OK so I know there’s some words that are “globally offensive” but there are some that just sound so good in British.

BASTARD. Woad sorry bout the caps there…
Pronounce it bar-sted instead for that little stiff upper lippedness.

Bollocks. Pretty much as it is
Also my favorite one haha.
“Oh bollocks.” “It’s bollocksed” and finally
“What a load of bollocks”
Boom. Now your British.

Oh also “bloody” pronounced “blood-ee” seems to be something English though I’m not a fan myself.

Maybe I’ll make another of these when I feel…

Or pissed off somewhat haha


34 thoughts on “British swear words.

  1. Haha as being a Brit myself, Fuck is rather common and can be used for every occasion, from being surprised to angry, bollocks of course, usually in the context of “what a load of bollocks” and the word shit, usually in the sentence – (Bollocks, it’s a load of fucking shit) , or his driving is shit, or the weather is shit or wank etc… (excuse the language)

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    1. I do like the plaster it with expletive apporach, I’m not sre why we do it. I think the reason Fuck is so popular is that it comes out so easily and it’s harsh sounding if you think about it – it’s like a throw and hit: Fu-ck! lol

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  2. A fun post. I’m going to add bullocks to my American swear list and see how it flies. I write fantasy and have been known to spend hours making up my own swear words for my non-earth worlds – spanking codwit – for example. Here’s another favorite: glistering nut badger. I just crack myself up. I have a whole list, but won’t bore you. Thanks for the follow. This is going to be fun connection 🙂

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    1. Hey sometime it helps to add the British Ness to it all haha.
      You want funny?
      Look up a show called geordie shore and see if you can understand them. Nothing better then a scouse accent haha

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  3. You’ve got some good one’s here, but being Brititsh myself there is nothing as British as bugger! I don’t tink anyone else ses that, but it’s quite tame and really Fuck is the one that’s used a lot!

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    1. Bugger me I forgot all about it haha.

      Being in the black Country people tend to just make words up.
      It seems like the accent around here is a speech impediment haha.

      Heard someone say ‘ibrufen’ for ibuprofen haha

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      1. Well, luckily I think I’ve managed to avoid having either, despite being in both areas a lot haha.
        Sometimes it slips out though, specially if I’m talking quickly.
        However I can pronounce words properly, unlike those that Dow spake proper.

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      1. Heard the others but never shite hawk haha.
        There’s one round here which is
        Shit the the eye of a needle. – diarrhea haha.

        I always heard it as “through the eye of an Eagle!” And was subsequently horrified by the images that came to mind

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