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“I used to do tricks, nothing large, simple sleight of hand stuff, maybe the odd ‘pull your card out of someone elses coat’ things. Nothing major.”

Marlo lifts the tiny glass of water, rotates it slowly before him, eyeing the liquid almost suspiciously before placing it carefully back onto the steel table.

Officer Gregson watches, a slight sneer twitching his mouth but being reigned in by years of interrogation.

This “Magician” had been brought in as he was the main suspect in quite a phenomenal robbery. Somebody had managed to take several fully loaded armoured vehicles and vanish them in a singlr night. If the last signals were to be believed, they had all been taken at the same time.

“Then, well then ‘that’ happens doesn’t it.” His hands emphasize dramatically, used to being the showman Marlo knows how to hold attention where he wants it, and right now he wanted it away from from his face as he scanned the room.

“Once that had happened, well we all thought it was the end of the world didn’t we? Well that stopped and the rocks fell, just like everyone will tell you, I grabbed one. A meteor, directly from another planet. Everyone has one. Of course none of us knew what the… ‘Side effects’ would be.”

Gregson shifts, he had a piece of it too, but he rarely ever wore it. Some of them wore theirs all the time, sometimes resulting in a bizarre addiction.

“Look, we just need to know where you were and what your… ‘Ability’ is.”

Marlo smiles. His teeth are startlingly white, a pristine moustache adored the the top of his lip, framing his mouth like a fireplace.

“My ability, Officer, is the same as it has always been. Magic. The only difference now is that my Magic is a little more… Real.”


Marlo lifted his hands, the handcuffs slipped off as if made of liquid and he presented the Officers own keys, danglingly them tauntingly in front of him.

Officer Gregson snatched the keys back, slammed his hand down on the recorder and rose up, grabbing Marlo in the process. He pushed him backwards and slammed him into the wall behind.

“I dont know if you think you’re clever or you’re just a prick, but I will get to the bottom of this and all you’ve done so far is incriminate yourself further.”

“Relax Officer, it was just part of the show! Now 1…2…3…”

Marlo clicks his fingers and the interrogation room fills with applause.

Steve Gregson looks to his right, blinded by the lights of the stage and can just about make out the vague blank outlines of clapping hands, raucous laughter and cheering. He looks back to Marlo, quickly lets go and shakily stumbles backwards.

“Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! Please give another hand for my volunteer, Steve ‘Officer’ Gregson!”

A stagehand comes quickly onto the stage and leads off a bleary eyed Steve leaving Marlo the Magnificent alone on stage.

The lights darken leaving just him illuminated.

He raises his arms and begins to wiggle his fingers, glaring out into the crowd, sparkling flashes reply as a smile cracks across his face.

“Sparkle my beauties… Show me your lights…”

The flashes increase from the crowd, a thick cloak lifts up behind him revealing a glittering blanket of diamonds that sparkles brighter and brighter until the lights flash off and plunge the whole theatre into darkness.


Fuckin’ Friday #2: Response

Holy fuck they’re going to kill me.

As I walked home, the images of what I had seen that day would not only be an influence on my search enquiries but also an assistance into my own growth as a person.

It had been a regular day at school, when we were given a project to complete.

The nasal voice of the teacher rang out across the classroom as he announced a very standard

‘Design a website and use images from the internet to apply to this blaaaah blaaah’

His voice droned on for a few more sentences but my attention had abandoned his monotonous speech and I clicked on the program we used to build these little ‘websites’ that were little more than badly written essays and pasted pictures.

So i began searching for the usual images I used to adorn this new website when my friend slid over, drifing across the dangerously fuzzy carpet for a room filled with computers, like the snake in the garden of eden. He came over literally just to corrupt my life from that day forward, but i still thank him for that.

“Dude. Check this out.”

He budged my chair over and grabbed the mouse. It whizzed across the screen to the little ‘settings’ option and clicked open a doorway to an as yet unexplored avenue in my life. Bear in mind, I’m 14, very, very naive and uneducated in the realms of sexuality, bar ‘wow she’s hot’.

