The lights where blinding.
A strange clinical smell filled my senses as I sat up suddenly, but quickly an ache spread through my insides, crushing me over.
Tubes and pipes lead up to my hands, someone had removed my outfit and covered me in bandages, but that didn’t matter.

I pulled the long piercing instrument from my hand, blood falling out of the wound as I did so.
Ripping the tubes off, I swung my legs round off the bed, fighting off the black dots and falling away the threatened to overcome me as I did.

My feet hit the cold floor sending waves of chills up to my stomach.
“Shoes… shoes”
My legs had been numbed and gave way quickly, I crawled across the floor, fighting towards a pile of “clothes” at the door.
There was beeping and alarms going off somewhere nearby but I couldn’t focus on them, my only aim was getting to my boots.
Pulling as hard as I could across the floor, the door burst open and uniforms filled my vision, lifting me off the floor…
Did I scream?

They hoisted me upwards and I felt the cold again, all the way up my legs this time however.
I stamped down, adrenaline fuelling my system, momentum fuelling my punch and launched the doctors and nurses from me.
I swept down, grabbed the pile of clothes from the floor and sprinted out of the room, dashing down the vinyl floored hallways.
The rooms blurred, numbers and doorways passed by in seconds, my heart pumping heat around my body at an incredible rate, but I pushed on.

I couldn’t let them down.
“The tower! It’s coming from the tower!”
That could only mean one thing.

After a whirlwind of colour and distortions, the exit to freedom was just ahead of me.
Shirt wearing old men stood before me, some security this hospital had…
They couldn’t stop me had they been twenty years younger, but the lights down the street meant more.

I began to clothe, stepping into my boots as I went, stumbling along the smooth black surface of the street, it had begun to rain and the puddles gathered in the road and at dips in the tarmac.
The cities smell filled my senses as the pain began to creep back into my notice as I slowed down.

Without my stone, I couldn’t keep up the pace any longer.
I pulled into an alley and suited up as best I could, my mask was missing however, but the stone was still there.

They had no value as everyone had one, a courtesy offered by what most thought was the end of the world when it arrived.

Immediately I felt my energy returning. My lungs Stung, but refreshed quickly with every breath I took.

The tower was just ahead.
A glass monument to some company that bought most of the city almost overnight but some thought they had been there a lot longer then they put on…

As I approached, barriers had been set up to stop the public, but I slipped passed, hearing police approach from all sides when suddenly, part of the building exploded with so much for everything it knocked everyone off their feet and shattered the windows of the buildings nearby.

I already knew what had happened to them.

For PT 1

For PT 2


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