Winter had hit thick and fast in Revenant city.
Standing atop the building, a lone figure, covered from head to toe in thick black and brown cloth.
He stood staring out across the blanketed city, taking in the small flickering flames of the lanterns trying to stand against the breeze and thought admirably about the lamplighters that were fighting to try and keep the flames lit.
His plan was simple.
Brutal, but simple all the same, and though the cost would be great, in the end it was all about leaving a lasting impression on the enemy.
He uncovered his face and felt the sting of the wind hit his features, his eyes would have watered if they could and he raised his hand up into the crisp, snow thickened air.
Inside himself he called out and moments later felt the presence of the other survivors,
There could only be around thirty left of us.
“My lord, is it time?” A voice from behind spoke.
He turned to face them and saw the last of his race, some fearful, some rage filled yet all determined and willing to die for his cause.
He nodded.

“Father, I don’t understand. We have always been the lords of this city, who are these… people that call us monsters?” Vanaan asked, arms raised in confusion and agitation.
They were in the Kings’ study, a musty room filled with ancient texts and grand furniture, a small fire blazing away.
The windows were sealed shut, as they always where in the days of summer which kept a lot of the heat out, but more importantly the sunlight.
Though rarely fatal, it could still cause injuries if exposed for a prolonged period of time.
The King, Stanforth third of his line, was sitting writing feverishly at his desk, a look of worry across his face
“Father. Father speak to me!” Vanaan persisted until “Enough!” The king slammed his fists down onto the hard oak table, causing a slight crack in the finish
“Vanaan, I am incredibly busy right now. I will explain the situation to you when I have the time, but for now… please” The king caught himself, breathed in and finished calmly “Please, let me finish this work. Go and find your brother”
Vanaan frowned, he didn’t like being kept out the loop, but took the command, bowed and left the study.
He walked out into the stone hallway and looked ahead, the torches flickering away, wondering where his brother could be.
They could see better than humans in the dark, but as most of their employ were human they had to illuminate the castle for them.
He decided to check the practice halls, his brother normally liked to train with the guards there.
The castle always seemed to have a dusky air about it, but that was to be expected from a castle that was almost a thousand years old and possibly older.
There were rumors that the Valkyr themselves built this in the first days.
It was nearly as old as the cathedral in the Central district, but there was some disagreement about that.
A lot of people claim that there were floors beneath the cathedral that lead to secret chambers that hadn’t been seen in well over two thousand years, but as nobody had ever found them, this remained a rumor.
Vanaan entered the training hall, a cavernous room with oak panels on the wall and various weapons lining the outside with a large court in the center that was currently occupied by three people and his brother.

Vanaans’ brother, Kahval, was an elegant figure of a man.
He moved faster than human eyes could perceive, flashing silver, he held his own against the three effortlessly.
They struck towards him one by one and he knocked them each to the side, walking and speaking as he went
“None of you are going to hit me if you attack with this attitude, you all need to work on your accuracy.”
One of the men stood up and rushed him from behind, responding Kahval swung round with his sword, striking out at where the man would have been, but he stopped just in time, dodging the blow as it sailed past his stomach.
The man brought his sword downwards, screaming down to where Kahvals’ head was… or as he thought, should have been.
But Kahval was quicker, he had already span around and launched up into the air, spinning with momentum and kicked the man into the oak panels on the walls which cracked as he landed against them.
The silence in the room captured the moment entirely, Kahval stood letting the dust settle as the others in the room watched in awe.
Vanaan broke the silence, a sarcastic slow clap that echoed loudly. This broke the tension and the soldiers Kahval was sparring with now went to the aid of the one he had caved into the wall.
“Hello brother… To what do I owe the pleasure?”
“Father sent me away, he suggested I come see you”
“Ah, you do have a certain charm don’t you”
“Very funny Kal… Do you know why fathers so stressed? He refused to tell me so what do you know?”
Kahval frowned.
Which part did he mean? The increasing tensions? The paladins?
The city was currently going through a terrible changing period, several of the higher up lords were beginning to doubt the heads of state, which meant that they would either call out the White Court, somewhere the king and his family would be called to perform the tasks of old and prove their right to lead.
Or possibly they may just work together and find a way of routing the royal family, however that had never been done in the history of the city, at least as much as history had written.
Then there were the paladins. A militaristic religious group that seemed possessed with spreading ill feeling about vampires everywhere they went.
So far there had been no casualties but there were always innocents caught up in this scenario.
“Out there? Where Vaan? The world… the city?”
“Those people that want to kill us… The Paladins or something.”
Kahval was reluctant to break his fathers will. If he wanted Vanaan to know about them properly, he would have told them.
“You don’t need to worry about them… every few hundred years there arises a new “threat to our kind” honestly… It’s all just tales, something to keep the smallfolk busy whilst they drink their lives away.”
“Are you sure? I feel like… Its’ not the same…”
“Vaan, our family line comes from the most ancient of bloods. The Valkyr.
They ruled this world eons ago and they saw off all threats that came our way… Nothing can come up against us that we cannot beat. I myself saw the attack of the “Blackest Guard” and you know what they used to say about them.”
Vaan recalled the tales of them.
The blackest guard were an group of bandits, effectively, that gained a massive following several hundred years ago. They tore through the country and destroyed several important trade outposts and cities. Vanaans grandfather, King Felvin, had lead the charge with some of the older vampires and clashed heavily with them just before night time. He had hoped to catch them off guard and sadly had gone toe to toe with the leaders of the Blackest guard, and was captured and killed before the battle was over.
“Yeah… “For in all of us, The blackest Guard bring the peace” What does that even mean?”
“Something about them bringing some form of anarchy through destroying any form of order… Your grandfather fell in battle to their highest soldier. Then father slaughtered the entire legion, singlehandedly in one night.”
“Can’t fight something that moves faster at night then you can in the day… hard to think of father like that though, someone who could destroy a legion of soldiers’ by himself.”
“You’ve never seen him that angry… Seriously, don’t worry about these paladins though, now… shall we train for a little while?”
They both entered the courtyard, a small crowd had gathered now, just as it always had whenever vampires sparred in the courtyard.
Vanaan always felt his pulse race faster when he came to sparring, Kahval was an impressive warrior, not in stature but by reputation and that instilled a small fear in him.
They both used swords to fight, blunted iron one handed long swords, nothing fancy about them and they left no lasting damage.
Being vampires allowed them to practice harder without worry of killing the other.
They were harder to kill then humans and that allowed them to fight properly.
They stood apart from each other, Kahval staring straight into Vanaans eyes, he waited for the signal.
Vanaan would start the fight and Kahval would finish it.
That was normally how sparring sessions went.
Vanaan dashed forwards, wanting to land the first hit.
He stamped heavily onto the floor, his footsteps echoing loudly around the room, Kahval smiled watching him get closer and closer, Vanaan hoped that he may have gotten faster and would be able to hit Kahval right in his smug-
Where was he? Vanaan didn’t even blink but Kahval had vanished right before his eyes, leaving only the view of the oak paneled walls and Vanaan swinging wildly through thin air, he had expected some resistance, namely Kahvals face, but instead spiraled around through the air.
He knew what would happen next and sure enough, the thick metal lump slammed against his back, shoving him forward through the air.
He crashed to the floor a few feet away, rolling with momentum and cursed the floor.
“One to me!”
Vanaan pushed himself off the floor and dashed forwards, faster this time and the same thing happened.
He had him locked in view and within striking distance he vanished. This time Vanaan wouldn’t be caught off guard. They had fought for years now so Vanaan had picked up a few tricks and learned some of his brothers’ techniques.
Vanaan span all the way round and clashed blades with Kahval, locking them in a struggle.
“Heh, my sparring… Partners could learn… from you Vaan”
Kahval grunted out, pushing with all his strength against Vanaans blade
“Yeah… But then… You would lose… Your record!”
Normally Vanaan would have held the lock and Kahval would break it and catch him off guard.
Vanaan pulled back suddenly, his brothers blade span above his head and Vanaan twisted, reaching back with his sword and striking towards Kahvals side.
A sharp, heavy weight crashed down in Vanaans chest. He slammed onto the floor with Kahvals sword crushing against his core. How??? How did he do that?
“Another to me Vaan! Come on now!”
A deep black flame ignited within his chest. Vanaan rose up from the ground and stared at his brother. He felt as if the world was pulsing, the color drained from his vision as he fixated on the outline of his brothers back. He watched his hair swing from side to side, his cloak shifted with every step and Vanaan was filled with a cold hatred that ran deeper than his soul. He gripped the handle of his sword tightly, feeling it crack a little under his grip and dashed forwards once more.

