Another cold day, another snow-blasted event to attend in the cold ass of nowhere.

She left to go to this thing straight after work but i know, i know, shes going round his. She’ll arrive in some slutty outfit that no doubt ill have never seen.

Bet he has. Prick.

The bottle slammed onto the sink before me, already part drunk. How did i even get here anyway? Shaking my head, i threw the bottle back, pouring the hot bitter liquid down my throat. It stang and burned its way down, dragging up a vile feeling in my stomach as it went.

I shook it off, lit up a smoke and stomped out into the thick crunching snow. Wind whipped and bit at my face with its icy scratches, skin feeling like its tearing in places. Flakes gathered in my thick beard chilling my skin as it melted slowly. The whiskey heated my core and allowed me to resist the worst of the cold as i made my way into the city.

A striped pole, snow stacked up against it at an angle, indicated that i was heading to the city centre. Here was where she worked, in a large office/factory that developed prototype devices. She worked in Resourcing

With him

And brought in a decent wage. Along with a lot of “business phones” and late evenings at the office. It all became too much for him, and they had began to fight worse and worse, he had taken to drinking and she had thrown herself at friends and overtime.

I spat on the ground as i got closer, the lights still flickered in the small businesses and shops. The occasional car went passed, small and striped like everything else was in this city.

I pulled open the chrome gold door and was hit immediately with a blast of heat from the air con, bringing stinging tears to my eyes. I shook through it, my wet black boots squeaked onto the polished marble floor. Every eye in the lobby locked onto me. There stupid faces were pictures of shock and disgust, they couldnt believe that i had just walked into there building, not dressed up in the slightest.

“Party. East Office Toy Co. Where?”

“Uhh… its just through those doors sir, might i ask you too…”

I glared back at him over his desk, they were a short people, and though industrious, frightened easily when necessary.

“Ask me to what?”

“… nothing sir, please continue on through…”

I nodded at him, wheeled round and began towards the party, still feeling the eyes of a dozen ladies and gentlemen, dressed to the nines in suits and glittering dresses.I bowed sarcastically to a couple, who reacted as though they had no idea what to do, then threw my soaked hat onto the ground where it landed with a wet slap on the highly polished floor.

The party itself was an affair of riches. Tiny foods brought round on silver platters, glasses of champagne littered the area creating sparkling arrays throughout the room. Slowly, people behan to notice me standing there, then the murmuring started to hum through the crowd.

Where is she… where is…


There she was

My wife emerged from the crowd, sweeping him off to one side. She was still pretty even after all these years, but i still knew what she was doing behind my back. 

And hes here tonight.

“Nick, what are you doing here? You look terrible!”

 “I know… I know. I just needed to see you.”

That was a lie

“You shouldnt have come… you look ill, youre dressed up in your work clothes… Are you drunk?”

It was amazing how she could berate him totally and not make a scene or even much of a sound. I could smell him on her, my blood ran hot as i tried to stave off the wolf inside of me.

“Honestly what where you th-”

“Shut up Clarabell, im sick of listening to you. Who is he?”

Her face went from disbelief to sadness and regret, she looked down and away from him.

“So thats where were at… Paranoia. Im… im not-”

“Dont. I know ok? Trust me… i know, i just want to see who the bastard you chose as better then me is”

She backtracked quickly “No, its not like that… There is nobody… please Nick we can talk about this later”

I stood up, the whiskey had fully got into my system now, vision was fuzzy and i felt like my eyes couldnt keep up with where i was looking. The lights and reflections overwhelming my senses.

“Hello everyone! You all know who I am, and no doubt know who this lady is!”

Every eye in the room once again burned against me. I heard scratching radio noises coming from out in the room, security?

Continuing my announcement, the air changed to one of tension.

“I dont like coming to these things, these “do’s” as i feel like you all fucking… stare at me. But anyway! I have a question for all of you, before this turns mean.”

People were moving towards me quickly, bustling through the crowd.

“WHO is fucking my WIFE!”

The room seemed to ripple as i boomed, the guards now stood before me and began to motion and try to guide me out of the room, i looked down at Clarabell, she was looking out into the crowd but at who… who!?

I tried to follow her gaze, looking out at the ogling faces, all whispering and murmuring about how disgusting i was, how much of an ass I was being to my wife-

Wait whos that guy in the blue looking-

“You!” I roared, breaking into a sudden burst of speed at the crowd, his face going into complete terror as hebrealised what was happening. I reached out, and crashed into him at high speed, throwing the roof spell to the floor as i latched onto him.

Suddenly we where outside, stood on thebpartially sloped room in the middle of a blizzard. His face filled with white flakes, his silly glasses choked up in a second as he coughed and spluttered in the winds. I lifted him off his feet, holding onto his shoulders.

This is what she wants? This is the man to replace fucking Santa Claus!? Prick, how DARE he touch my wife!


“I-Im sorry! She came too me! Honestly, i never would have crossed you boss!”

What do i do? I stared into the face of this small, writhing man as he squirmed in my grip, his collar ruffled and glasses coming askew.

With a grunt, i threw him to the snowdrifts and grabbed my now pounding head, squatting over as thoughts battered around my skull. The red of my suit blurred my vision giving a wave of nausea.

“Look… if its any consolation… she said that she still loves you… just not what youve become.”

What ive become? Become? I became this because of her! She drove me to thi-

My vision flashed red, head a strange calm filled with white noise as i rose up, stomped over to the idiot who cowered away from me and swung a loose, powerful punch, catching him painfully. A spray of blood shot up as his face exploded with injury, lining the snow with a crimson pinstripe.

“Prick.” I utterred, walking to the edge of the roof, pondering my next move.
Well thanks for reading this prompt, it was offerred by @FuckinPrompts, who gives the best tongue in cheek prompts ive ever seen. Hope you enjoyed the read and no i dont have anger problems!


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