Conker Season.

Ladies, gentlemen and everyone that doesn’t fit in those categories, It is officially conker season right here in the U.K.

Well at least in this part anyway, I cannot speak for the whole of this lil’ island but it definitely is in this section! Gonna try to convince the wofe to let us go conker hunting (probably wont take too much effort, she loves going out haha) and get some pics of the ones we get!

As a side note, whoever didn’t name them Tree-sticles really missed a chance I think…



My name is Kyle Brades. And I need a drink.

Up until 10 minutes ago, life was pretty freakin’ sweet. But that’s all gone now. The world we live in is not what it used to be. Believe me.

So lemme just give you a bit of backstory.

I used to be a pretty big deal with some… lesser than regular business men. They had a problem, they got in touch and suddenly there problem… went away and i mysteriously had acquired funds for “services rendered”

See, I was a tinkerer. I used to mess with electronics, then qhen that god forsaken second moon appeared and began raining the city with shards of itself, well things got a lot more interesting. Suddenly people were developing all kinds of talents, usually things that they were already talented with, but now they were stronger and even more adept with them.

So naturally i acquired a few of these shards and boom. I gathered myself a suit that allowed me tp have massive control over electricity. I already had one in development but this was something else.

Hell if it wasnt for that thing i wouldnt be talking to you right now. Sadly its basically broken now, thanks to that throw, but still it has its uses.

Before now, i was somebody. I could singlehandedly rob a bank and get away if i so wanted, i could take out an entire squad of goons or cops if i needed to… now? Ha. Now i’d be lucky not to get taken out by one normal cop with his shard. So thats a pisser if you ever heard one. Goddamm, this sucks.

Revenant city – 10 minutes prior.

We were hired to work with this person who was only refferred to as ‘The Great Old One’. Another freak with a shard adiction, i told myself, but money was money and… here I am. There were two others here, the gangs go to hitman, other than me, was ‘The Running Blade’ a kid with a knife that incorporated phosphorous into the blade enabling him to burn through most things. Usually vests or anything that needed and entrance making. He was effective, as much as a kid with a fancy kitchen knife could be, and also fast. Like, really freaking fast. Im talking hits that happened when nobody else was aware they were happening kind of fast.

The next weirdo was a character called Psionic. I say character because it was some weird looking guy in a small purple suit that created purple barriers wherever it wanted them. I cannot get any kind of read on this guy as he stays silent, only projecting thoughts onto me as its way of communicating. Now what the hell is that about?

So we get set for the job and meet The Old One (I dropped he Great part as im sure you know who I’m on about, without me constantly refferring to it.) And meet him in a street near the centre of the city. I wish i knew more about the job but this isn’t feeling like a regular job at all anymore, and these always go bad.

No sooner than his arrival turn up the freaking Heroes of the city. The Atomic Captain, some old guy called Abysinium and a robot called Saviouret. Oh and a freaking asteroid. This weird half human half rock thing that calls itself the Solenoid Asteroid. I wish I was joking.

There is some discussion between the Captain and The Old One about something that could destroy the city, blah blah blah, i don’t care, If i have to relocate I will. Wouldnt be the first time. Then the fighting begins and im face to face with the robot. This thing shoots lightning and uses a shield to fight.

It rushes towards me, so I trigger the magnet shields and deflect it. Then the elctricity comes flying at me, prickling my shield in a hundred places at once. So i drop the shield and punch forwards, catching myself on its actual shield, which is little more than a shard of metal that juts through its arm, reconditioned into a bluntly round shape. It isn’t expecting the shocks however and jolts violently, leaving itself open for my other fist to come round and clatter it one in the face. Or that was the plan anyway, as it rounded a kick into my chest first and knocked me away. Luckily, i padded the suit against damage and i’m back up and into the fight. We exchange blows, all the while it gets faster and better at blocking and striking me. Thats when i figured out that it was learning how i fight.

I shut off all the electrics in the suit and began to feign blows. Surely there has to be a break i can exploit, then theres a change in the air. It could be the static in the suit, but i looked over to the Old One just as he caught this tiny girl, and i mean tiny, she was just a kid, and he slams her into the ground. Just, BANG. I’ve never heard a sound like it in my life, and ive seen many people die, but that hit me right in the gut.

Everyone stops and stares like, holy crap, did that just happen? Even the robot stops and just… looks, and that thing doesn’t have feelings does it? Yet even it knew this was too far. Ive never described myself as a villain. Im more of a oppurtunist. If theres a way for me to gain, usually money wise, ill take it, and ive done some low shit you know what i mean? But this… the captain goes berserk. Everyone knows you don’t include civi’s in this kind of shit, they’re just there to watch and hope that their side wins. He runs at the Old One, full speed and this was incredible, never seen anything so fast in my life, but i launch after him, somehow i reached him in time and pinned him down, barely might i add. But then the Old One just starts… punching her. Over and over again, slamming into the same spot of ground. The captain throws us off and manages to reach him this time, landing a pinch so powerful it took the Old One off his feet and sent him flying over some parked cars. Ever seen a man lifted off his feet by a single punch? Its terrifying, how can someone have that kind of raw power inside them?

