Hello everyone, i hope this finds you well.

So, i started uni (at last) and will begin officially next monday (or on the 3rd to anyone reading at an awkward time) and i cannot wait! As i said, im gonna try to document what i get up to there and hopefully youll see how my skill changes and develops as i progress!

Also, im currently figuring out whats going to happen in Breeze next. I have some ideas of locations and charecters, but ive still gotta wait too see what they get up to before i can post the next part. My other projects are currently on hold as well, mainly because im putting uni first until i develop somewhere noticeably that you guys will benefit from.
Well i hope that you continue to follow my journey, this has been Sixeighty, please like, follow and heck even share it if you wanna see what i get up to over the next few weeks!

Post you soon!


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