Nameless, he had chosen this himself as it was written in to every demons soul that they do not get names until they begin to become powerful.

He scraped amongst the barren, blackened rocks towards the smooth structure. A purple cloud hung over the opposite side of the valley, occasional sparks of white crackled across the sky as the valley pulsed and throbbed away with its own beating rhythmn. Applying a strange heartbeat to the scene.

He clawed at ash and brick as he scaled a small hill towards, when three dots flickered near his hand.
Suddenly the dirt erupted into a body and landed near him, scuttling around with its bizarre limbs.
Nameless rose up quickly, looking around for something to kill this creature with, its bizarre face spun and twisted different ways. Dots lighting up on its face as it span and focussed on him.

A smile cracked its face in two parts, sharp, jagged teeth stared back, a lashing tongue whipped forwards.
It emitted a hissing sound and began to speak.
“Haaaaaaa… fresh… you will feed Oa… you will sate Oas need…”
Nameless backed away, this thing crawled towards him steadily, refusing to let up.
He pressed against a wall behind him.
He felt on either side, scratching for a rock, something to fight back with somehow.

“No… essssscape!”
It placed its hands on either side of him and opened its mouth wide above his head.
In a second, Nameless pushed forwards, launching into the body of Oa.
They crashed around on the floor, spilling away from the wall, Oa screeching with frustration as it writhed on its back.
Nameless was up faster and swung a kick at the creatures head, crashing into its face.

Again the creature flipped over, struggling to get onto its feet, nameless straddled its chest, pushing down as many arms as he could with his legs.
He grabbed the creatures mouth, finding gaps between its teeth, however one of his fingers lingered above one, he began to pull and push, forcing its jaws apart.

The creature named Oa was no stranger to pain. It was born the same way as every other demon, however it had one advantage.
It had more arms then other demons.
It had learnt very quickly how to use that to its advantage, smothering other demons, crushing their bones with little effort.
He began to find new demons too easy to slay, simple crush and bleed outs. He had begun to want to move forward… he had enough power now, what could stop him?
But then a stocky Freshborn wondered into his clearing and he had thought
“1 more before we move on…”

Nameless pushed harder and harder, the arms now beating and thudding at the floor, trying to fight anyway that it could…
With a final push it managed to snap its jaws shut, slicing off a finger of its attacker.
Nameless roared in agony, and pulled with incredible strength, tearing the beast called Oa into three different sections.
The top and bottom half of its head now lay seperate from the body, which continued to beat around, nameless stood up from the creature as its arms continued to thrash and slap the floor.
He watched as it writhed, dragging a volume of black blood towards the Valley.
It rode off the edge of the ground and landed with a sizzling splash into the lava below.

Nameless stood near the piles of blackened dirt, staring at the parts that lay before him.
A wind blew all around him suddenly engulfing him a refreshing blast, wnergizing him to his core. He felt a surge inside as symbols formed before him carvinf the air with a golden glow.

He finally had a name.
And that name was

(Oh- a)


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