Selene sat across from her mother, fully submerged amidst a sea of books that almost piled to the ceiling.
She had discovered a love for diplomacy and politics at a young age and assisted her mother with paperwork whenever they needed to ensure everything was in the right place, all official documents and events had to be noted down in there fullest.
Together they had arranged a libraries amount of documentation leading up to the ascension of Vanaan, the youngest prince, to the royal family.
She was reading a passage that she was all too familiar with about how to enter into royalty and what qualities they look out for.
Vanaan had been five years old when they had received him from the orphanage in the city. The butler at the time, a devoted man named Garrily went down looking for a child that could fulfill the qualities required.
Apparently, Vanaan filled these requirements, despite being so different to the others… Vanaan was always a little brattier then the others, possibly as he had always wanted to be more then he was. Something about the document that Garrily had written regarding him seemed… forced. As though Vanaan may not have been the first choice?
They were not naturally related, only by given blood did they link up. None of the vampires tended to be actually related. They were all acquired through some means or another, mainly due to the fact that vampires couldn’t breed physically.
He was the last child allowed by the Royal Decree, they were allowed three children as this would not dilute the bloodline.
Too many children would mean that it would be impossible to keep track of who was responsible for who and when it came to feeding they could create Unlined Vampires.
Unlined Vampires were dangerous. They tended to act alone and were usually the ones responsible for slaughtering villages of innocents. Selene herself had never met and Unlined, however they had recently captured one that had attacked part of the city. He was due for execution soon.

A familiar question entered Selene’s head, just as it always did at this part of the book.
“Mother, how do we decide who is next to be king?”
“You ask this every time you read that book. You know that it is decided by us and the Court.
We have decided that it will be Kahval. He will ascend to king some years in the future.”
“How long have you and father ruled now?”
“It’s been little on seven hundred years now my dear… he was the first child, after a hundred years of rule that fitted the requirements and he has held up our expectations brilliantly.”
“So you got me and Vanaan because…?”
“Every royal family has to have more than one child… imagine putting all your hopes in one person that could be taken away.”
Selene nodded. She felt deep down that she had been wronged somehow. That she was more worthy then her brother, Kahval was an idiot.
Sure he had a nice smile and was brilliant in a fight, but other than that however he was stupid. He knew nothing of history nor how to appease the lords of the city.
Some of them were older than the current royal and that meant they were dangerous at the best of times.
“I know how you feel Selene… Your father felt the same. He had all the knowledge and knew every single attribute of every lord in the city… Yet his sister was to be made queen before him.”
“She knew how to win at court, a beautiful woman she was. She had something ethereal about her.
How she moved and presented herself. She was renowned for holding a court of both vampire and human in complete rapture.
Men lined up at her door to be her suitor… Sadly one of them got too close and it ended badly for all… We nearly had a civil war on our hands because of it.”
Selene was rapt, she listened intently as her mother continued
“We settled the matter the best way we could. The suitor was a member of the Lorn family, powerful figureheads at the time, they still have some old sway about them but they have mostly left the city. She was married off and had to leave the city that night. She had murdered him you see and back then… there was nothing that you could do. If you took another vampire life you had to resign your own. Stopped the older ones going rogue on us.”
“What was her name? Why have I never seen her mentioned in our books?”
“She was written out because of her actions, admittedly it was in self-defense, she still killed them… her name was-“
The door burst open and one of the guards ran in, exasperated.
“Your graces! We have to move you to safety. The paladins are threatening an attack on the castle!”
Selene felt cheated. The story was reaching a crucial point and this had destroyed the scene.

