Hey so…

Hey everyone, sorry i havent been on here in forever, ive been focussing on rewriting my books and progressing at work.

Im about to become a dad for the second time now, next saturday so im sure ill post something for you guys of my new offspring haha.

I feel like i should give you guys a taste of what ive written so far, now some of you might have seen bits of this before, remember it is a rewrite, so i know your going to know what happens, but dont spoil it for those that dont, cause i knlw i have fresh followers that came after i deleted it.

So without further ado…

I present:

Court of blood V2.0

Winter had hit thick and fast in Revenant city, turning the skyline into a silhouette of spiked architecture. The bricks had been completely snowed over, blinding their textures and colours beneath a thick layer of white. Even the tallest of buildings within the city had been coated in a thick white cloak.

Standing atop the building, a figure wrapped heavily in a thick brown cloak, a black mask covered their face, but offered little protection to the biting winds at this height. A wound from earlier caused them to grit their teeth as it ached, pulsing with pain.

They stared out across the blanketed city, taking in the small flickering flames of the lanterns trying to stand against the breeze and thought admirably about the lamplighters that were fighting to try and keep the flames lit.

The plan was simple. 

Brutal, but the time for strategy had passed now, there was only brutality left. This was about sending a message. A message that they where wrong and, even in the face of defeat, they would strike one last scarring blow against an enemy they had so severely underestimated.

They uncovered their face, letting the wind bite at their features. With a deep breath, they called out to everyone that was left, a desperate call for help, few would answer, less would help with what was required.

It was a strange sound, the noise of those that moved at incredible speeds rushing through the thick weather and landing on the thickly covered roof.

There could only be around thirty left of us.

“What do you require of us, your highness.”

“That was my parents. Just call me what I am.”

“Yes… What do you require of us, Vanguard?”

They didn’t turn around, feeling a dozen sets of eyes staring at the back of their head.

“I require a sacrifice of great value. What I will ask of you, I have no right to claim but we find ourselves in this position.”

The wind seemed to silence as the words landed amidst the other survivors. They all knew that these where the final days for it was only a matter of time before the disease took them and they would die screaming in pain whilst their bodies turned to ash.

“What is it you would ask of us?”

“I ask that you strike with me as one single force, to forgo all your alliances, your enemies and vendettas with each other and fight with me to prove why we were the lords and kings of this city.”

The cloaked figure turned around and faced the last slivers of an ancient and proud race of near immortals, each once a powerful and wealthy character, now desolate and scarred by the loss of loved ones. 

Matted hair, scars and wounds, eyes filled with rage and fear.

“Lets strike together. One race. One enemy.”



Hey so, im gonna be focussing a lot more on writing that book i mentioned previously.

That doesent mean ill be ignoring this, but i will be posting a little bit less, but hopefully you guys will understand that im trying to make this serious now.

Ive spent too long ignoring myself, and thanks to all of you who like and comment, i feel ready to start pushing myself to do this properly. 

I thank you all, stay awesome everyone. I hope to see all of you thrive with everything you try. Never give up. Never forget yourself.