He awoke in a sweat. That was the most intense dream he’d ever had, clearly remembering everything that he touched, smelled. The sheer panic as the creatures surrounded him and the unnerving feeling of familliarity that lingered even as he sat up in his bed.

Shakily he entered the kitchen, a vague feeling of being watched hovered around the whole flat, so he got quickly dressed for work and left in a hurry.

Myra watched from the kitchen counter as the door slammed before her, giggling a little to herself. Found you.

Mike hurried through the streets, his mind racing with pictures of the dream, the colourful sky, the vast cavern that hung over the edge of nothingness. The giant field of grass populated with tiny little tents and collossal-

Mike stopped dead in the street as he examined the last thought,Wait that didnt happen last night, whats this?

He remembered the loud thuds as he ran close to the giant creatures legs. They stomped with enough force to shake the ground as he and the girl played together. Sure it was a dangerous game, but it felt like so much fun. She was one of the tribespeople from the area which explained her patchwork appearance and the black mask paint that ran down her face. She was his age, or very close and they laughed as they ran around the enormous beasts legs.

The beasts were peaceful, like massive walking islands amidst an ocean of yellow and green grass stalks. Deep brown leathery skin covered them from head too foot, a long powerful neck held a wide flat head. Their build allowed them to devour trees whole in one enormous sweeping bite. A flock of small raptor like creatures swarmed through the fields, creating a wave of movement across the plain.

He blinked a couple of times as the images faded, finishing with him and the girl sitting atop one of the enormous creatures, now named Grass Islands, watched the sunset as it thundered along at a slow, gentle pace. Up in the sky, two sky whales helixed around another, much smaller whale followed them, with pinpricks of sparkling light beginning to come through the thinning cloud and peach coloured sky.

Confusion ran among him as he strode along, walking at a faster pace then most as to avoid anybody talking to him. What was going on? His dreams where usually weird, rabbit in the fridge kind of things, but never this vivid or… real.

He got into work, still flustered about the dream and unable to shake the bizarre feeling it had left in his stomach. “Morning Mike!”

The ‘wizard’ was perky, strangely so for a day like today, as it was raining quite heavily, in fact the whole office seemed rather energized. “Its payday! And we got fantastic bonuses from our targets!”

“Oh… yeah fantastic. Sorry i had a bad nights sleep so im not that… up, yet.”

“Ahh dont worry about it, anyway it’ll kick in later when you can spend it!”

With a weak smile, Mike sighed out “Yeah, i think you’re right, i think im just being tired at the moment, maybe food will help?”

The wizard smiled widely, now you’re making sense, ill round up the office for our trip.”

He left in a hurry as Mike sat down and shook his head, trying to jolt the feeling of exhaustion away, his computer was on already so he quickly logged in, his emails were still onscreen as if he hadnt left yet. But he was certain that he had turned the computer off before he left last night…

A box popped up in the corner,

(No subject)

(No title)

With hesistation he clicked the box, hands shaking from exhaustion and tension at the weird occurences today. The box filled part of the screen with a weirdly constructed message.

BReeZe NEedS yOU.

RemeMBER uS.

The message sat before him, taking its time to sink in. The words made sense as equally as they confused him. Was breeze the name of that world? No, it wasnt a world, it was a dream. And he wasnt receiving emails from a dream. 

Yet somehow.

He was.


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