He escorted the woman back into her cell, slamming the barred door shut behind her.
she sat down and spoke.
“Detective. Your running out of time to figure this out…”
He frowned in response and went out to fetch another coffee from the break room.
Standing before the awfully colored coffee pot, the bizarre tinge of colour made him feel a little queasy.
When was this thing last cleaned anyway?

A door opened behind him, he turned to look and saw officer Jenny enter. She had a funny way about her, she was a good officer, but still had a nervous air about her
Or at least that’s what she gave off when he was there.
“Hey Jenny. How’s things?”
“Oh, hi sir… uh, things aren’t so good.”

He liked Jenny, she was the only person here who didn’t treat him like part of the furniture.
“What’s happened?”
She shook her head
“I’ve been off for a few days as my sister went missing so we’ve been trying to find her”
“Oh shit, did you file a report? We can get everyone out looking for her”
“Yeah I put one in the day after but… you know what he’s like on the desk…”
He shook his head
“Say no more, I’ll look into it”
Her face lit up instantly

“Really!? Thank you! So much! I know I haven’t got much to worry about if your on the case”
He smiled, she always stroked his ego whenever he did something for her.

He headed into the reception room, where officer James would have been filing the report and found the scattered paperwork.
How long had all these been sitting on the desk for? No wonder nothing got done around here…
Digging around the files and scattered pages, the woman in the cell popped into his head.

Wait for a resolution. Running out of time.
Why would he be running out of time? Was the body somewhere time locked that meant she could remove the evidence before they could find it?

Standing up, he called the local hospitals and asked them for details from the morgue, but that offered no solution. Apparently they only incinerate on the same days, so that ruled them out.

He phoned up funeral parlours, crematorium, anything that could offer a delayed solution.
He even called construction companies to find out if there was anything suspicious that had occurred.

What could she have arranged that would offer a cover for this?
He sipped his coffee, if you can call it that, and carried on looking through the paperwork.
“Oh, I found the original!”
Jenny shouted from behind him
“I’m just gonna run a few copies and get it started”
He turned, but before he could stop her she had stuck it into the copier and ran it through.
Instantly the machine blocked up, beeping in its panicked motion.
“No! Why now!”
She cried out, banging her fists down onto the bulky grey object.
He went over, placing a hand on her shoulder and spotted the tears falling from her onto the printer/copier.

“Well find her, tell me what she looked like and I’ll start this.”
“No what’s the use, she’s probably dead somewhere, this might as well be an evidence recovery for all it matters now…”
“Don’t speak like that. You don’t know, if she’s anything like you, she’s resourceful and safe.”
“But she’s not like me… she’s fiery and smart and very pretty… she dosent look real sometimes with how she dresses and acts…”
He frowned
“What do you mean? What was she wearing when you last saw her?”
He began to notice that there were small bruises and scratch marks dotted around her face and neck.
“She was in some really short skirt, hair done up in a stupid…”

Jenny had always secretly wanted to be her sister.
She had always been ‘the pretty one’. The one everyone preferred.
Jenny was the quiet one you see, the one that read the books and didn’t get in trouble at school.

“Some stupid popular style… I don’t know, all I know is that she’s gone missing and I need to find her”
He stared into her eyes, why was he so alluring? Argh!
How stupid!
She berated herself for feeling this way about a battered old detective.
But that’s OK, I know how to get him rejuvenated…

He broke the silence, mind whirring like it hadn’t in years. His brain felt like it was shaking off the dust of a thousand years as he thought about this case.
He began to picture the girl in the cell, short skirt, pretty… popular hair cut…

“Jenny come with me.”
“Uh ok?”
He practically dragged her into the holding room.

The coffee machine dripped away to itself in the silent station.
Outside, a fight was occurring.
Apparently this little police station and all of its occupants where under attack from the Lead Dogs gang for holding someone of interest to their leader.

Jenny entered the room, lead by the tired detective and came saw her sister sat behind iron bars.
the room was stark, a horrific beige colour that affronted the senses, muting the entire scene.

“Well, today’s the day detective.”
Kira stood from a metal bench, her eyes dashed over to her sister and told him everything he needed to know.
“Sisters huh…”
Jenny stood in stunned silence, her heart in her throat, a sickness ran through her.
“So who did I kill? You don’t have long…”

The line stuck.
You don’t have long.
Wait, she’s been saying that constantly…
It all played out in his head, seeing her standing in the front room, stunning that fool at the front desk.

He began to think back, just before she had come in, jenny’s last words to the station.
“OK guys, I’m off for a few days but I’ll make a coffee before I go!”
Had she done something to the coffee? The machine was hardly held away securely…

Kira watched his face with delight, it was like watching shapes fall into place perfectly.
“See sis? I told you we could do it…”
He looked at Jenny as she stepped over to the cell door and stood next to her sister.

His insides felt unwell.
“Congratulations detective… you figured out who I killed.”
He stumbled backwards, the world felt as though it was rushing passed at an alarming rate, distorting as it went.
“We killed you.”


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