Thunder rattled the outside of the building as it rolled across the sky. The office windows were left slightly open, allowing the breaking noise to crackle inside the office. Everyone had gone for food but Mike had stayed inside, the IT room was darkened by cloud cover and lack of windows, causing the tiny blinking LEDs to pierce from the velvety darkness with striking brightness.

He sat, shaking a little, still staring at the badly constructed email on the screen in front of him. His stomach knotted itself with a clenching twist, the other room flashed quickly, splashing a weird shadow on the wall to his side, strange how in an empty office it can still look like the shadow of a person can be cast in lightning.

When he finally managed to move, he knew that something weird was happening. Was this a long trick? Maybe he’d dropped off at some point and spoke outloud and this was a prank by the office?

He even entertained the premise of being the subject of a hypnotist that was trying to subliminally influence his life, having watched some weird stuff on t.v lately, no matter how unlikely that was. Sighing, he shook his head and rose up from the chair to head to the kitchen coffee might help right n-

Another flash lit up the office before him and illuminated the girl from his dream. She stretched her hand out towards him, as if gesturing him to follow her. Her black facepaint now more detailed then ever, drawing lines down her face, her hair braided and twisted expertly seemed to radiate the orange, fire like quality of colour. It was remarkable the amount of detail that could be gathered in a split second flash of light.

Just as soon as she appeared, she was gone, leaving no trace but a stark imprint on his memory. He remembered her name. Myra.

They had been… friends during childhood, one that he seemed to have forgotten as the dull reality of life had taken over. It felt like bumping into an old family member that you hadnt seen in decades. What was causing this to happen?

It was just a dream, right? Yeah a prolonged dream, one that was extremely realistic and life like, but still just a dream that he woke up from and carried on life as normal…

Mike stood, barely having moved a step away from his chair, staring at the blank space in the doorway where Myra had just been standing. He wondered if he would need to go back onto his medication if this continued too happen…


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