“They wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that, would they?”
“I have my orders miss. You are to follow me to the safe room.”
Something rang off about this guard, he wore the uniform yet Selene didn’t recognize him and she had taken an effort to memorize the faces of guards as a method of befriending them.
“Why don’t I recognize you?”
Selene threw the question out into the tense atmosphere, her mother whipped round and shot a sharp look at her
“Selene! Not the time!”
“I’m sorry your grace… We have to move now… I only began my duties the other day and I was the closest to your chambers when the orders arrived.”
“We will follow you, lead.”
The queen, lady Katya, rose up off her seat, her elegant dress fell down in a rippling motion as she always dressed finely no matter the occasion. Selene followed in suit, her dress wasn’t quite so elegant, but she always preferred less grandeur in her apparel.
They followed the guard through the passageways towards the safe room. They passed windows and spotted soldiers rushing around in formations, reinforcing the defense of the castle, their armors glinted as the moonlight bounced off the metallic tones of their outfits.
They stepped along the stones, clipping with each step, it all felt slightly surreal. Nothing had ever called for them to have this action before.
Were the paladins really a threat? How many threats had they overcome already without needing to hide?
She would have to enquire with her mother when they made it to safety.
They reached the end of the corridor and the soldier pointed ahead.
“Just there! We’ve almost made it!”
They sped up slightly in their approach when Selene felt a change in the air. There was a sound of metal boots, armor clinking and rattling that was ahead. It sounded different to the armor of the castle guard…
Then they stepped out from hiding, the three of them slowed down to a stop a short way before the armored men.
Selene examined them, their armor had a strange glisten to it, it almost hurt to look at and they wore a symbol. It was a half sun shape that lead round into a sword at the bottom.
They were in the castle.

King Stanforth sat in his study. His head ached from the ostentatiousness of the letter he had written.
The worst part about being king was the paperwork. He had always wanted this position however and was pleased by the responsibilities and power that came with it, but hated having to be so pretentious when it came to dealing with the lords of the city.
He heard familiar footsteps walking towards his office and the door opened. He stared into the fireplace letting his mind rest from the ridiculous amount of formality.

“Sire. We have news of activity in the city.”
The voice belonged to Stanforths’ most loyal servant, Enfeld. He was among the eldest of allies and came from a bloodline that had served the royal family since the time of writing.
In fact he was training his sons up to follow the line of main servant when his time had reached its end.
“What activity is this?”
Stanforth asked lazily, he was tired. Worn out from his long years as king. Nothing new had happened in centuries and the time for adventures was long gone now, with his age, hunting had become no more difficult then collecting stamps and he wearied from the challenges of the lords.
“The paladins sire. They are making a move tonight.”
“Tonight? Pah, wasting their time. Tell the cleaners to be on alert as there will be blood in the passageways this night.”
“Yes… but it would appear that may have been a ruse sir. We think they may have infiltrated during the day. I myself have slain five on my way here.”
Stanforth looked over at the butler, frowning.
The man stood there in his official dress, a smart brown suit that was soaked on the right side in a thick red liquid.
He rose to his feet, suddenly energized at the thought of a fight.
“Get the royal family to safety and bring me my blade for tonight… Tonight will be a feast for the eyes!”
“Certainly sir. I will return momentarily.”

“Undead heathens!”
“Stinking bloodthieves!”
Rafaello stood on top of a toppled cart rallying the crowd. He was the bravest one amongst them, Father Macris had called him.
He would be the one to lead the charge against these unholy zombies, and he had rounded up the closest most devout followers that he could to his cause and lead them to the gates of Castle Revenant, were the supposed king sat upon his dark blood soaked throne.
“They have no place among our souls Rafaello… will you lead your people towards a brighter dawn? I ask this of you as I know that you are the strongest and most devout of all of us… You have been coming here for weeks now and… I feel the light that emanates from your soul!”
That had been what Father Macris had said, and Rafaello had merely followed his calling.

He was like… a chosen one! Yes… That was what it was, He was the chosen one! He would lead humanity to a brighter dawn and save the human race from its folly of undead rulership!
He looked back at the crowd, torch lit, burning its way into the night and roared loudly. The crowd reciprocated, invigorating him with a sense of determination as he addressed them.
“These creatures! These unholy beasts that desecrate our land. Our souls by merely existing! They are sheer monstrosities of darkness and abominations of nature!”
“They all need to be removed so that we may reclaim this city and save our souls from the taint that they leave on our minds and bodies!”
He walked from side to side, feeling the gaze of near a hundred people burning away at him. It sharpened him. Made him harsher. He felt like he could take the entire castle by himself, given half a chance.
“How many of you have been marked by these demonspawn?”
He pointed to the two tiny scars on his neck, a sign that vampires had fed upon you. Hands from across the crowd shot up.
“And they what, paid you? They treated you to a life that they ensure you will NEVER be a part of? They mock us from their castles… Their monies and treats are nothing compared to the DAMAGE that they leave upon our souls! They drink from our very life force and what, were supposed to accept that as a way of life?”
A voice came from within the crowd.
“They never feed from the pregnant, nor the sick though”
He smiled. Rafaello was smart. He had been a salesman back before he met his calling and had planted a question within the crowd. A coin was nothing for its effectiveness.
“True. They leave the old. The sick. The expectant. But then… Do they choose us at random? Do they just, pluck us up one night and take us back to their hives to be fed upon, sent a bag of coins and life continues?”
“They know who to take!”
“Exactly. They KNOW who to take. Our lives are not our own people, they wait for us to be ready. We are their cattle! Are we living in times gone by? Are we mere sacrifices to a demonic idol that offers us treats for our own blessedness!?”
The crowd roared a definitive “no!”
“Exactly… That is why we need to take back our city! Take back our lives!”
Rafaello span round and hopped off the cart, running towards the castle gates.
He listened for the sound of followers behind him.
The sound was deafening.

Kahval faced away, smiling at the small crowd of onlookers and shrugging, confident in his victory.
There was nobody that he faced that could defeat him anymore, since he had learned how to properly handle himself and also how to use the speed he had been gifted, he would always win the fights no matter how badly he was outweighed.
A small prickling sensation came from the back of his neck, he glanced backwards and saw his brother, little Vanaan, moving at an incredible speed.
He barely had time to dodge out the way and, feeling rather confident struck out with his sword at the last second.
This time however, it was different.
Vanaan followed him.
Kahval span round and his blade clashed against Vanaans.
They locked down heavily, face to face, Kahval noticed that Vanaans eyes seemed different.
They seemed to be darker somehow, with a strange burning at the center and he seemed to be filled with rage, suddenly he lashed out, letting the blade go and punching forward.
Kahval stepped back just about dodging the blow, but not able to evade the next hit as Vanaan lead with a kick into his gut, harder then he should’ve been able to hit, especially in a training bout.
Kahval tried to stay in front of the blows, dodging and catching from left to right but Vanaan was persistent. He fought out relentlessly, swinging and striking a much as possible. Kahval watched for an opening but there didn’t seem to be any so he did the next best thing.

