“Hi, my names Mike… im kinda… new around here so… who’s who here?” The girl looked up at him, frowned as if to say what is this guy? She was pretty in a standard way, medium length brown hair, slight tan from the brief burst of sunshine they had recently.

“Uhh… ok…” She stood up, taking Mike by surprise at her willingness to help. She pointed out across the office “Welcome to JTC recruitment, a “brand new approach to recruiting!” As you can see we each have a desk, well except me, i get this batterred thing that stops me seeing when people come in.” He did recall having to lean over to get her attention.

“Were split into sections that cover the local area. Generally were speaking town by town, so youll get assigned a town that you’ll get used to, make friends and contacts and just as you hit optimal sales the boss will throw you into a different section entirely.”

Slight hint of bitterness there. Mike thought as she reeled on.

“So weve got Dave and Bill covering the Eastern parts of the town, Wendy and Gavin on north and central, Ted on south and Manji on Western. Youve got me on reception and booking clients in, im Alecia and lastly, lurking in the dark office away from the genral public youve got Harry, or “Mr Wizard” as he will introduce himself as. Hes IT. And a freak. So where will you be working?”

She gestured limply in the directions of each of the tables and stared, stony faced into Mikes eyes as she awaited his answer.



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