The tired man stepped back into the station. The call had sounded urgent yet nobody was in the office.

He walked carefully through the empty beige space, footsteps echoing off the floor as he made his way to the back of the room.
His hairs began tingling, something was wrong here. The silence was deafening and intrusive.
Even the clock seemed to be in suspended motion.

Going out the back, there was still nobody in the building. It seemed as though they had all vanished at once.
He came across a scattered lunch, half a sandwich lay sprawled out across the floor next to a can of pop.

Something had called them out in a hurry, to drop food like that.
He reached a computer and spotted the note onscreen.
“Warning level 0. Maximum priority at Market square.”

Something was happening just outside the building and it was big enough to call them all out.
He turned on his heel and went to follow them out when someone shouted from behind.

“Hey, detective. How goes our game?”
“I don’t have time for this”
” Your right, you don’t have time. Find out what I did or else.”
The tired man sighed. She was relentless with this nonsense, when would she realise that she’s not the only  criminal in the city, if she even was a criminal.

Wait, or else?
“What do you mean, ‘or else?'”
“Else I go free. And kill again. And again and again until there is nobody left to kill”
“Oh really? Personally, I don’t think you’ve killed anyone. In fact miss, I’m gonna write you up and send you home.”
Her face dropped, eyes widened in shock.
“No! You can’t do that, I assure you I’ve killed someone!”
“That’s hardly something to assure someone of.”

He swung open her cell door, walked in and grabbed her by the wrist
“Come on, let’s get you on your way.”
She protested, fighting to not stand up
“No, I will not… stop! You aren’t playing by the rules!”
He began to drag her out of the cell, her fighting all the way, foot stopping and slipping as they went
“Your right! I’m a detective. We don’t. ”

She screamed out as he pushed her through the door into the main lobby
She stood in front of the desk, sulking
As he began to write down everything that had happened on an important looking piece of paper.

“Give me your name and you can get out of here and bother somebody else.
“I’m not here to bother you, I am a murderer…”
“I don’t believe you. Why would you come in and confess, then play some sick mind game with me whilst I try to figure out your nonsense.”
She shuffled her feet
“Because I want to be noticed.”
“Noticed? Seriously? You do realise that as you shouted that coming in here that we could tie you to anything, right?
“No you couldn’t. I would confess to  this specific murder.”
“Which murder?”
“The one I committed”

Going in circles
“OK, but I can tie it onto you. Any murder in the city I could pin to you. Last week we lost the mother and child of a member of the scarlet gang. Would you like to have that tied to you? Because it could be. Or even a rumour.”
“That’s not fair, your threatening me.”
“Who’s here to stop me? I can do what I want because the cameras broke in he-”

Suddenly she punched out, catching him in the jaw. She began to hit out, carefully placed blows knocked him backwards, staggering he tried to protect himself. Throwing out a punch, it connected with something soft, but the blows kept coming until finally, beaten down to his knee, they relinquished.

“Think about what I said officer. Now take me back to my cell.”
What was this woman?
“What would you do if I didn’t?”
He frowned
“Wait? For what?”
She smiled, her breath was a little out, panting as she spoke
“For a resolution”


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