Vanaan swung forwards, striking at the next weakest spot but his brother was just as fast, near predicting his attacks. He had landed one good kick on him so far and was determined to get him to the floor before this was over. He had had enough of being the youngest brother.
He knew that the guards mocked him as he would have no more power than he did right now.
He would have a calm simple life, but would always be known as the weakest of the three, even his sister had importance in this damn castle were he did not. Would he be forever seen as the insolent child vampire?
No. No longer. I will beat them all at their own games and prove myself to these- what?
Vanaan struck out and wasn’t blocked. He stepped forward and stood for a moment, he had broken his concentration and now would regret it.
Or you could not.
A voice whispered in his ear from somewhere deep within.
He heard Kahval approaching fast on his left, rushing through the air, Vanaan swung round as hard and heavy as he could.
He felt a powerful blow crash into the back of his head, and his feet left the floor, but not before he felt his own sword crash into his brother, slamming him powerfully into the floor.
Vanaan rolled several times, he felt his rage quiet inside nearly deflating in its feeling. He had done it. He had hit his brother.
Something that near nobody had done in over a century.
Sure he lay there, face down on the oaken flooring, but he was filled with a satisfaction of landing that one blow.
Silence lapped the room like an ocean, only broken by the voice of his brother.
“…That makes three to me… two to you…”

Kahval lay on his back, blinking up at the ceiling. He let his hand drop down to his side now, haven’t had a fight like that in… So long.
He breathed hard, filling his lungs with air that refreshed and burned there way inside of him when he heard footsteps enter the room hurriedly.
“Your graces! There is a problem at the main gate. There is a small force that are rallying to attack the castle, they are charging as we speak!”
Kahval raised his hand again and spoke.
“Ahh, were is my sister? She is good with handling them.”
“Nobody knows sire… We need you.”
Kahval sat up.
Selenes missing?
This was unusual. She never vanished, it was something that the male vampires did, to wander off into the city and when there is a threat the family are normally on lockdown and kept within the confines of the city.
“Who is looking for her?”
Vanaan sat up now, listening to his brother assert the situation. For as much as he was angered, he couldn’t help but admire how much Kahval seemed to be able to control a situation.
Kahval thought for a moment. What do I do? Why have they come to me for this? No! Stay strong, you can do this.
“Ok. Guards, with me, I shall approach the front gate. Where is my father?”
“He is still in his study I believe, I only know what I have told you.”
“Ok. Vaan, brother… Can I entrust the castle to you?”
Vanaans mouth dropped. He was entrusted with the castle? He nodded, scared but excited at the prospect of managing the castle, even if it was for a minute, this was his chance to prove himself.
Kahval ran out of the room with the guards and everyone left in the room looked at Vanaan for guidance.
“Ok, we need to locate the King and Queen, as well as my sister. We will break up into four groups.”

Selene stood in the passageway. She watched as these glittering armored men approached her, they wore full suits of armor that covered every part of their body and stomped heavily when they walked. Her guard had gathered them together and now backed off, lady Katya was at the back, when Selene heard a gasp from behind her.
She span round and saw her mother being gripped by another man in the same armor. He held her round the throat and had a shining knife pressed up against her ribs.
The Queen moaned as he held her, a smell of burning flesh filled the air around them as. She was being held by a silver based armor, which caused vampires to burn on contact as though caught by acid.
Selene went to approach her but was held back by the guard,
“Stop, lady Selene… You have to get out of this. I’m sorry.”
“Sorry? For wha-“
The guard grabbed her roughly and threw her from the passageway and out into the courtyard.
Selene screamed as she fell, falling for several seconds before slamming hard onto the stone floor.
She felt crushed, confused and scared. She had just been hurled a good fifty feet out of a window by someone who was meant to be protecting her.
She pushed herself up off the floor, her chest hurt but the pain was slowly subsiding as she felt her ribs pushing back to their original positions.
She breathed a harsh breath inwards and looked ahead of her up the torch lit path. Night had fallen now and the torches had been lit.
A number of guards were rushing around and shouting something about an attack at the front gates.

King Stanforth and Enfeld headed out into the hallways and passed one of the men Enfeld had slain on his way to the king. This one was wearing the castles armor and was possibly on his way to slay the king without him knowing? Either way, he had failed in his duties and they quickly made their way to the royal armory.
Stanforth had always hoped for the day he would need to visit this room again, even though they had lived in relative peace for several years. He slid into his armor like well-worn shoes and picked up his old blade from the wall.
Legend has it that this sword was used by all of the Valkyr at one point and that each rune along its edge was symbolic of the powers of each. Fire, lightning, poison, demonic, rage and even some form of tactical, however it had been a long time since any of the runes had been invoked.
“My friend… I hope that today is as much fun as it used to be.”
“Sire… I have never fought alongside you.”
“I know… I forget how old I am. You look so much like your grandfather, even down to your mannerisms. I wish you luck my friend.”
“And I, you sire.”

After several minutes, the king and his butler stood amidst a mess of bodies, they were soaked in blood and violence breathing steadily.
“What… What is happening to my kingdom Enfeld?”
“I don’t know sire, I only hope your family are safe in all of this.”
“We must find them, I noticed several of our armors on the bodies of these men so they must have been here for some time.”

They lined their shots up carefully. This unit was too be the most devastating of the attackers, Paladin officer Thom Rexley, hidden ops division, was tasked with filling the rooftops with snipers and had handpicked only the top archers and bolters from the entire army.
He led them round to the side after listening to the bizarre rant shouted by Rafaello. He had to give it to him, the man could rally a crowd to action and that allowed his unit to slip off down the side and climb to the rooftops.
They fired and watched the ropes arch up and over onto the tiled rooftops.
Tugging the ropes, they ensured it would hold their weights and began the ascent up to their positions.
He reached the top and clambered onto the tiles, his hands gripping at the edges. He motioned for his unit to stay low and practically slithered up to the pinnacle of the rooves.
Thom observed out into the courtyard and saw exactly what he hoped for.
Guards rushing around, almost in a panic amidst the torch lit courtyard, finally he saw one of the targets. The vampire named Kahval.
He was striding towards the front gates with a face of determination, his hair whipped backwards despite there being very little breeze right now. He seemed to emanate a control and it was obvious who they wanted as their next “King”.
Thom spat at the idea that these creatures got to call themselves kings and queens. They were nothing more than parasites with powers that came from demonic entities. There was a reason they couldn’t go out in sunlight and that was because it proved what they truly were. Abominations.

