Her name was Jenny.
She was 23, fresh out of the academy and terrified to be going live.
She washed her face in the dark of the morning, splashing with cold water against her skin.
Sickness ran through her stomach, the shock of the cold helped but couldn’t hope to quash the feeling as the butterflies danced playfully in her gut.

The shirt was new, rough against her skin as she buttoned up, her trousers were the same. Uncomfortably tight, but they were her size and obviously just needed to be broken in a little more…

She stood before the open front door, took a deep breath, facing into the dim yellow light of the hallway. She wished she had the bravery of the characters she loved from her TV shows.
Stepping out, she quietly closed the door behind her, leaving behind her childhood, she stepped out into being an adult.
It mattered nothing about the academy, about paying for her phone bill, about the nights she’d spent with Steven Jordan at the halls…
This made her feel like an adult.
And that terrified her just as much.

The morning had gone smoothly, too smoothly. She began to feel stupid about being so scared about joining the force, when suddenly the alarm rang out.
She rushed into the main room and saw a suspect wrestling officers to get free. He managed to throw them off, made eye contact with Jenny and lunged forward.
She saw the madness and rage within his eyes, petrified to the spot and watched him launch off the ground towards her.

She stood. Too stunned to react as he flew through the air towards her.
From out of nowhere, a man comes to her aid, slamming the attacker to the floor with ruthless efficiency.
He claps the hands into cuffs and stands up, not in the slightest bit fazed.

His matted hair, greying skin seemed to belie the man’s true nature as a fast efficient officer.
“And now I need another coffee… you downtown guys are lazy!”

Jenny watched as the man walked over to another officer and resumed his conversation.
She snuck up close and listened, this man intrigued her. Something drew her in about his nature… Maybe it was because he resembled someone from her favorite show, about a tired detective who solves crimes lazily but effectively whilst drinking or smoking constantly.

“… and that’s why I’m going back. I just wish something happened that made me think… this actions all well and good but I can’t be bothered with it. Send me back to markets sir.”

And that’s when she knew she had to transfer.


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