Beneath the skin
The flesh
The bone and
Deep into the soul
Words bring about the fuel
A flint catches against the steel
Flashing against the soul
How long before it catches?

For it burns inside all of us
With their words
Undisputed rulings and laws
They say it happens
It happens
No comeuppance to the higher.

That which burns!

The fuel within all of us
Flaring within our hearts
How many sources can
Not catch when
So many sparks
Fly towards them

That which burns!

It only takes one
One to light the rest
The action of one chains into the other
Two become four
Four become sixteen
Multiply and enrage!
Dispute what they say!
Dispute what they do!

The water comes out, splashing against the flames
Hosing the fires as best they can
The fires are the bad ones
The fires are
‘Destroyers. Hate filled hooligans.’

That which burns…
That which.


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