5 seconds.

5 seconds the idea is born.

5 seconds the charecter is there

5 seconds he is clothed and equipped

5 seconds his world takes shape, size, structure, items, scenery.

5 seconds a flashback occurs, staging the event.

5 seconds we have an island in limbo,

5 seconds the town is built

5 seconds centuries pass

5 seconds history begins to fill

5 seconds is all it takes.

5 seconds creates life

5 seconds destroys a world.


9 thoughts on “5 seconds…

  1. You can imagine a lot more in 5 seconds than I can! I think my brain and time frames run much slower than that. Even for the world to be destroyed in 5 seconds, I’m afraid it takes longer than that, and there’s a lot more pain involved than merely 5 seconds.

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