The ambiance in the station held a beige feel, the light adding to its overwhelmingly boring state.

Officer James stood at his desk, a pen on edge and balancing under his palm.
He stared at the tiles on the ceiling, far away in the playground of his mind. Somewhere he was a night, fighting to save the city from a raging-

The doors burst open, shattering the atmosphere and stirring up dust and paperwork that should have been filed away maybe a decade ago.
A whirlwind of hair and perfume strode through in a miniskirt, powerful steps to the desk.

She began to speak as she approached.
“My name is Kira Ozawaski and I have committed a murder”.
The cacophony of her entrance stunned the officer behind his chest high wooden desk.

His pen had gone, the sheets of paper now had a huge blue scar across them as the pen fired away from him.
Obviously hiding from whatever had blasted the doors open.
He scrambled around, determined to find some shred of professional dignity and finally managed to scrounge up

Kira stared, somewhat deflated by the events that unfolded before her.
“A murder. You know… I killed someone.”

Officer James was a decent enough guy. He visited his parents once a fortnight, filled in every box properly and filed neatly, when asked to file.
He had lucked out by getting this position, a quiet office with mainly civil issues instead of actual crimes.
Now this.
This he hadn’t prepared for.

“Uhh… OK.  Name?”
“You want my name? I said it as I came in”
“Yes but I was busy with… paperwork”
“Then no. I will not tell you my name.”
Again, officer James had been unprepared for the response and replied

The door behind the desk opens.
A tired man stumbles through the door, his hair a matted mess, unshaven face and the look of forty a day upon his skin.
A small cup of hot liquid, it said coffee but that’s as much coffee as he was a Nigerian princess.
“What’s going on?”
Officer James swirled on the spot to face the man.
“This woman wants to report a murder”


The three people stand amidst purgatory until finally the matted man speaks.
“Then report it?”
“Yes sir.” The officer wheels back round to the woman who’s name slipped away.
“Who was murdered?”
“You tell me.”
“I… OK, your name?”
“I’m not telling you.”

The matted man, sipped his hot liquid staring at the woman. She was very pretty, catching her skirt, very pretty indeed…

“What can you tell me?”
Her face lit up at the question.
He spotted her actions, she was waiting for this question. What had this dope missed out before he came in.

“There was a murder tonight. I committed it. Tell me how I did it”
She looked passed the officer and into the man’s eyes, a smile playing on her face told him everything he needed.

“And you have… 5 days from now to figure it out.”


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