So ladies and gentlemen, begins the next step in my life.

I have finally (and also being the only one in my family bar my wife) been accepted into university to study writing properly!

This, as well as everyone here and on my twitter feed, is leading me along my path to becoming what ive kind of dreamt about since i was 10 years old.

A proper, legitamate writer. I always wanted to be the guy that made it as a writer without any backup or training or… well, ya know, effort, but i know thats impossible. And unfeasible. And also a little arrogant to be honest with you all.

So i decided to follow it in its entirety, study this and go into it fully. To get in I had to create a 1000 word review on the last book or film that i had watched/read.


The last book i read was… im not sure, something about a tuttle eating jellyfish or something, to my son so that was out of the question and the last movie that i watched was, and bare with me, spaceballs.

Yeah cause i could totally get into a professional career using a review based on that movie, despite its lasting marks on me from childhood #favoritechildhoodmoviedontask.

So instead i want with something that today bends my head with its almost implausible facts and other entries.

Fingerprints of the gods.

So off i went typing away about this book refferring to it in various manners and realising halfway through that i would have sounded, politely, batshit crazy.

Well it worked anyway, so even if i do sound crazy, id written it well enough to get onto a course that id wanted to study on!

So to date, that makes this year very good.

New baby, check

New, actual job, check

University course to follow my dream.



26 thoughts on “The next step

  1. Good luck my friend
    Hang in there
    Watch for the knives
    And those who are jealous
    Artistic endeavors can be a curse
    I’ve been chopped off at the knees many times
    For going for my dreams
    It’s not easy to listen
    As well as it is to write
    Sweet and sour
    As always Sheldon

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