I wasn’t ready

Wasn’t ready for you to come along

Sat in a chair, my life was normal

Then you came along, wearing that multicolored dress.
That dress, clinging to your legs with every step

Teasing with every breeze, every jostle peeking just a little higher up your thigh

You didn’t notice me, with your headphones on, a folder in your hand and red hair

But I noticed you, you sexy thing you,

Gliding gracefully across the floor in another world entirely, you stared off absently

Still, that skirt peeking higher on your thigh,
How could you not catch my eye?
The material clinging onto your skin as you go

Then, grazing passed me, time was both eternal and already over
I catch your perfume,
Something that’s gonna stick in my head
As you pass by
Your skirt swaying
Still hiding what I really wanted
Primal instinct
A small peek just a little bit…


A small story/ something/ inside thought of most men on the planet when they see a pretty girl.

Maybe it’s just me.

Also this isn’t about anyone in particular, it just came to me, but I know someone out there’s gonna relate to it…

Also if any girls read this
1:Don’t get offended, this isn’t about anything or anyone in particular
2: reply with what thoughts you get in a similar situation…


Please don’t hate me šŸ˜…


19 thoughts on “Something in the way you move

  1. Don’t apologize! This is great! And besides that, this is yours. Own it proudly. šŸ˜€ I think every human has had that lustful moment about a stranger. Sometimes someone catches your eye and it’s almost animal, the way you want more. Of course, we don’t act on it, but you evoked that feeling well.

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  2. Not sure why, but I never was a total body looking person. I love the way eyes or smiles catch my heart and won’t let go. . . on the other hand, this reminded me of that great Roy Orbison song. . . “Pretty Woman.”

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    1. Haha everyone’s different, this is just a little taste of something else for those lucky enough to not do it haha.

      I can’t think of the song but I’m pretty sure I probably know it haha


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