So as i stand in my freezing cold kitchen, boxes still scatterred everywhere, rooms nowhere near assembled, im starting to stress over coursework that is steadily edging towards a deadline.

Its gonna be ok though, as soon as  we get this place a little more established im gonna hit it like a truck, or at least, thats the plan anyway…

Oh by the way, happy new year to you guys, i couldnt remember if i said it so ill say it again haha!

So as i said, im at uni now and studying writing which is going… Well? Yeah its going well. If days were 500 hours long i would have destroyed this course eith relative ease, however with only 24 available too me, its been a struggle.

When you have young kids, they’re very much the front of your attention so if illness happens, everything else stops. And its flu season.

So now im behind with personal deadlines, fatigued from night feeds, stressed about a house and unable too write as much as i want too.

Go me!

Anyway, if you liked this and are curious about whats happening or how else my life may be falling apart, please like share and follow as a crowd always helps!



7 thoughts on “Jan 2nd 2017

  1. I looked on your site and I could not find any social media links. You know you can not only share them on your site, but you can link those accounts to your blog so posts can be shared to them automatically. I highly recommend taking advantage of them to widen your reach.

    Also, in the case of Facebook, you can create a public page people can like and follow (which is what I would personally recommend you link WordPress to), and with Google you will also have a YouTube channel.

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    1. Yeah i need too make one, trying to start a small base on here and then expand across platforms as i progress. Ive got a manuscript im trying to sharpen and polish at the moment so when that gets a better shape to it ill be expanding. Thank you for the comments by the way, i really want too be serious with this

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