The tired man sped out of the office and into the streets, the markets had set their stalls up in the area, providing a large umbrella against the torrential downpour. Occasional lights from outer buildings flashed through as he sped amongst the empty tables, the metal rods that propped the canvases up showing their age in the mottled metal.

He lit a cigarrette, inhaling it’s vapours scratched itches he didn’t even know he had.

“Was it a male or female?”
She shook her head, a small smile played on her face.
His teeth ground against themselves,
“Fine. Female?”
He wrote male down on the paper.
“Did you know them personally?”
“So this was random?”
She smiled again, her eyes glinting.
He felt sick. Doing this normally was bad enough but this… this was grotesque.

He had to get out. There was little evidence to go on, but he headed out anyway. There was always a chance to find something. The rain provided the soundtrack to his brains whirring.

It had been a while since anyone had come about to challenge his thinking. He had usually coasted through the days but this…
The cobwebs blew off his mind as he pictured different events.

In one, she stood over the body of a man, knife in hand, smile on her face. He had tried to fight but hadn’t seen her coming and the first stab had done the damage it needed to, leaving him grasping at her.

The second, she leapt on top of a sleeping male, choking him with fierce determination, a sick enjoyment on her face as she watched him claw around.

“The murder. Was it close?”
He glanced over to the door. Hopefully they would get the hint to check cctv in the nearby area.
“Was there a weapon?”
He raised a brow
“You paused?”
“I was thinking about how to classify it”

He frowned and wrote that a weapon was used.

“You don’t have long”
He stopped writing and looked up to her smirk, he noticed an earring was missing and blood was in the hole.

It was an impossible lead, but if he could locate the earring he may be able to piece together her path.
Searching alleys, he found only trash and thrown away items.
There was one instance of an earring but it didn’t match hers.

The puzzle felt unsolvable, he leaned back on a box near the markets and listened to the rain, wracking his head for anything that could tie up to it.

His phone rang, breaking the white noise that the rain provided.
“We need you at Base, somethings come up”


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