OK so I made this before I took the pictures but I have some ideas of what to do… if I get the time haha
Well I had 5 minutes so I grabbed a few haha


Castlegate island


The old hippodrome, they might not be keeping this for much longer so get pics whilst you can!


The zoos old main entrance, it’s not used very often anymore


Bottom end of dudley high street


Bottom end of dudley market place, something that dates back to the middle ages.
Also features a statue of Duncan Edwards, a footballer from the area.


Carving representing the industrial side of the town that no longer really exists.
It’s still there but nowhere near as much.


17 thoughts on “Cees fun photo challenge: architecture

    1. Towns like this empty very quickly between 5-6 ish and these where taken at almost 8 so everyone had gone home.
      All the shops where shut except a pub and one or two pizza places haha.

      I guess it’s bizarre to people who live in busier areas but a lot of places, even big supermarkets don’t stay open that late in towns like this.

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    1. Thanks, I had a few minutes before my bus arrived so I snapped some scenes.
      I know there’s not a lot of people that are gonna see this stuff in random searching so if a couple hundred more see it before dudley falls completely to the way side I’ll feel I’ve accomplished something haha

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    2. But yeah, I’ve met so many of round oaks workers. You can always tell, there like 8 foot 5, white haired and in there fifties. With hands that could kill a gorilla without breaking a sweat haha

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