Three disfgured shapes stood, staring at the centerpiece throne amidst a black room lit up by flowing lava that poured out of two gaping holes on the wall.
Vicious columns pierced the floor and penetrated the roof violently, as if they had shot out of the floor with the sheer intention of causing damage to the ceiling.
It fitted the world however, this violent decoration, as suvh was the way of things here.

The moment a demon is born, it has to fight for its own survival against the souls that crawl out of the pit with it.
For when they are “born” they are shapeless creatures that drag themselves from hot black ooze they form inside.
They then have to create themselves using whatever they can find.

One broke the silence, its broken voice assessed the situtation.
“So he’s dead then?”
The others stared at the grotesque head that had been placed upon the seat.
Someone had placed this here, someone trying to be clever, however it would not play out that way…

His fingers hit dirt. Immediately and instictively he pulled at the ground, dragging himself towards the heat and light. The ooze covered his face, he struggled to breathe but he only pulled against the thick layer across his face.
He flipped over onto his back, panic racing through him as he tore at his face.
It wouldnt break.
Nothing he did allowed it to give, the lights before him a haze of colour, something stepped into his vision, reached down and grabbed him up.

Nameless lifted the defenceless creature and hurled it back into the ooze that it had emerged from.
It wasnt a lot, but the life he took from that thing would extend his own power by a little.
He had slain five so far, one or two had escaped inyo the world, but he would find them soon enough.
Nameless looked across the Valley, and made out a few odd mountains.
They where smooth with parts that looked to be made from the things that come from the ground.

He was still new, still learning.
A screech came from overhead, he ducked behind some rocks and watched as several creatures flapped overhead. They had long thin bodies and almost seemed to be in pain as they flew over him.

They flapped high above him and headed towards one of the smaller mountains.
Cautiously, he began a pursuit and entered into his own legend…


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