So Bleh.

Life’s been shit, everyone wants money, stuff has to be done and nobody is looking to employ you.

The pressure of life is weighing on you and it’s becoming difficult to find the will to do anything.

Well let me tell you something.

There’s two ways that situation can go.

1. Give in. “It’s life ay it”. A phrase I hear from so many people who had 18 children by 20 different men (yeah work that one out), five of them are in prison and the others deal drugs for a living.
You gave up, took what life gave you and figured there was nothing you could do or change and now youre balding, drinking beer at 10 am and shouting at what could be your child or your grandchild in the street because they want an apple.


And that’s a big or, if I could change the size of the font.

2) you dig in.

Life sends it’s shit your way and you say “no”.
See this is the difference.
Sure there are things we all have to deal with, but it’s how you deal with them.

Let’s take a rock for example. Put it in a river and it’s either gonna get pushed along with the flow, or split the water, so  the direction divides and goes around it.

I spent too long being pushed along by the water. Not being myself, taking shit from people and then beating myself up about life.
“Why was I dealt this hand in life” “Why does this happen to me” etc etc.

Then one day, I woke up, opened my laptop and stuck my feet into the bed of the river of life and pushed back.
I didn’t believe it.

It worked.
Suddenly, things began to flow the way I wanted them to.
Everything became easier because I was in charge. It went where I wanted it too.

All I’m saying, and all I want to transfer in this message is this.

Dig in, stay strong, resist.
Life is not in control of you.


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