With 2 clicks, the apple was offered but it was only by clicking ‘search’ did i truly bite into the flesh of this forbidden apple.

And my there was a lot of flesh.

In seconds, my screen was filled with various ladies, all somehow more undressed than the next, each revealing themselves in different poses and angles.

My eyes widened, both in awe and terror as this was on my screen, in a class full of about 30 other kids. And the snake bared his fangs.

‘Sir! Look!’

The dread hit me almost as hard as the guy was pounding the girl in the 4th picture from the left.

‘It wasn’t m-‘

The teacher came over, clicked off the images deftly and spoke very quietly. He hovered just over my shoulder, the smell of sweat and coffee hung off him as he was not a healthy man.

In one fell swoop he removed my internet rights and also threatened to call my parents because of the incident.

So i walked home, doom lingering about me, but also a wild fascination as to what had been revealed to me. Nudity. For free. And in such vast quantities!

That night was filled with deleted search history, scrunched tissues and an awakening.

Sexy ladies. Naked sexy ladies. Naked Sexy ladies with boobs. Etc. Etc.

For the trouble I got in that day, it was well worth the development.

Re: Memory

It was always fun trying to dodge round that filter that they had at school.

I still remember that confused looking hedgehog staring blankly at me in front of his wordart style computer. It never stopped anybody from finding porn at school though, those pure geniuses that kept finding websites that hadnt been blocked and just casually watching this stuff in the middle of I.T without losing their computer rights or any form of repercussion.

I never quite managed to figure out how they did it, but it sure brought the class together like you wouldn’t believe.

And this is the original source/ link/ posting of said prompt.

I think I already posted this but… Ahh wel, have it again.

Chandelier Part 4


Gunshots, loud stamping boots, more gunshots, screaming screaming SCREAMING.

Bax sat up breathing hard, he looked around, taking in his surroundings.

Trash, trash, slyline, trash.

The relief washed over, but brought with it a dehydrated sickness. He didnt need the display in his eye to tell him he needed a drink.

Standing up, Bax staggered over to a nearby wall and began to relieve himself as the tiny blinking word “water” flicked on and off at the bottom of his eye. The other warnings, such as MAINTENANCE, had now become virtually see through as they had been there for almost 20 years. As had the symbol for his Xtranol, but those were never going to go away so he had simply learned to “live” with it.

When he had finished, shook, and slipped back away and began to walk towards the end of the alley wondering what work he might find today, when something set his teeth on edge.

He rarely had this feeling, but a few years ago there had been an accident involving a lightning rod he had been working on and since then he occasionally got interference from subspace relay messages. It was entirely possible that the accident had turned him into some form of a relay antenna, but he didn’t like to think too much about what complications all of his augmentations could actually involve.

This one was more than the usual. Normally his head would fill with beeps and scritchy noises and it would go as quickly as it came. This one however, started with beeps and scritches, then prgoressively got stronger. A mans face began to accumalate in Bax’s vision, mostly in greyscale with minor shading. Then the voice came.

“To… All… Come… Co-ordinate… 717…492…717…send…help…any…help…treasure…rich…power…help…save…me…”


Baxs head filled with flashes, the numbers burned their way into his memory, embedding themselves painfully. The message cleared, but he could still see the mans image scarred onto his vision. He cleared his head by vomiting in the corner of the alley and headed out to find the merc board for the day, not thinking about the message.

Hours passed, the sun rotated around the planet as he worked, finding some heavy mechanic work on a freighter convoy. Bax was humanoid, meaning traders trusted him, and even without his augments kicking in fully he was still vastly stronger than the majority of species that worked on the labour line.

“Right fellas! That’s all i can keep you for today, come grab a beer and clear off until tomorrow. First come first served remember?”

The employer was a Hithergo, an outsider race, large and moderately passive, but capable of a lot of damage if provoked. Someone once told Bax that they’d seen pictures of a creature called a ‘whale’ and that was what most Hithergo’s looked like. But Bax found it strange to imagine something content living in water its entire life and never making any money.

