Hello everyone,

My apologies for leaving it so long, my life went from 50 too 500 almost overnight a few months back but i swore too myself that i would return too this starting in january too get this back rolling again.

So as i said before, i now have two beautiful children

So as you can imagine, thats quite hectic with their ages and also we have just moved into our first house!

On top of those ive been studying at university (writing and english) so there literally has been no time left in the day to actually get anything written down for you guys.

But thats all gonna change. I know that if i wanna make it seriously, im gonna need all of your help too pull it off.
So im gonna stay active, write often, upload everything and work hard at this.

I do need something from you guys however and its not money. I need time. Time for a comment, a like, reblog it and mention my name, reccommend me around the place.

Traffic is what i require, and feedback. If you cant, thats fine, not like were entering a contract or anything… #signhere

But everything helps a little more, even that little star button.

So happy new year from all of us here, lets make this something phenomenal!

Thank you everyone. Seriously.


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