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Silent Heaven: To Nightmares Awaken – Chapter Three: Close The Circle –


Writing contest via crackedflash.

​The following is a piece written for a contest that i entered. The prompt was

‘The moon shone red. The end had come.’

It all happened in a flash.
Just as the ancient elders had predicted would happen on this day, at this hour.

We stood as one people, hunters, fishermen, mothers, wives and children, staring up at the outline of the leader of our tribe, Vikron the Immortal.

He stood on the highest podium before us, a dancing shadow cast his outline onto the stone walls as the fire pit roared with a deafening volume amidst the silence of our crowd.
The clouds parted, like a veil being lifted and the moon, high in its cradle of black ocean, shone red for all to see.

The end had come.
If there was a tomorrow, it would be dire, and so forth from there. They said that the world will fall into fire and black creatures would strike from the trees. That would turn our own shadows against us as the red moonlight tainted the very ground that it lay upon.

I couldnt believe it. I held the beliefs of my elders as strong as my fathers had, for they had never steered us wrong, however with this… I couldnt take it. It seemed too much, too much to bare or even begin to think about.
Within moments the forest erupted, every person sprinted out amongst the trees, running as hard and fast as they could, myself included. Branches flicked by faster then i could see them, whipping and scratching at my skin. Some had stayed behind to pray with their final moments as the trees themselves began to scream, filled with the black creatures that came from the Other realm.

All i could think was ‘reach the water’. Surely there was some safety there, for the elders had only prophesised about the trees and the forests. There could be jope for those that made it to the outer reaches and, like an unspoken rumour, i appeared not be thenonly one to think like that. Above me, branches rustled and snapped as the creatures leapt down from above, filling the air with pained screams from the victims. I could feel the eyes burning onto me as i burst at incredible speed. It was chance that yook me, not skill nor agility. The wrong step and it was over, yet i ran hard and got closer and closer to the beach, thinking only of surviving that long.

The ground changed, turning into a wet slope that dragged me around and over gnarled roots, bouncing me harder and harder as i crashed through bushes and small trees. The pain was immense, everywhere stung as though i was covered in hundreds of miniscule cuts. A howl screeched out from above and i forced myself upwards, pushing off the wet ground and onto my feet, i staggered into a run again, dropping every now and then as the pain came in waves.

Suddenly the bishes thinned out. I could make out the sparkle of water as i crashed through the final sections of fauna, i landed with a roll, splaying out onto the cold sands. I was safe… safe enough to hold ground against whatever those creatures where, as i breathed deep, listening to the sounds of chaos from the woodland.

It stopped all too suddenly. One final scream and the trees stopped shaking. I wondered if there where others that had survived, possibly trying to make camp somewhere along the beach when a feeling of dread crept up my spine.

Slowly turning, i looked into the water behind me and beheld the rotten creatures that stared back. Green corpses that staggered through the water, wading in the shallows with their flesh falling off in drabs and chunks as they emerged onto the beach.

My breath stuck in my throat.

The moon shone red. The end had come.

Breeze- Ordinary World

The first few days passed without incident. There was a cock up regarding email on one day, but that was sorted within a short time. Mike began to think that he may have landed the perfect job as he never seemed to need to do anything. He’d never had so much freedom in a workplace before, and hed never put so much time into his games before, yet here he was spending hours just… sitting there.

Harry “Mr Wizard” was the same. Although he was more brazen with it, using the work server to play Glorious Fantasia. Some JRPG online game where you played as a different varieties of what looked like cat people and fought other ridiculous mammal based enemies.

“…but by that time ill be a level 76 Feline Battlecat so i should sweep through the expansion pretty easy.” Mike blinked twice in response to nonsense that Mr Wizard had just babbled to him. He continued on about his cats and the other classes of feline interpretation, but something caught Mikes eye on Mr Wizards screen.

A small message box had popped up and bounced gently on the screen, titled simply “Mike”.

He was curious. And a little paranoid. What could this email be about? Had he done something wrong? Was he in trouble or had the office turned on him in a matter of days?

“Oh, you got a message by the way.” Mr Wizard stopped midsentence “oh, ok hang on a sec.” Pretty sure im not gonna miss anything…

Mike went back on his phone as he tried to resist looking at the email when Mr Wizard turned in his chair. “Ahh its nothing. You wanna grab lunch?” Mikes stomach rumbled in answer for him.
A small group of them headed into the town, all heading towards the cafe near the town centre. Mike felt a little like he was on the outside, but not as much as other times he was introduced to a bunch of people for the first time. Even with people he knew for a long time he could still come off as awkward sometimes. It was something of a superpower.

They approached the cafe towards the centre of town, Mike had begun to feel that this may be something of an initiation rite into the group as pretty much the whole Office went in a group to this place. All except Dave who was sticking to a strictly Vegan diet and the place was deemed “beneath his standards”.