The lights flickered, everyone suddenly silenced, static rising in the air. The beeps came again, heavier this time as Bax grabbed his head. Everyone around turned to look at nearby screens and projectors as a human male began to speak.

“Calling…distress… 717… 492… 717… Treasure… Masses of treasure… Help… Massive… Station… Undiscovered… Richer than you could ever dream… 717… 492… 717… Help”

Bax was on his knees, clutching his head. He squeezed and thumbed, prodded and poked, desperately trying to find some way to disable the message and its devestating volume inside his head. He blinked, his vision flashing, shocks, he thought and grabbed the nearby spark tool. With a deep breath he pressed the button on the tool and smacked himself in the brow with it.

His vision flashed once again as the tool connected with him, then it turned red, WARNING printed across the whole of his sight and he hit the ground hard as his eyes became dark.

Except for WARNING.


Chandelier part 3

Part 3: A Small Cloud Of Ash.

This had been an easy job. Way easier than anybody had expected. All they had to do was collect a small amount of supplies from one of the further outposts and bring it back to the headquarters. The problem with that, and why it was such a highly rewarded contract, was the location. The planet Exviosk 2, a decent sized biomap with an effective weatherzone system, was located dangerously close to TexanWests Corporeal SodaFloats system.

TexanWests was a vicious business, ruthless in the boardroom and also in battle. They had an all out war approach to other companies and were not afraid to engage in hostilities with anyone that was found nearby. Often it wasn’t worth the risk to bother going near the system as TexanWests would throw seemingly endless troops and ships at your base until you retreated. One time it had almost caused the collapse of both TexanWests and Grenco Cleaning Corps. Sadly the latter never recovered and their system was divided up amongst the highest bidders and the business was sent into liquidation by The Administrators.

Mag oversaw the last of the crates being loaded onto The Zephyr, puffing out purple clouds from his Vaze. He ran his hand up through the bristle on his cheek, visualizing the credit he would get for this mission alone.

“Twenty Thousand, with crew entitlement bonus…”

He had participated in competitions that had offerred less for prize money. This had gone without a sitch as well! A simple stop, load and go, just like the old days when he was a fresh captain. Or at least, new-er as it had only been about a year or two and some captains flew for about 30 years. The sun had begun to set now, Mag leant on a crate, still puffing out purple clouds and took the sight in. The Zephyr, on his right, stood tall at about 50 feet above him, quite broad from this angle. Behind it was a larger cliff that struck up into the sky, several Pterabirds screeched as they drifted on air currents, their silhouettes pinned to the sky. The whole scene reminded him of something coloured from an old cartoon, but he couldn’t remember which one.

A sparkle appeared in the sky, the stars must be working their way through the last of the sunlight, when it rushed down from the sky and eradicated one of the boxes near the ship.

Mag frowned, then he became aware of warning lights from his armpiece.


Several more stars shot down from the sky, hitting boxes and blowing up on the ground nearby.

“Everyone, get on the ship!”

Mag bolted from his crate, which quickly erupted into splinters behind him, the workers had begun to panic and dashed from place to place, desperately looking for somewhere to cover from the raining blasts. Mag made it to the ships doors, the blasts were coming faster and faster now, he would have to raise the ships shields soon.

“Come on! Get yourself to safety!”

One man left, surrounded by raining blasts, the ground was violently throwing itself up around him but he showed no signs of moving.

“Come on!”

Mag was getting desperate now, scanned the perimeter. The man was an equal distance from the ship to the facilities doorway and quickly, both of those options were closing down. He took a deep breath, burst out of the hangar doorway, hoping against hope that either his P.S (personal shield) was strong enough to take a direct hit or that he was lucky enough to dodge the shots. The ground thudded and flung itself up at him, causing sparks and shimmers across his shield. It was quickly becoming a dirt maelstrom, the bullets and beams churning their way through the ground, Mag lost sight of the man, his vision a mixture of dirt and sparking jolts. There was an explosion.

