Does it ever feel like someone else is growing into what they should be and you arent?

How do you become what others need you to be?

I wish i had the answers but sadly i do not. It has come to my attention that, even though i have chosen a path in life (way too late, some might add) it dosent seem possible for me.

I feel my own burden weighing down upon my shoulders and despite my best efforts, i find myself lacking. All i want to do is make them happy, and yet instead i give them mistakes. No matter what i say, how i feel at any given moment, all i seem capable of doing is letting them down and they mean everything to me.

I dont know if she will ever read this, but if she does, i really want her too know that i love her so much that it burns my soul. I want nothing but good for her as that is what she truly deserves.

I try my hardest, but i lack the ability that she requires too truly brighten her soul. She is my light, were as i am an anchor keeping her grounded beneath what she could truly be.

Im sorry my love, for every pain, for every mistake i have made and truly sorry for not being able too love up too the man you though i could be.

I love you.


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