.
The cracks still showed from where they had landed.
He had been shouting about their mission.

He had always been a little paranoid, the least accepting of their fame.
Lian had taken it as a blessing to receive such fame almost over night.

There rescue of a child being sold to slavers had gone viral across the Internet, especially when someone found the video of them fighting within the warehouse.

Back then, they had done a few missions, but nothing so dangerous as this.
A few muggings had been stopped but this was their first properly dangerous mission.
Guns where involved here, but that didn’t stop them.

He had offered them a way out before the fight, but they all stood at his side as they busted into the warehouse and attacked together.

It was a beautifully streamlined operation, they had never been so good as they where that night and… the rest was history.
Money. Fame. Free products and merchandise… drugs.

Then one mission later
Robert went crazy

“It’s them! It’s all them! There planning to brainwash the city!”
Lian looked at the Battle Captain, hunched over a computer, clicking rapidly.
She asked him, worrying about ‘poking the bear’
“That purple glow at night! It’s all listed here, magic, rituals… sacrifices!”
Hawk shook his head
“Your going crazy man… you need a night off.”
He looked up from the screen

“A night off? A night is all they need… we have to go out and get something on this…”

So we went out. Hawk tried his best, but once he set his mind, Robert couldn’t be stopped.
He lit up a cigarette and we began to stake out anything that related to PCOMMS.
It took all night, but we got someone in the end, and after a talking too, he told us what we needed.

I remember stepping back after we let the guy go, then an enormous force hitting my side… then black.

For PT 1


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