Mag felt his shield dissapate as he was launched up into the air. The roar of rocks, bullets and the Zephyrs engines was deafening. He pushed into the metal platform, lifting his head to see where he had landed.

Markings. ‘Bay 106’

106? That’s-

He rose up and rushed forwards, bay 106 was quite elevated to the ground, whatever the explosion was must have had some form of anti gravity core.

“Zephyr, this is Mag, anybody read me?”

The familliar voice of his second in command and also occasional night companion replied.

“Sir!? Where are you? We thought you’d come aboard?”

“Uhh… No. I spotted something wrong, tried to fix it but instead got myself caught in a storage bay.”

The voice sighed. It was feminine today, like it usually was, but Uthma was a Cylesian. A genderless race that focussed mainly on a breeding partners smell or ‘pheromones’. If they took an interest, they adapted entirely. This was possibly only once they had discovered galactic travel, but nobody knew for certain.

“You’re gonna have to fend for yourself for a bit”

“Fend for myself? What dyu mean fend for my -shit!”

WesternTexans had landed and had obviously stripped through the area hunting for people. Several were now firing at Mag as he attempted to communicate with his crew.

Mag dove behind cover, drew his standard issue pistol, small, comfortable and fitted with the latest in eco-bull, the never ending bullets. Except the handle felt slightly uncomfortable in his hand.

Still, he adjusted it, checked his wristpiece. The screen still read comms but with two twists it read combat and showed his info.

Health 237/250

Shield 100/100

€%€·¥₹~ 00/00

The last one confused him.

“Where’s the bullet c-”

Loud, violent bangs clattered just around him. Clearly he had taken so long to prepare for fighting they had started without him. He readied, popped out and fired several rounds towards the enemies, but none connected, instead he nailed the same wall 3 times and a guard rail. A second later they appeared again and railed hard into his cover, a small metal box.

“Shit… Ahh shit…”

Why did you go back for that guy? Look at this. What am i going to do with this?

“Ok! Ok I give! Stop shooting now!”

He heard heavy boots making quick movements and slowly rose to his feet, hands behind his head.

Knew it was too easy.

Mag stood face to face with the unit, all dressed in black, circular helmets covering their faces and each one was adorned with a little stereotypical half moon symbol.

“No, you fight.”

Mag blinked


“I said”

The burliest member flicked his hand down, springing out a club from somewhere up his sleeve.


Mag still had his pistol in hand and flicked it down reactively, but somehow it caught the guys club as he swung. Mag looked down at his pistol. It had begun something else entirely! Instead of his gun, it was now a vibrating, rapidly spinning chain of circles that lead from his hand, straight out at an angle and held the club off easily.

“What bullshit is this?”


Mag pushed through the big guy, swinging his new sword/chain as he went. Everything the sword touched evaporated into a cloud of ash as it went, including the clubs of those around him, so Mag ran, the bullets hailed around him, his shield soaked them up but he managed to run to the halls and began calling the ship again.

“Uthma! Hello, anybody!?”

Radio silence. They must still be fighting the raiders from earlier.

“Captain? Do you read me?”


“Yes Bazor! I read you! I need pick up!”

“Hang on. I have an idea. Can you reach the shipping bay? Im going to hack one of their drones for you.”

Mag was running in circles now, dodging and ducking where he could.

“Im already there! Please, whatever it is you’re gonna do, do it fast!”

Bazor tapped excitedly.

“Ok… Reroute… No not… Change that to 3… I’m in!”

“Yes! Im at hangar *gnn*

Mags shield broke, a bullet passes through his side.

“Captain? Captain!?”

It seems we are a plague house…

Illness has hit the house and appears to be doing some weird gymnastic loop around each and everyone of us here. It sucks and its stopping me from getting anything done, or at least it was, but thanks to some ‘ol’ Sixeighty homebrew self medicating’ im better, but wow it was rough. Anyway, im back, im typing and I’mma be posting shortly.

Stay tuned folks.

Why I write?

Theres a question.

Why do I write?