Then he spotted something else. A young girl in a white dress, holding her chest and looking around rather confused. She must have been the other vampire. Princess Selene.
Thom felt as though it was his lucky night, two targets and both near shooting range. This mission was going to be a roaring success and he would get medals and glory and pro-
Lady Selene ducked away into one of the buildings instead of heading forwards with Kahval
Damn. I’m not letting you get away from me…
Thom motioned to the others to wait for the signal and to take Kahval out if necessary.
He then rose up and quickly made his way after Selene.

Kahval reached the gate, he had taken some time to gather his nerve and clear up a little. He had to appear in control and powerful.
“My people. What troubles you this night?”
“We are not “Your people” We are not even the same thing as you!”
He frowned. Someone was riling them up, or had successfully riled them up for some time. This had to be managed carefully else he would go down in history as being careless and a risk taker.
“You are correct. There are only a certain amount of us, and that should surely benefit you? We offer our protection, our land and trade, do we not?”
“But what do you ask in return? Our blood. Our SOULS!”
Someone emerged from the crowd, a small man who gave off a bizarre aura, and reeked of silvered wine.
“You ask us to work for you. To toil and slave away whilst you live in your castles way above the city, too busy to come to the city, too busy to come and help your smallfolk. What you ask of us… you would taint our souls, to deny us entry into our gloried kingdom at the time our physical bodies end!”
Kahval was confused, this man appeared to be a religious nut.
The paladin preachers must have fed him up good… I wonder if he’s a “Chosen one”
“I apologize. We surely do not mean to deny you any form of religious gratification. Our deals were set up long ago, and if you wish to leave the city to regain your souls or what ever it is you need to do, then go. We have never stopped anyone from leaving the city. We encourage our kind to not feed on those that are not acceptable. You know yourselves that we imprison our own if they feed on those that are not on the list.”
The man before him smiled, had he said something that verified what his argument was?
“The “list” you have a list of all the people that are ripe! A list of those that can be fed upon! People, you have heard it from the mouth of the beast himself, your lives are not your own!”
What? Crap this was not supposed to be going this way…
“Wait, listen to me…”
The crowd had begun to shout and scream now, hurling abuse and Kahval felt overwhelmed at the scene, he was afraid of what his father and mother would think. How could he be the net king if he couldn’t even handle a simple situation like this?

Lady Katya breathed fast. Her throat was burning and it was getting harder to breathe, her eyes watered from the pain and the smell of her own burning flesh.
The guard before her had just thrown Selene out of the window and possibly killed her and was now being surrounded by these strangely armored soldiers, she could see the panic in his eyes as he warded them all but was still being backed into a corner near the window. Where they going to throw him out as well? Perhaps he would jump consi-
She screamed out as the man squeezed on her throat harder. She felt her throat burn away and there was a strange release as it opened up her airway.
She pushed backwards slamming the soldier into the wall behind her with a surprising amount of force, he almost let her go which provided a small, brief moment of relief for her skin, she felt his gloved hands grab her again though this time they grabbed up towards her throat and though fully dressed, she received burns to multiple parts.

They dragged her and the guard down through the corridor, pushing him as they went. She had no idea where they were going, and even though she knew this castle incredibly well, it still gave away no signs as to their destination.
She was intimidated, but refused to give away any signs of fear to her captors as she was a queen and needed to act as one.
Corridor after corridor, passage after passage they went, it felt almost as though they were stalling for time when they broke off and exited out onto a balcony overlooking the courtyard.
One of her captors boomed loudly out into the courtyard as Lady Katya looked out, spotting Kahval at the front gate, who appeared to be handling a confrontation.
“Parasites! I urge you now to give yourselves up and we may yet bring peace to your souls!”
Kahval turned round, his dark hair whipped as he span and his face went from frustration to anger and shock as he took in the scene.

Lady Katya stared out at the gate, two people ran out from the walls on either side at a panicked pace, as though running from something. Kahval signaled to his troops and turned back to Katya as she found out what they had been running from.

Vanaan and his unit went quickly through the halls, surely he should have heard back by now?
His brother had gone off to deal with some of the small folk at the gate and that was no matter to be concerned with, these things happened all the time, however it was unusual for someone to go missing.
They passed dozens of armed units and Vanaan assigned them to where he could, he wanted to make sure that no matter what happened tonight, people would note that he was the one in charge of things when it came down to it.

He began to wonder whether this was an elaborate test by his father to see what would happen if he ever succeeded Kahval to the throne… Maybe there was a chance of that anyway if he did well enough?
His excitement began to work up more and more until he came to his father office and beheld the gory sight that it had become.

The entire floor was strewn with bodies, some in their own guards armor, and blood ran up and around the entire place, from ceiling to floor.
Yet he felt no loss, sure it was a shame to have lost some of their own men in this fight but that must mean that his father was alive, he had heard tales of his father being a fearsome warrior when needed which seemed… almost unreal considering the man that Vanaan had come to know.
Vanaan stationed his men outside of his fathers’ office and carried on alone.
He knew this was dangerous, but danger was what could make a man, he thought.
He had to be willing to make the sacrifice, willing to put his life forward to save others.
He bravely ran around the last corner, aware of the sounds of fighting and beamed as he came across his father, King Stanforth, alongside their faithful butler Enfeld, fighting in their precise styles.

Stanforth hadn’t felt a rush like this for centuries. He relished fighting alongside Enfeld, it was as if he was fighting alongside his friend from centuries ago, despite this being a completely new generation. He swung out and cleaved his way through attacker after attacker. They seemed to be strangely relentless, as though there was and army within the very walls of his castle.
He pondered as to what possible danger his family could be in if they sent this many men to attack him when suddenly, Vanaan appears out of the corner of his eye. Alone.
The little – Stanforth felt a rush of sickness as he saw he was not alone, someone was sneaking up behind him, blade drawn and ready to skewer him.
Stanforth broke his usual tactic. He had always vowed that relinquishing your blade whilst enemies still fought was a death sentence, however it was more a reflex action than a though guided process.
The blade sailed through the air, despite its sheer size and brutally elegant shape, and embedded itself within the soul that dared approach his son with threat.
A sharp pain entered his gut. Another cut down across his back and yet another hit his arm.
This must have been what it felt like to be a father.
To sacrifice.

Thom crept into the room, following after the princess. He knew it was risky going after a vampire alone, but that would make the reward even greater. He would have complete recognition for taking her down by himself!
Shaking his head, he had to stay focused. She could still kill him if he didn’t focus, that was something he had to be aware of.
The room smelt of old wood, it was filled with ancient shelves and barrels lined each row. The torches and candles cast shadows that danced strangely upon the walls.
He felt his breathing become tense as he looked around each shelf, moving as slowly as he could, attempting to quieten the metallic clinking of his armor.
Vampires had sensitive hearing, despite the armor possibly masking his heartbeat, he would have to control his breathing and the sounds he made by moving.

