The air burned as St Verne drew breath within the icy cave.
His rival , King St James stood at the far end.
The echoes of war carried up the mountain and hammered on the walls just outside as they stood opposite each other.

“I’m here to avenge my brother!”
St Verne yelled, his shout reverberating off the walls as he did.

“Your brother was a fool! He would have wasted that power given half a chance”

“That was not your decision! Die!”
They rushed at each other, long swords drawn and clashing violently.
Sparks ignited as the blades danced off each other, illuminating the cave.

Dodging and swinging, the two moved gracefully, with a twist of brutality as they kicked and punched outwards.

Suddenly they stopped.
Standing roughly two feet apart, they stopped fighting and stood expectantly.

“Why have we stopped?”
St James asked.

“I think he’s run out of ideas.”
Verne replied, a bemused shrug accompanying the speech.

“Out of ideas? But we where mid fight? What else is there to think about?”

“Who won?”

The battle outside drew to a standstill as well, one lone soldier looks up to the sky
“Yeah. Who won?”

I don’t know? I don’t really even know why your fighting!

“What? You mean to say, that you brought us to this mountain cave, freezing our arses-”

“Your a saint. Think of your words”

“Bollocks to the words, this guy dosent even know why were fighting”

How dyu know I’m a guy?
“Cause I’m in your head dumbass!”


St James and Verne
“St Verne if you please”

OK, St James and st Verne stood amidst the cave. Their swords now at their sides, both looking up at the ceiling of the cave, annoyance clearly shown on their faces.

“Yeah we can see that bit, and the readers have probably guessed it as well. So what happens next?”

Uh… how about

“Wait! Stop your fighting! I live! I can reclaim my rightful place!”
St James brother runs into the cave from the shadows, bringing
“Wait. I don’t have a brother”
“I… don’t have a brother…”

But isn’t that why you guys where fighting?

No! It’s my brother that died!”
St Verne shouts angrily

The brother speaks at this point
“Plus it’s a bit contrived really… brother back from the dead? Never really dead blah blah blah… boring…”

OK how about this then?

And with my return I gained incredible necromancer powers! Which I will use to create a Kingdom of… of… look my hearts not really into this-”

Oh fine!

The brother erupts into dust as quickly as he had arrived.

“NO my brother!”
St Verne drops to his knees at the pile of dust.

“Wow you just killed his brother like that? Not. Cool.”

Oh come on… what do you guys want from me!?

“As long as we don’t get a cliff hanger-”

Something rumbles from the shadows, a low growl threatens the pair of warriors

“Oh for fu-“


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