Really this is something we should all ask ourselves once in a while as the answer might surprise you.

We might think we know ourselves, but a lot of our actions fall into the subconscious and we do things out of habit.

Let’s not forget that this is an art form, even though I don’t see myself as an artist, it is 100% a form of it.

Only I cannot draw so I must use what tools I have at my disposal, that being an overactive imagination and what I like to think anyway, a decent usage of the English language.

So the question at hand.

“Why do I write?”

There are a few answers to this question:

1: It helps.

Its true. It helps me, more than I think I can admit. I go through my daily life, living partly in this world and partly in the worlds that I ‘see’. By see I don’t mean hallucinations, I mean in my head. ‘Thinking in pictures’ is the closest analogy that I can think of, but it doesn’t quite get the message across.

My thoughts, especially regarding stories, are very rarely of my own doing. I am merely an observer. If I try to make the characters act, or have a different relationship, the whole thing locks up. They simply refuse to move and I find myself stuck. It’s like writers block, but only when I try to alter their lives.

Going back to the analogy, it’s not just a snapshot that I get, it’s fully acted out scenes of events, many of which I try to remember and write down later, however I find that as I’m writing them, they quite often flow as I write meaning I try to play catch up and sincerely hope that I can get across to you what id happening for me.

2: I want to be an author.

I write my stories and publish a lot on here, that is true. But there are some that are never revealed on here. Not because I dont want the world to see them, but because they are closer to me. They are characters that are a part of me, they have placed themselves in my soul and I have to do them justice. So therefore they will remain with me until they are officially published.

3: For you.

Yes, you dear reader. (If you made it this far, please comment something, im fascinated with how many people read through my postings and have ideas from them) I write for you.

My imagination is something I both enjoy and also massively curses me. So I write stories, some good, some bad, to me they are all my workings and mind acting in it’s bizzarre way. Hopefully you enjoy what I post and will continue to follow me on this journey to getting into print and published.

Anyway, I’m not sure if this really answered any questions you have, though I will answer any in the comments so please, let me know.


Throne of Hell 3- Ending

Please check my profile, leave a like and follow if you enjoy to see more of my writing! This will be the final part that i am releasing as the rest shall be going into a novel that will be available via Amazon as soon as it is finished.

I hope you have enjoyed this teaser and will follow the story through to its epic conclusion when it is released.

Thank you!

Sheena sat in her Realm, tail curled around her legs and the body of another man drained of life and soul sprawled out on the floor before her.

She was growing tired of the same thing now, seduce an idiot with power and… Feminine wiles, bring him to her Realm, a quick ride and he gave her all she needed.

The chance to absorb his soul and life.

It didnt matter who it was, she had bedded slaves, traders, soldiers and kings.

Even a legendary hero once or twice, much to the dislike of the effervescants, but she didnt care.

They couldnt touch her if they tried.

With a deep sigh, she examined the Realm, all twenty square feet of it, laid out exactly how she liked it.

The bed, with its luxurious sheets made from the rarest of fabrics, and something only available in Minerva, the Demon world.

A silk so soft that it felt like waters touch, refreshing and yet keeping you dry at the same time.

Pink linen drapes around the “walls” bordered the area, suggestively tinted and parted to resemble…

It all added to the effects that she had on men.

And yet she grew bored.

Seducing men was easy, her powers allowed her to be seen how they wanted her to be seen. She was a sexual chameleon with a taste for mens souls, and a talent for seduction.

Yet surely there was more to life then this?

She headed from her realm, destroying the body of her last victim casually with a flick that produced an incinerating flame, burning it to ash that blew away into the voids that surrounded the realm.

There were no walls, only black canvasses that showed stars and galaxies, all manner of constellations and other bodies of mystery to humans.

She stepped out into the Cortex, a red tinted spiral of floating symbols and objects that hovered in the air.

She walked away, unimpressed by the hovering structure and out into the city of Minerva.

A bustling city of greed, violence and obscure structure.

It surrounded a castle, thr cortex being the only other long lasting structure in the entire city, everything else was ramshackle and battered.