Selene hid behind the row of barrels. She was tucked up, breathing hard. Someone had entered the room after her and he wasn’t on of her guards. This man moved quietly, sneaking around. It was difficult for her to focus on his footsteps but she managed to make out his breathing slightly. He was getting closer and closer, she covered her mouth to stifle the ragged breathing as she panicked. She had never been scared for her life before and this was a horrific sensation. She began to think and hope that Kahval would come in the room and slay the man, taking her to safety. Maybe Vanaan would come and do the same thing, or at least distract the man long enough for her to get to safety.
She glanced slightly to her left, nothing. Then suddenly the shadow of the man blasted itself up the wall as he must’ve walked into the torchlight. She whimpered unexpectedly and panicked more so.

Thom heard a noise. It came from the far side of the room and sounded muffled, as if someone was stifling a scream.
He made his way carefully round to where he had heard the noise and slowly drew his knife from its sheath.
He edged closer and closer, the feeling of glory becoming bigger and clearer to himself when he glanced round the corner and – nothing.
There was a noise near the doorway, looking up Thom caught the end of a dress whipping out.
He broke out into a full charge following her as she sprinted away down the hallway.

Kahval couldn’t believe his eyes. They had caught his mother, the queen, and were holding her hostage.
He turned to one of the guards
“Handle this. Do not let them get in.”
He stepped forward when he was encompassed by an enormous roar. A blast of pressure and rocks crushed him into the ground as the gateway exploded.

Lady Katya stared at what used to be the gateway and was now a pile of metal, rubble and fire. Her mouth was open in surprise, her son was possibly dead, crushed beneath what used to be the gateway. She watched as hundreds of people rushed into the castle, clambering over the rubble. They all roared with delight and fury as they spilled out across the courtyard.
“This is how your kind fall. This is the last thing that you and your family will see. We own this city. We rule this city. Your time is over.”
Lady Katya looked over to the soldier speaking, wearing his full glittering armor. He raised his visor and revealed his face, three giant scars ran down across his face. He was large in stature and had a serious nature about him.
She felt the paladin release her, grab her hands and bind them.
She tried to speak but her throat had only just begun to heal, and even then would take a longer time due to the silver burns.
She stood before them, refusing to let them see her afraid. She was a queen first and foremost and would act like it till her last moments.

Vanaan watched in horror as his father fell to the strikes. He reached behind him and grabbed the oversized blade from the body of the assassin and dashed into the fight. Enfeld fought gracefully, elegantly slaying his way through the people were as Vanaan used a more brutal style, it was efficient but relied more on his own abilities then natural skill.
A group of attackers that rounded the corner, spotted who was fighting and stopped. They seemed rushed, a little panicked when the front one shouted back to the others
“The king is down! He has fallen! Spread word!”
Vanaan frowned, he was prepared to fight the next wave of attackers but instead, they all retreated.
“Father!” Vanaan dropped down next to the king, Enfeld followed suit and knelt near him.
“Ugh… Why do they use silver weapons…”
Vanaan examined the wounds, they were deep and burning. Silver would cause acidic burns in seconds worth of contact, however if injured by it then recovery was slow and sometimes impossible.
“Its gonna be ok… isn’t it?” Vanaan looked up at Enfeld and back to his father.
Enfeld looked concerned, Vanaans heart sank.
“I’m sorry Vaan…”
“No! No I refuse to let this happen! I need to do something… There has to be something!”

“No! this… Cannot happen. I will kill them all!” Vanaan stood up, again filled with the cold rage that he felt earlier. The color drained from the world as he looked around. He sensed people nearby and was determined to get the drop on them before they could attack anyone else.
Vanaan ran off, roaring with rage as Stanforth beckoned Enfeld closer.
“I need you to watch over him… If possible get the others as well. Leave me here.”
Stanforth pushed himself onto his front and then stood up as soldiers rounded the corner. He grabbed a blade from the floor and shakily prepared to fight.
Enfeld bowed and sprinted after Vanaan.

Rafaello shook his head. He was filled with the smell of burning rubble and smoke.
His head hurt, but he pushed himself onto his feet and as his vision returned, beheld a scene of absolute chaos before him.
Soldiers and peasants clashed in the courtyard of the castle. His attack had been successful! He stepped over the rubble of the gateway, a little confused as to what happened, but it didn’t matter. They were in the castle and would soon slay the rotten king and queen, putting an end to their unholy bloodline!
As he walked forwards, something caught his eye under the rubble.
He moved some of the bricks and realized what he had found, as a smile crept across his face. His luck was becoming phenomenal.

Selene sprinted out of the corridor and came out on the other side of the castle. She stood in front of the waterfall that lead into the city. Could she do this?
She ran around to the platform nearest the fall, it was where they gathered water before it headed down into the city.
She looked over the edge, occasional drops of water flicking off and splashing her face and dress. It was cold, very cold.
That could be lethal in itself as Vampires could drop to low temperatures very quickly and possibly even freeze entirely without warning.
She edged closer to the fall and looked over. It was a lot further then the bridge she had been thrown from earlier.
Drawing back, she felt a little sick and shook her head in denial.
There has to be another way. I can’t go over there, the fall alone might kill m-
Something grabbed her arm.
She screamed out in shock as she came face to face with her pursuer
“Where are you going princess? I need you for something.”
She struggled against his grip freeing one of her arms and shaking free of his grip. She punched out catching him in the face
“Agh! Bitch!”
He grabbed her again, this time harder and hit her back.
Selene was stunned, she had never been hit before, nor had anyone tried to fight her.
She pushed hard against his grip but he clung onto her, she screamed for help
“Scream all you want. Everyone is busy. We attacked your castle and now all your guards are dead.”
“No… please, let me go, I haven’t done anything to you!”
He laughed in her face
“By existing you have wronged me you filthy blood drinker”
An idea came to her head.
“Filthy blood drinker? Please, I’m sorry… don’t hurt me. I’ll go with you.”
She stopped resisting and he began to lead her back towards the castle, when suddenly she lunged at his neck, teeth first.
“Argh!” He screamed and backed off from her in reaction, in that second he let her go, she made a break for the waterfall again and almost made it when she felt him grab her. She spun round and punched out again, connecting with his helmet. It dented around her fist, filling her with satisfaction as he reeled back, falling to the floor. She turned away as he grabbed her ankle. She swung round, kicking hard at the head and connecting once again.
She felt amazing. She had never been so thrilled in her life and she had spent her life writing important documentation, but now there was a problem.
She lost her balance with that last kick. She flailed her arms out, grabbing at anything she could find, but the wood bracers here were wet and incredibly slippery. She went over the edge, staring up she watched as the wooden platform fell away into the distance, before her vision was covered in the white foam of water.

