Inspire me!

Right now is the first time I am drawing a blank in the creativity department.
The well is dry
The rag is wrung
The floor is mopped.

Come on  guys, help me out?


36 thoughts on “Come on wordpress.

  1. Sometimes you just need to step away and live life. Inspiration comes from living not just existing. Take a walk, immerse yourself in nature, people-watch, watch TV, read other blogs, anything that doesn’t make the mind think writing is a chore. Before you know it your brain would be on fire.

    Just relax, we’ve all been there. Tomorrow is another day. 🌷

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      1. Thank you so much. I enjoy your poetry, your blog actually. Turns out my guest post is going to turn into one of my content give-aways instead. I’m building up to a new book. 🙂

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      2. Oops and for people on the internet like us. I may want to use it in that, and I might like to interview you if that would be ok with you.


      3. Hey so, that’s pretty awesome everything you said in those comments… uh ok, so my email is
        It’s my less used one as my official one has exploded with emails off wordpress haha…

        But yeah you can get me through that one 😊
        Also thanks… it’s pretty nice to be seen in that kinda light, I’m not used to it you know?

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  2. I can only agree with your readers, walk away from the PC, or notebook. Put down the pencil or whatever and go out. Sit under a tree, look at the ocean and deliberately empty your mind. Sometimes I listen to music. Many things can prompt your brain to be brilliant again, and the worst thing you can do, is worry about it when it refuses.

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  3. when in doubt, blog about your day or your experiences. remember your experiences and what you learned from them. then depict what kind of topic it would be. Health? Self improvement? Maybe even tips and tricks? Realize these topics come from something in YOUR life and what YOU know. So i say what i tell everyone else with a writer block. Think of your life, then your experiences, then what you learned from them…..BOOM! TOPIC!!!

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