Demons tended to avoid the city if they had a realm of their own, only coming here when absolutely necessary.

She wandered through the streets, heading towards the castle. Passing beggars and mangled bodies of crippled demons that had fallen from glory.

There was one rule in the city.

You make it out or you die.

A large circle gleamed above the city, casting a silver glow upon everything that remained stationery, fires lit certain paths up as best they could, but nothing could bring light truly to this world.

She knew where she was going, and it wasnt the castle. This time it was to the Forbidden sector, “forbidden for their own protection” they had always been told.

But it made no difference.

Nobody enforced the law and often demons entered and never came back.

She was determined to find out what happened their, even if it meant never returning to her realm.

“Stop, succubus. Where dyu think your going?”

A scratchy voice jerked from the shadows.

Sheena stopped and looked towards the shadow.

Suddenly the area flooded with skinny, ragged bodies, grey in colour with yellow eyes.

They piled out with incredible speed, throwing themselves at her feet, she stepped back but found that they flooded faster then she could move and was soon blocked in by a sea of bodies that blocked the entire street.

One hopped out amidst the waves and crouched bear her, a strange flickering haze around his head gave him the look of being behind fogged glass.

“Reckon you could handle all of us? I can see… see your power… yes. See what you arrrrrrrrre….”

She pulled but it was no use, they covered her completely.

She felt hands grabbing at her flesh, sliding their cold hands across her bare skin, searching and grabbing for something that they could take…

The demon drew close to her face, breath stinging her face as he got there, poisoning her lungs with its filth.

“You need all… of these to capture me? Im on my own… take me yourself…”

He laughed, a raking sound that bit at her ears.

“You are right… i should have… first go…”

His eyes stayed glowing yellow yet she could feel his gaze scraping across her.

The tide of bodies parted suddenly and dropped her to her feet. They stood on either side of her as a fat green creature revealed itself, short in stature with a bulbous belly and rubbery skin.

It has a smattering of hair on its head and enormous yellow eyes that glowed with an orange ring around the yellow that resonated with the grey swarm.

It licked its lips and walked towards her, a greed in its massive eyes she had seen over a thousand times.

She was aware of the wall of bodies staring at her as the creature neared.

She was no stranger to people watching, the years she had spent bedding people had meant she saw numerous parties where she had claimed souls all around. Even some women, but they where difficult to capture… unless they where willing.

She dropped to her knees and began to crawl towards the creature, this many people under his control, he was obviously into this form of seduction.

She looked up, trying her best to be what he wanted… crawling across the street, she tried to block out the hundreds of bodies that could pounce on her in a second should it go wrong, and even she couldnt guarantee that she would get out of that…

His eyes widened as she neared, staying in her knees, a smile cracked on his face as she got closer and closer, he could feel her warmth, the heat from her breath as she edged closer and closer.

She could practically feel the effort it was putting in to not give in to her, when suddenly her head was wrenched back and she was face to face with him, a smile cracked upon his face as he held her, staring at her panicked face. He knew what she was doing, and had caught her off guard. Then began to use his hypnosis on her, bearing down into her eyes, looking for the anchor point to lodge his thoughts in.

“St… stop… you dont…” she breathed in, a scared, fear filled lungful of air as she felt him probing around her mind.

She dodged as much as she could, twisting and turning, flashing thought after thought before his vision, trying anything possible to get him to anchor to something she could afford to lose when.

“Got you.”

He snared a thought. A deep thought, one of the deepest. Thoughts or memories she could have possibly shown.

The day she broke into the world.

He saw it all, the tear in the sack, the first breath she breathed, the lights, sounds, smells, the fear as she saw her brothers and sisters all about to turn on her as a power struggle.

She was his.

An elated feeling blew up inside him.

Never had he ever thought about capturing a succubus. With this as an ally, he could take a castle for himself… maybe even get his own realm…

His mind wandered far from the original thought of conquering her and began to imagine himself as the leader of a demon army, all under his control and free to do as he wished.

