Time takes a toll

Dragging out the spirit and calling it healing

But is it healing, when matters of the heart become intertwined amongst the fibres of our being.

Love can stop the world.
Stop the heart and clear your mind _____

That moment lasts forever.
When it sinks in, anchoring against your soul and weighing you down.

“I’m in love”
You say.
It takes moments to hear, despite being from your own lips.
“I’m in love”
You say again
The walls begin to cracks against the weight of this statement
Heaving and sighing as the dust and barriers you set up begin to crumble

They stand before you
Another person within the moment, locked in the trance as it achingly, strains… to move forward…

“With who?”
They say, but they know.
They always knew who… why would you be telling them otherwise?

Their mask slips,
A slight smile flickers at the edge of their lips
They think they have control over this incredible force of nature

“With… you”
Everything in the world stops dead.
The bomb has dropped and is screeching towards the defences they believe they put up.
The defences they thought could protect them…

It’s no use.
A tear gathers at their eye
The Mask is off
They smile and break as the bomb lands
Destroying their barriers
Shattering their preconceived notions of “love”

“I love you too”


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