I just received a comment that made me remember something.

A little around 2 years ago, I was looking to find work and it was causing me a great deal of… stress would be describing it lightly as I would often claw my own face when it peaked.

Now I’m in a better place it allows me to reflect on that time and realise something.

If I’d written my damm c.v with my writing ability instead of what had been pushed into me by various government training programmes and other things to cut it into a square instead of the bizarre shape my writing makes me I would’ve been sorted much faster!

What I’m trying to say is, don’t hide who you are.
If you are a painter, paint your way forward. Always retain your flair for colour, pictures, whatever you have.

Everyone has a talent and with that, everyone can bring something unusual and stand out.

I hope this helps somebody, I was unemployed for a long time, yet using my writing skill got me a job with a very promising future.

Do not forget who, nor what you truly are.
We are artists of our own design.


21 thoughts on “Who and what you are.

      1. Yes, I thought so. But, as long as you don’t think I was saying you couldn’t be a successful writer, because I believe the opposite, of course! πŸ˜‰

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  1. It all goes back to that old saying, ‘to your own self be true…’ something that life tries to make us stop, to toe the line like everyone else, but all is lost eventually, if you are not honest…

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