Lian moved around the room, the memories flooded back, the laughter, the fun. All of it came back as a tidal wave of emotion that came to her in tears.
Her throat was dry and cracking as she pictured everyone.
It wasn’t fair what happened to them.
Not in the slightest.

There was no stopping him. He was determined to get to the bottom of it and it got him-
It got him killed! Don’t deny it… you know he got himself killed chasing a story about magic and necromancer.
He got them all killed.

She spotted a chest at the back of the room.
It had less dust on then the other parts, but still looked untouched in a very long time.

The urge to open it was powerful. Immensely powerful.
She approached the chest, more of a box really, black in colour and almost… militaristic in fashion, with two metal clasps that lined it.
She reached the clasps, and felt the cold metal against her skin
Trap! It’s a trap! The whitecoats placed it here to get you to
Bang, one cracked open
You’ll go back! I’m just trying to help you!
The other snapped open and the chest was free.
Something inside told her that this was a turning point in her life.
She could always walk back out the door, looking back at the secret entrance to the room.
Back to her family, finish her schooling, get a job, a lover, kids etc etc etc…

Or open the box.

For PT 1

PT 2

For PT 3


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