Vanaan rounded a corner and noticed the guards that he left stationed outside his father’s office had disappeared. He listened and heard noises coming from inside. He peered in from the doorway and watched tipping draws over, ripping shelves from the walls and throwing the books onto the fire. One of them tore apart the painting that hung above the fireplace.
The cold fury this time ripped up inside of him terribly as he felt the blade almost hum in his hand. Vanaan looked, seeing the symbols light up along the blade
I didn’t know they lit up… how does that work?
It seemed to form a different blade now, shrinking within itself as though forming to a better handling blade for Vanaan. He watched it extend lengthways but reduce in its size. It was a little oversized for him but now began to feel like a blade he had used for centuries.
He looked back into the office, they still hadn’t noticed him. Obviously they were too busy looking for “Vampire gold” or whatever these idiots thought they had secretly stashed around the place.
He prepared to charge in and massacre the lot when an arm gripped around his face and dragged him off to the side. He tried to fight, kicking and biting, he kicked through part of the wall in his struggle. As he bit, he realized that the person was wearing some form of metal gauntlet that stopped his teeth from causing any damage to the attacker.
He started to dig his feet into the floor, he pushed his weight heavily down and realized that he was stronger than the attacker who now began to struggle to move him, he pushed against his arm, but this person was used to fighting vampires. Vanaan could feel it in the way they moved, they were experienced in handling his kind, every time Vanaan put up resistance, he was quickly tipped off balance and dragged off again. Rooms fell away as he was dragged somewhere, his mind raced, how could he be so stupid as to let himself get caught by one of the enemies? He felt despaired at the thought of letting his father and family down after wanting to rise above.
Vanaan spotted a number of guards ahead and figured this would be it, he pushed one last time but again was toppled and dragged over.
Suddenly, the person dragged them behind a wall, into the shadows away from the group of soldiers.
Vanaan was confused? What was going on?

Thom hated himself. He had lost her, after managing to get ahold of her, she managed to give him the slip. There was a chance that she had killed herself by accident, but that wasn’t enough. He wanted the glory.
He wanted the recognition for taking her down, for taking any of them down by himself. He was made a captain of this section for special missions, and what was the point in that if he wasn’t allowed to make decisions that could bring him a lifetime of glory?
He spat a little blood onto the floor as he slowly made his way back through the castle. He was still being careful not to be caught as he made his way, there was no knowing just how many people in this castle had been turned onto their side or were still loyal to their undead “Kings”.

Then his eyes widened as he spotted another chance, all alone in the corridor.

Rafaello was proud of himself. Everything had gone better then he could have possibly planned. They had taken the castle very quickly, and the knights had barely even done anything. It had all been the work of the townspeople.
At last they had overcome their terrifying masters, in there large castle with their mystic bloodsucking powers and abilities. It was truly nothing in the face of those that followed the light of the Silver Sunset.
He stood before the crowd of people, again lifted high by an overturned cart.
The crowd roared with delight as he raised his arms in victory then proudly began to speak.
“My friends! See what you have done this day? You have proven that with faith, anything is possible! These creatures have ruled over us since time immemorial and today you have proven that they are nothing when the true faith rises against them!”
He leapt off the cart and walked over to a figure chained to the wall and covered by a sack. Rafaello removed the sack and almost couldn’t believe what he saw, somehow they had captured the queen. Alive.
His words caught almost in his throat at the surprise, not even he had imagined that this would be such a success.
“See my people! We have captured the matriarch of this family. The queen of Castle Revenant!”

Lady Katya stared at this strange man. He was thin and rat like, he gave off the air of a salesman more than a religious fanatic. She was still confused and distraught.
Her eldest child had been caught in the explosion at the gate, however… she felt no loss. Every vampire knew that those that shared blood felt the losses of their families like a tearing of the heart, yet nothing had happened?
Confusing, but strangely it gave her hope that he may yet live, the same with her husband. Soldiers ran through the castle shouting that the king had fallen, but she felt no pain at that either.

Rafaello sensed an opportunity to turn the crowd further. He approached the queen with his arm, surely these blood drinking beasts wouldn’t be able to resist a free sample…
“Want a free drink? Come on… show everyone here just what you truly are…”
She raised an eyebrow at him, staring straight into his eyes,
Nothing? No I need this… Take the bait you freak…
He moved his arm closer, slowly to ensure that he still had time to react if she lunged forward.
Time seemed to move sluggishly, the crowd stared in mass anticipation as he neared her face, still she held his gaze, completely unbroken.
She could smell the dirt and smoke on his skin now it was so close to her face, but she was a queen. She hadn’t gotten this far in life by giving into her basic urges. She had been around humans for almost 750 years now. This man was nothing special. Her throat had healed somewhat now, allowing her a little speech.
“Get away from me you half rate salesman. My people! Hear me! You are being tricked!”
Quickly, Rafaello bound her mouth and covered her eyes as well.
“She was trying to Glaze you people! Do not listen to their tricks and lies! They have had dominance over us for centuries, they know how to control us, to make us afraid to rise against them yet see what happens when we do? One day and their castle falls. The lords of the city know to be afraid of us as we have sent word to each of them. This is the dawn of a new age my friends… And we are its heralds.”

Kahval became aware of his consciousness and lifted his head. It felt hollow and heavy as he did, something was covering his face, a sack? The material seemed to resemble that…
He heard someone shouting, not shouting, and preaching almost. Boasting about their victory over some-
The cloth was ripped from his face and he was met by the sight of a roaring crowd. He still felt dizzy but he managed to make out the face of the man he had been talking to before the gate exploded.
The man got right up to his face, enough that Kahval could make out all the small imperfections that his face was dotted with. He was covered in dirt and ash from the explosion, his eyes were piercing and seemed to be trying to make their way into Kahvals mind.

Rafaello was trying to find a way to make this prince do something to help the situation, but nothing was coming. Had he been knocked too badly by the explosion? Never mind.
“Prince Kahval everyone. See how he can barely stand? He hasn’t been fed in a few days… See how they become animalistic in nature as they starve? Pathetic creatures…”
And lastly…
Rafaello bagged Kahval up again and moved to the final one chained up. His hands were shaking with anticipation. He had heard that the king had fallen and that meant that this was either the other prince or the princess. He hoped it was the princess as she was supposed to be smart and that allowed him a chance to write a story with the words she would use.
He threw the last sack off the chained up individual and almost threw up in shock.

