Mike watched the orange sunset that stretched above and below him, as though there was no end to the sky.  Also, there seemed to be no sun that he could make out, even though the sky was clearly during sunset, going from red to strong orange and finishing in a bizarre green at the lower points of the sky. He realised he was stood on the edge of a cliff lip that was akin to a diving board, and his stomach flipped.

He stepped back from the edge and sharp jagged edges came into his vision on either side. This was some form of cave that led to a dangerous lip at the end of the world.

Wait, end of the world? Where did that come from?

The whole scene felt… familliar to him. As though he had been here long ago but forgotten it existed.

Where is she?


The girl.

What girl?

The girl in the patchwork dress! One of the Inami tribe!

What is going on here!?

His head felt like it was arguing with itself, as though an old part of his brain was shouting at his conscious mind. He raised his hands to cover his ears instinctively, but the voice continued.

Im in your head, you arent hearing me.

“Whats going on!?” Mike shouted in frustration as he backed further into the cave.

Dont shout, the Cave Dwellers will come.

What cave dwellers?

A sound of rubble dropping from the walls came, along with a slow scratching sound. It looked as though the rocks themselves where moving in response to his shouting. 


Whatever ‘them’ where, were waking up. Grey lumps with shiny black hides began to lift up and look around, they seemed to be moving faster and faster now as one leaned over the edge, its tremendous paws gripping the ledge powerfully with claws that looked razor sharp and about the size of daggers or short swords. His heart began to pound loudly in his chest as more and more of the surrounding ledges and boulders began to shudder into life. It looked as if the entire environment was alive and steadily becoming more aware.

You have to get out, its too dangerous here.

You think!?

Mike began to look for anyway out that he could find, but the shadows blocked every crevice and possible exit. Scanning around, he looked deeper into the cave and spotted one that seemed to be a deeper recess then the other shuddering entrances.


He burst off at a speed that surprised himself, the cavern began to fill with a strange juddering, cracking sound as the creatures reared up, attempting to locate what had disturbed them. In a matter of seconds he had reached the recess, but to no avail as he pressed against thr hard, cold stone wall that blocked his way. A loud thud crashed behind him and a sense of dread ran up his spine as he slowly rotated, coming face to face with the strangely beetle like face of the Cave Dweller.

Its black sunken eyes were hard to distinguish against the black of its eye sockets, only different in their wetter shine. Its tiny feelers twitched in the air as it emitted a strange crackling noise from what Mike guessed was its mouth. More loud thuds landed behind the humongous creature that had him cornered. It was a strange feeling, being cornered by something that was clearly going to kill you at any given moment, Mike closed his eyes, afraid of the impending impact from the massive beast and began to think of how much of his life he had wasted, all the invites he had turned down because of stupid reasons such as talking to strangers, even being with friends terrified him slightly and had been one of his excuses. “Oh i have to take my cat to the vet” when he didnt own a cat

Its my ____ birthday so i have to see them”

He hadnt seen his family or anyone from his family in years so again that was a lie.

His mind switched to work, never again would hebsee that group of people that made him feel… welcome ever again. Speaking of which, where was he? How did he even get-

A deafening sound filled the cave, almost distorting his vision with its sheer volume. It sounded like a mixture of whalesong and an elephants call, this time there was a severe earthquake that threw him to the floor towards the Cave Dweller, who had now turned to the origin of the noise and reared up in defense.

The rocks had split open on its back and revealed delicate wings which shone with a multicolored sheen and began to rapidly flutter, levitating the strange beast off the floor. Mike crawled forwards, curious of what had come to his aid, peering round the rocks, the largest creature he had ever seen had crashed into and blocked up the entire caves precipice with its enormous pale white body.

It resembled a whale, immense and pale, with two large eyes at the front of its face and bizarre pupils that resembled crosshairs. It screeched the bizarre noise again and opened its mouth, revealing thousands of blunt teeth, obviously designed for crushing or grinding, and strangley about 20 tongues. The Cave dwellers all formed up in the air, some form of defensive position, there razor sharp claws readied to strike against this massive creature.

Some had gathered underneath it and began to bite, stab and cut against its flesh. The whale creature now began its attack, its tongues stretching out with dangerous precision, latching around the Cave Dwellers and pulling them into its mouth and pinning them powerfully against the tongues housing.

Mike was fascinated by the scene. Two incredible creatures hed never seen before, one attempting to feed itself and the other defending what must be a nest of some form. Someone shouted his name over the noises of battle, he turned to face the sound of the strangely familiar voice and thats when he saw.

Its her…


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