Ben E. J. Edwards

Edward needed little convincing to join the supply run when the stale Ramen he ingested reappeared. As he dry-heaved outside of Ruxandra’s flat, Jack patted his back sympathetically. Thomas looked on mockingly but said nothing as his face still burned with the previous beating he received. All but Edward were armed with a large backpack of a simple black knit design; Edward said nothing but received a perfunctory explanation that they always took them on their supply runs.

Adjacent to Ruxandra’s flat was a lone white van which blended with the other abandoned vehicles. Ren climbed into the driver’s seat and motioned Edward to the passenger side.

“Are you kidding me?” snarled Thomas.

Ren rolled her eyes. “You really trust him enough not to keep your eyes on him?”

Remaining silent, he glowered at her and climbed into the back with a reluctant Jack. The doors slammed with a tired…

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