I sit in my usual place
The buzzing vibration passing up my legs
Staring out into the world that passes
The glass, a shining transparent reflection of me.

So I look to your words
Pass the time
See what you’ve said as i admire you

Then I read it
Suddenly aware I’m in a public place
Fighting the urge to not read-
I click the link
The words draw me in
Too afraid to hear your voice
That would be too much
I shouldn’t
But like the addict
I give in
Read your words
Imagine your actions

My mind pictures you writhing
Hears your breathing
Watches you as you work
My chest pounds
Trousers get… uncomfortable.
Read further
Cannot stop
the images
The movement
Drawing me in deeper and deeper

I can almost feel you,
Want to do more
My pictures change to what I would do

Then I realise I’m still on the fucking bus and your on the other side of the world.



14 thoughts on “That face, those words

      1. Words are meant to stir the soul
        sometimes the body in whole
        I speak from heart, set on page
        ‘Tis natural it may move others
        in spades… 🙂

        And you, good sir, also have a way
        with words, or I wouldn’t be here,
        happy to stay.

        Liked by 1 person

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