“Stop. I know what you think you’re doing, but it’s not happening whilst I still draw breath.”
Thom stopped in his tracks, the struggling vampire also stopped resisting. Slowly Thom rotated in place, holding the prince captive
“You’re not going to stop me butler. You can’t. I will kill him here if I have to…” Thom drew a small silver blade and held it above the prince’s heart.
“If you kill him, you have no idea what you will unleash on this city… you think they were bad? Without an heir, the city will become a complete warzone for their kind. Millions will die before it ends.”
“Liar! Look what we did to the royal family in a night. You think we can’t handle a few lords?”
“The lords are older in some respects. Remove the royals and you remove the rules. The Court of Blood folds and every vampire becomes the rightful heir. You think your army can stop an influx of over a thousand vampires? I watched one of them take out 60 of your men tonight alone before he fell.”
“You aren’t going to convince me. We have the Silver Sunrise to protect us. They will not be able to fight us.”
“Do you understand what they are? They are not all the same. The Stormlands have control over lightning. The Firethorns can control fire. Those two alone would annihilate your forces by themselves and there are around 12 Lords alone. I’m not even counting the separate vampire families within the city.”
Thom faltered, he hadn’t thought about that… crap had anyone thought of that? What was the plan from now? Did the higher ups know this would happen? Surely they must have known what would happen with these acts…
“We… We had our orders… The Highers are smarter than I am… For I am but a captain in their army. Leave butler for I have to gain my fortune”

Enfeld stepped forward fast, Thom saw him, he threw the vampire prince to the side and dashed to meet him in combat, however hadn’t judged on the butler being as adept at combat as he was.
Enfeld swept round with his sword, feigning his attack and spinning out at the last second, causing Thom to fall forwards unprotected. Enfeld sliced round and cut up across the middle of his armor. The damage was minimal, but it was more of a distraction leading to the more fatal blow lined up.
Thom fell onto his knee, spinning round he quickly turned and felt the cold metal glide into his throat. Enfeld had dropped to the same height and propped his sword at the angle to hit Thom in the head.
Thom was in disbelief. His own momentum had driven the blade deep into his throat, he grabbed it with both hands and almost pulled it out when the butler spoke again.
“Don’t. if you pull the blade out you’ll be dead in seconds. Just as if I wanted you dead as well. I saw something in you, paladin. Take this chance to resign your military career and advise those that you care about to do the same. I will not warn you again.”
With that the butler grabbed the prince and charged off towards the gate with the youngster.

Vanaan couldn’t believe what he saw. The courtyard was filled with people from the town, all cheering for someone who was unmasking captives. Why had they done this? He had never hurt anybody and he was damn sure that his family hadn’t… What had they done to deserve this? They neared the gate or where the gate had been, it was now a rubble filled gap, like a missing tooth recently extracted. The whole scene was bizarre to Vanaan. He had never seen people so upset before, yet here they were, with their pitch forks and torches… it was just like in the stories that his father used to tell him, the little games he and Kahval used to play. Like the tales that Selene used to explain to him with a strange fixated look on her face, as though she could actually picture herself being there at that time and place…
They reached the gap in the wall, strangely left unguarded and Vanaan looked back once more.
“Enfeld… Will things ever go back to before?”
The butler was silent.
Ill take that as a no…
“Come my lord, we have to leave-“
The crowd silenced as Vanaan watched the person get uncovered. His mouth fell open.

King Stanforth stared out into the crowd. A cold rage filled him.
The crowd was silent as he stared, he had that effect on people when he was angry, and right now, he felt as though he would tear the entire castle apart just to get to the last survivor of the group.
“Your “King” every body. Bound and gagged like any other low prisoner.”
Rafaello knew that he was fooling nobody. This man was bound and gagged sure but he was not a prisoner like anybody else. Even though he was bleeding, heavily injured and beaten, He still had an aura of power about him.
Rafaello though about ungagging him, but as his hand raised, the king shot his full stare onto him and he suddenly felt about an inch high.
Nothing would help this situation. Only one thing to do…

“People. You have followed our faith, followed me into the heart of these dark creatures. This is just the start of our journey, and how else better to start then with-“
Rafaello took a silver, ornately carved knife from within his clothes and held it high for the crowd to see. It shone and sparkled with a glittering beauty before the crowd, he once again felt as though he held the gaze of the entire world.
“-A massive change.”

Vanaan watched, in abject horror as the glistening knife swung round, almost in slow motion and plunged into his father’s chest. He was immediately hit with a horrific tearing sensation in the center of his heart, several other shouts of pain came from near the king.
Vanaan fell to his knees as he watched the scene unfold.
King Stanforth had broke free from his restraint and grabbed Rafaello, who had made the mistake of hanging onto the knife as it stuck into the vampire.
Stanforth lifted the rat like man and brought him right up to his face.
“You… have… no idea… what… you have done…”
He felt the petrification setting in. His heart had been destroyed, and with a silver weapon. There was no recovery from this as it was one of the certain ways of eliminating a vampire. As he held the man up close, he squeezed a large cough, filled with ash and blood, directly into his face then threw him out into the crowd. His legs felt like lead as he dropped down onto them. He could hear his wife crying near them and tried to make his way to where she was tied up.
“Sorry… I didn’t… save you… I will always… love you…”
Through a broken voice, he heard her whisper back
“And you, my love”
Stanforth looked out into the crowd, and threw his arms wide, bowed to the crowd and fell down into an ashen pile that blew apart upon the breeze.

“Come. Now.”
“But… the King… my family…”
“You can do nothing to help them right now.”
Enfeld placed a hand on Vanaans shoulder, but it changed nothing. Something inside wanted Vanaan to rush over and slaughter the entire lot of them, every single one of those wretched people that captured his family. He was afraid for his family now, he had never witnessed one of his kind be slain before, let alone someone of his own family, and now he was facing the prospect of possibly losing the rest of them.
Selene had vanished, his father had been slain and his mother and brother were captive. What was he supposed to do?
“I know a place we can go, but if we don’t move now we will never make it. Come my lord.”
Enfeld pulled Vanaan through the gap of the gateway and they began to make their way towards the city.
“From here on, Vanaan, we have to keep you safe. Things are going to get violent in this city.”