The tired man, stood in front of the metal door.
Inside was a pretty girl, bushy hair, short skirt, nice le-
“So what’s your plan?”
That voice belonged to detective Fraser.
The partner of the tired man, and also the head of the department.
“The usual. Go in, trick question, find out why she’s making it up and charge her with wasting our time.”
It was easy, he thought.
Crazy woman comes in, bragging about a murder, disturbs the peace a little and gets charged for the privilege of wasting their time.
3 step case.

If this hadn’t happened several times a year, he may have shown more interest, however now it was just an administration job.

“OK I’m going in”
“See you on the other side.”

She sat with a smile on her face, staring forward, almost motionless.
The room was a steel grey, blank, emotionless and everything she hoped for.
The whole scene was everything she wanted and stirred her up inside.
The door opened, catching her attention as the tired man walked into the room.

He pulled out a chair, scraping it quickly across the floor causing an explosive echo in the room.
All part of the act.

“OK miss… blank. You say you’ve committed a murder, now… normally people will come in and say-”
“These are the rules”
He stared at her eyes, she held up a hand and lifted a finger
“One. The murder happened…”
She looked at a watch on her wrist for a few seconds.
It’s hand was steadily ticking, bang, bang, bang… Bang.
She raised another finger, he noticed her eyes, large and filled with excitement
“Two. I will give you no names. I offered mine however the guy at the front missed that one so you are already behind…”
Bah, idiot. He was planning on doing step two in a second, waiting for the right moment to catch her off guard.

She lifted another finger
“Three, I will o-”
He slammed his fist against the thing metal table, threateningly close to her. His cup splashed a little hot liquid onto the table.
“Dammit this is not a game! Do you think that we can spare the resources to chase up every psycho that comes in here with a game?”
Her eyes widened, the smile extended and she almost laughed as she continued
“Three, I will only answer questions yes or no”
“Rules? Seriously? I’m a detective, you don’t get to put rules to things. Look, you clearly have issues and shit your working through but we’re not playing you’re little game”
“If you want to catch me, you will. I am a murderer and I will kill repeatedly If you do not stop me.”

The room fell silent. A thick fog of stubbornness filled the room as they stared at each other.
He bit around in his mouth, frustration edging upwards. This woman was not a usual psycho, not just after attention or a quick dabble with police.
Maybe she had killed somebody?

“OK… have it your way.”
He stood up from the table and headed out of the room, straight into detective Vickers.
“Why did you leave the room?”
“I need some time to think”
“Time to think? What are you, playing a game with this woman? Book her for a fine and charge her. She’s obviously a psycho and needs validation for something.”

“No… I saw something in her. She’s definetly a psycho but… I dunno maybe I’m going soft, maybe I’m a suckered for a pretty face. But I saw something”
Officer Piper, a female recruit walked passed at this moment and jutted in
“A skirt like that, I bet you did…”

He stared at the girl in the room. She sat motionless again. Some strange enigma that sat in the interrogation room.
He watched her, examining the woman as she sat there.
A few scratches lined her wrist, a small rip at her collar. Had she been in a fight? Was it from the person she had killed?
If she had killed anyone, he had to remind himself of that in case he got carried away.
His eyes ignited as he thought of a plan.


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