Ben E. J. Edwards

A gentle wisp of smoke rose from the bullet wound in Jamie’s skull. Edward watched this little spiral disappear into the dusty air as the thick silence isolated him from the others. For what seemed an eternity, they all stood as useless as the building around them; mannequins prisoner to the passing of time.

A sharp intake of breath following a panicked fit caused Libby to collapse into Peter who barely caught her. Caught between their instinct to flee and to hope that somehow, this was all a dream, they chose the former and ducked behind the adjacent aisle. Tins clattered around them as they fled the store. No one bothered to stop them as Jamie’s frozen grimace had hypnotised them all.

As blood stained Jamie’s dead flesh, Edward was reminded of the blood bath he’d seen at Cam’s mansion and repressed a violent urge to vomit. Though his vision…

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