The lid creaked-
Stop. You know there’s no way back from
It ached inside as she lifted it light wood, plastic texture.
Her eyes desperate to see what was hidden
Stop this! It’s a trap!
She held still.
What if it was? They had arrested her and locked her up away from society
“For her own protection and the public”

Lian looked around the dusted room, sunlight peering through the beams, catching glittering dust as it fell from the ceiling.
It felt like magic still hovered in the air here, with a deep breath, reassured that there was nobody there
That it wasn’t a trap or a figment of her imagination, she fully opened the box and…

She stared into the black lining of the box, but there was nothing.
Had it been prepared for something that never managed to happen?
Maybe it was a crate to pack their stuff up and leave town if it went sour one day…
But how?
She was hit by the car and awoke from the hospital barely an hour later to see them get
Blown up.
Yes. That.

She spent some time in the room, trying to figure out what could have happened.

The sunlight passed out of the building slowly as she sat racking her brains for an answer, a plausible explanation that could cover this.
She paced across the room and something glint ed in the box.
Moving back and forth, she looked for it again but it evaded her now…

The lining of the box was slightly smaller then the box. Not small enough for it to be the lining thickness but small enough to hide
Something you shouldn’t be messing with.
Back to the box she went, fumbling around the inside, when it caught her finger.
Tiny and metallic, a small lever stuck in her finger as she ran across the Base.

With a click, she tugged the lining out and knew inside this was what she had been waiting for.
Since she got released, this was the moment that she had needed as it lay before her, neatly folded, mask fresh as the day she made it, her stone twinkling with what could only be described to her as “a look of love”.
And at the bottom, something new.

It looked like a polished metal rod, two bands on either end.
She had always wanted to use a staff, but the rules stated “no weapons, we’re there to help, not break bones”
So that was a no go, but her training had always been to use one, coupled with her gymnastic prowess.
But a baton was always a good place to start.

She reached for it when the voice screamed at her
Trap! Free gifts like this!? It has to be, someone knows you where coming and placed it here! White room, white room! Don’t touch!
With a deep breath, pictures of the cell flashed before her eyes as she reached toward the rod. A final bite of her cheek and she clenched the rod in its box.

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PT 2

For PT 3

For PT 4


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