Thats the current story whirling its way round my head. How shoulf i catch it? These charecters have been in my head for a long time now, establishing themselves in their own manner, so what happens when they get thrown into the same story?

Ill have to post the result and see what you guys think…


8 thoughts on “Jan 3rd. A pirate, a cowgirl and a swordsman walk into a plotline…

  1. Well, a pirate can be a swordsman. And I am certain that there are many cowgirls that are attracted to a rogue with a sword. (Although my love for cowboy boots does not exactly establish credibility as a cowgirl.) I look forward to reading the outcome.

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  2. Hello,

    Thank you so much for following my blog because it enabled me to come here, follow you and read some great stuff.

    Like you I do like writing I have to say, which is handy as it is my job, but as for watching it on the screen or reading it I am not like you, I really find it difficult to enjoy, must be knowing the punchlines I expect!

    Still as I am adapting The Cat’s first book ‘Getting Out – Excerpts From A Cat’s Diary’ for an animated movie I am getting to read the work of a “genius” self proclaimed again, it does tend to make me smile which is either because it’s funny or because the first stage of dementia has set in, and I don’t remember what I wrote eek!

    Have a great 2017.


    The Cat


    1. Hey, glad you like what youve seen so far, i hope i continue to entertain. Its noce too hear from an accomplished writer like yourself and im honored that you commented on something of mine.
      I wish you well with your adaption and hopefully ill get something out on paper that you can read more favorably haha


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