Then a strange feeling came through the fog of his mind, as though four black spikes stuck up through the dreams, mountains blocking his vision of glory.

They grew in size as he snapped back to reality, the pain grew in intensity. She was standing above him now, fear had left and the yellow glow of influence began to fade from her eyes.

It became hard to breathe, drawing in a harsh breath, he felt her move her fingers behind his tongue and at the bavk of his head.

He gagged a little, catching sight of his army of ragged beings as they fell in a swathe of death.

She grabbed something hard at the back of his head and twisted sharply, a satisfying crack issued from his mouth and his eyes dulled.

She felt the wind pick up around her as his power transferred to her. She already had the power of influence, but having more power was never a bad thing.

She retracted her hands from the disgusting creatures body and let it fall to the floor amidst the pile of grey flesh.

She continued on her journey, unfazed by the creature and its tide of grey beings when, his face flashed before her eyes. Its gleaming eyes pierced into her brain, a sharp spike of pain ran through her head. She raised a hand to her head reactively, a bark of pain issued from her mouth.

That thing had poisoned a memory, even though it was a false one, he had anchored into her mind. He may be dead but his influence had stung deeply into her mind. She shook her head and continued onwards to the Forbidden place.

Oa reached the top of the hill and stood at upon a mound of dirt, ahead of him was a smoothed clearing leading up to the structure. Two large creatures stood ahead, both powerful and muscular in structure, strange horned heads and thickly furred legs with stumped feet. They stared at the floor, almost as if they were waiting for a challenger to approach them.

Oa knew this would kill him, but he skidded down the dirt mound to the clearing and began a steady walk towards the beasts before him.

Suddenly, the sky exploded with a horrendous flapping noise, thousands of beating, flesh coloured wings filled his vision. He raised his hands up, aware of the beating wings whipping around on all sides. Swinging his arms, felt like he was fighting the wind as they came thick and fast. He was blinded by the sheer ferocity of the creatures, his sight flashed but he just about made out the creatures from earlier, covered in thin fleshy strands of creatures, tearing and ripping at their skin as they tried in vain to fight them off. He closed his eyes and lashed out in every direction, spinning and twisting as his blows landed and smashed through creatures all around him. Suddenly he felt them land on him and begin biting and pulling at his flesh.

Sheena stood in the entrance of the Forbidden Place, a large cavern that refused to let light escape its depths. With a deep breath, she stepped over the boundary and headed down into the darkness.

It took very little time to come across the centre, but she had no idea what to expect. It was another cortex.

Smaller, bluer and considerably quieter, she was astounded by its weird familiarity. The symbols and structures that floated where totally different, strange scripture marked on the stones. As she approached, they began to vibrate nervously. If this is like the other Cortex, then it should work like…

She reached up into the quivering airborne scales and came within a hairs width of touching a tile when a golden glow appeared at her side. It shimmered and danced like flames, calling her to its embrace. She positioned herself before it, this bizarre twisting, pulsing window. Its glow and warmth breathed on her like hot breath, yet she couldnt draw herself away. Peering through, she could just about make out a fire, there was someone standing on the other side of the flames, but they refused to abate or reveal who it was.

Out of nowhere, a skeletal figure sprinted past her, blackened, rusted sword raised above its head, through the window towards the one behind the flames. Is this the Mortal realm? How can this have been created there?

The portal flickered as the Screamer ran through the flames and then quickly exploded into shards. Sheena watched with more amazement as the one behind the flames simply lowered his arm and stared forwards. The portal again began to flicker and fade as she made eye contact with the creature on the other side.

She sensed the power that emanated from his soul, just by looking into his eyes. It was a mortal, or at least… possibly a mortal. However she couldnt quite make him out. He seemed to be a large, black winged demon, black spikes and tendrils sticking out in various angles. But the eyes… they were unmistakeably human, even with the rest of its appearance…

She vowed that she would find them again. No matter what.

Valkyn breathed a sigh of relief. That was too close, if his magic had faltered at any point. He would be dead. Now who was that woman in there?