Hello everyone, sorry its been so long but ive been incredibly busy being a responsible adult, which by the way, suuuuuuucks.

Even though i wouldnt change it for anything in the world.

So yeah ive been falling asleep on the bus instead of writing. And on the sofa. And maybe a little bit at work as well but we wont go there.


Heres the teaser section for an episodic adventure i will be creating gradually. Id love to release one a week as a realistic element but i know that at the moment thats a little bit… mad.

So here goes, ladies, gentlemen and all of you who sexually identify as a houseplant, i present The Winds of Breeze!

The dreams i had as a child where vivid. They seemed to be more then dreams, more like i was awake somewhere else then asleep in my little bedroom with its striped wallpaper.

It all started on my lunchbreak. Id gone to my usual sandwich shop, passing the other miscellaneous stores of which i never frequented, due to not really caring about what they sold. There was an alley that i passed day in, day out, in fact so often i forgot it was there. But on my usual stride passed the alley, i happened to look down into its shadowed entrance with its weirdly shining tiles that glowed with reflection. Thats when i saw her.

She stood just ahead of the shadows, staring out as i looked in. Her eyes seemed to be surrounded by  a black mask that stretched across her face, framing her mouth. She was dressed in a bizarre ragged outfit, patchwork and barely held together. She lifted a finger and brought it to her mouth with a shushing sound, but what was she shushing?

That night i dreamt about a place i havent seen in a VERY long time. And immediately i could feel how much it changed since i had last been there.


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