They passed the usual sports and vape shops as one of the group said that they had “sprung up almost overnight those vape shops.” Mike was curious to the trend but remained a cautious distance to fashion trends as anyone with photos of themselves from the 80’s would agree with a shudder. They passed a strange little alley that seemed pretty standard, but still the kind of place you wouldnt go down at night. It was unremarkable really, apart from the apparent reflectiveness of the tiles at the end, they looked as though they had been polished to a mirror like quality, reflecting the suns glare with incredible violence as Mike glanced down. He regretted looking down as his eyes where immediately filled with blueish burn marks that blocked his vision considerably.

When they were in the cafe, Mike was hit with the barrage of usual questions;

“Where’ve you worked before”

“You got a girl? Or a guy if your into that?”

“Where do you come from?”

The questions came heavily, but going off everyones expressions, he had answered each one satisfactorily and he had begun to feel a little more comfortable with the office as a whole. Maybe they wouldnt think him so much of a freak now.

Of course he hadnt goven himself a nickname either, so that must have helped somewhat.

The day drew to a close and as Mike waved off everyone he felt as though he had gotten over the worst part of starting anywhere.

He felt accepted.

Something he had always struggled with in the past. He got home, with a smile still sitting in his chest and looked forward to tomorrow as he entered his small flat, threw the keys into the cupboard, swung round into the kitchen and launched his bag onto the sofa as he switched his kettle on and grabbed a mug.

After a few hours of boring t.v he set his stuff onto charge for the night and lay in his lonely bed, waiting for the night to take him to the morning.

Though this time, morning was not the first stop.

New baby

Well i think i told everyone about how ive been a responsible adult and… well heres the reason why

And heres both of them together. Hes loving being a big brother, though hes not a fan of waking up during the night haha.

Breeze – The first day

“Hi, my names Mike… im kinda… new around here so… who’s who here?” The girl looked up at him, frowned as if to say what is this guy? She was pretty in a standard way, medium length brown hair, slight tan from the brief burst of sunshine they had recently.

“Uhh… ok…” She stood up, taking Mike by surprise at her willingness to help. She pointed out across the office “Welcome to JTC recruitment, a “brand new approach to recruiting!” As you can see we each have a desk, well except me, i get this batterred thing that stops me seeing when people come in.” He did recall having to lean over to get her attention.

“Were split into sections that cover the local area. Generally were speaking town by town, so youll get assigned a town that you’ll get used to, make friends and contacts and just as you hit optimal sales the boss will throw you into a different section entirely.”

Slight hint of bitterness there. Mike thought as she reeled on.

“So weve got Dave and Bill covering the Eastern parts of the town, Wendy and Gavin on north and central, Ted on south and Manji on Western. Youve got me on reception and booking clients in, im Alecia and lastly, lurking in the dark office away from the genral public youve got Harry, or “Mr Wizard” as he will introduce himself as. Hes IT. And a freak. So where will you be working?”

She gestured limply in the directions of each of the tables and stared, stony faced into Mikes eyes as she awaited his answer.


The winds of Breeze – preview!

Hello everyone, sorry its been so long but ive been incredibly busy being a responsible adult, which by the way, suuuuuuucks.

Even though i wouldnt change it for anything in the world.

So yeah ive been falling asleep on the bus instead of writing. And on the sofa. And maybe a little bit at work as well but we wont go there.


Heres the teaser section for an episodic adventure i will be creating gradually. Id love to release one a week as a realistic element but i know that at the moment thats a little bit… mad.

So here goes, ladies, gentlemen and all of you who sexually identify as a houseplant, i present The Winds of Breeze!

The dreams i had as a child where vivid. They seemed to be more then dreams, more like i was awake somewhere else then asleep in my little bedroom with its striped wallpaper.

It all started on my lunchbreak. Id gone to my usual sandwich shop, passing the other miscellaneous stores of which i never frequented, due to not really caring about what they sold. There was an alley that i passed day in, day out, in fact so often i forgot it was there. But on my usual stride passed the alley, i happened to look down into its shadowed entrance with its weirdly shining tiles that glowed with reflection. Thats when i saw her.

She stood just ahead of the shadows, staring out as i looked in. Her eyes seemed to be surrounded by  a black mask that stretched across her face, framing her mouth. She was dressed in a bizarre ragged outfit, patchwork and barely held together. She lifted a finger and brought it to her mouth with a shushing sound, but what was she shushing?

That night i dreamt about a place i havent seen in a VERY long time. And immediately i could feel how much it changed since i had last been there.


Hey guys, heres a new author to the site and hes also someone i know in real life. Please take the time to read the first part of his story “Silent Heaven”, leave some feedback and a follow if you liked it!


Silent Heaven: To Nightmares Awaken – Chapter One: Beginnings –

By the way i know ive been away for some time, lifes been hectic but i will be posting stuff soon!

Hope to see you guys around!