We grab him again, god knows what I was thinking, this time i discharged a ridiculous amount of electricity into him as i held on, more then enough to fry any norma person three times over. Was i trying to kill him? No… well maybe. I don’t remember thinking at that point, more acting on impulse. Then he turned on me. He grabbed me and hurled me upwards, threw me like i weighed nothing. I’m not even sure i didn’t pass out with shock. The first thing i remember is falling, buildings passing me on every side as i plummeted. I fired my suit up and began flinging around, attempting to magnetise something, but i couldnt focus, my hands were shaking violently and pulling me in every direction. My arm cracked off a ledge and i spiralled into and alley, ricocheting off debris and objects that jutted out until i crashed into junk and cardboard at the bottom.

It took me longer then i’d like to admit to stand up, broken, battered and bruised. I stumbled out of the alley and wandered down.

There’s been plenty of times i’ve nearly died, but this has me shaken.

This is a new game and i’m an old piece. I can’t fit anymore. And I don’t want to.

What am i up to?

Hello world, I do hope you are well.

So as you’ve either read or scrolled passed, you should have seen that I’m posting mini stories. Now these, im unsure if this has been done before, other than by me, but what i’m trying to do is offer slight character Bio’s for people within my project. Some will be fleshed out characters, others will be less so, more quick ideas that I give life to see where they take me and if they have enough motion to hold themselves up. 

So i guess you’re part of an experimental phase? Yeah, there we go. You guys are my Beta Testers for characters and ideas! So let me know what you think of them in the comments, anything you’d particularly like to see them do (i love what if spin offs, so go crazy and ill do what i can to make them happen haha). Anyway, have a fantastic Sunday and Ill hopefully hear off you soon.

Also, if you enjoyed what you read, like, comment or share the post! And thanks again for viewing!

Shot in the dark


“Honest to gods truth.”

The two guards walked down a stony passageway, passed many cells of doomed prisoners. They had become cold to the sounds of crying, the screams of desperation and all manner of pleading and threats. But something unsettled them about their most recent prisoner. A girl, probably around 20, dressed in traditional tribal clothing of a long leathered coat, complete with boots and hat of similar material and colour, this was usual for those that lived outside of the city as dust storms were frequent. 

“Theres no way that she could have done that. The guards and the crowds, surely not.”

“Look mate, i weren’t there, but i know what I heard. She did it and she did it well. Everyone has confirmed it”

They continued down towards her cell, the shouting and screams accompanied them all the way until they stood outside of her cell. An unsettling silence felt deafening compared to the shouts of the other prisoners. It hung in the air, heavy and disabling.

“… You sure shes in here?”

“Positive. Havent heard of any transfers and everyone in here is locked up inside of their cells.”

The guard slowly, and with shaking hands drew the keys and tentatively unlocked the door. The light spilled into the room, revealing bits of hay and grass mixed in wih other bits of filth strewn about the floor. In the centre of the room stood a pillar, and next to the pillar sat the huddled form of the girl. A medium length pony tail that ran down her shirted back stood out amidst the blackness. Slowly she turned her head towards the guards, her eyes were red and her lips cracked.

“Is it time?” Her voice cracked out, barely audible despite the silence of the room.

“It is. You die today.”

She turned away from the guards and back into the darkness.

“I do not apologise for what I must do.”

The guards stepped inside the cell and approached her in the darkness…

An unreliable source

They arsk me all the time, “So ‘ow did you meet ‘er?” And then they ‘ate the story I tell ’em. See, she don’t ‘Fit’ into their world. She aint a girl that’s gonna find a husband, settle down, ‘ave kids, cook and clean whilst he’s off at work yano? Haha she’d black yer eyes just for asking her if she ‘ad anyone in mind.

T’be fair, she’d black your eyes for less Believe me.

fust time I saw ‘er was outside ‘er ship. I signed up, needed the money y’see and she needed a crew. Course, none of us would have signed up if we knew she was the captain, nor if we knew what would become of us shortly after, but we all have regrets. We met up outside the ship, about noon I think, I was three drinks down by then so the day was startin’ to blur. Then she steps out. Comes right down to us, must’ve been about twenty of us by now, walks right up to the biggest guy in the group, think his name was Masterson or something, it never mattered, and says “Fight me. Right here. Right now.”

So ‘e, bein’ a big lad, looks around and smiles, “surely you’re not serious?” ‘e says, she don’t move a muscle, staring straight into his face like some kind of gargoyle that’s ‘ad ‘is pint spilt. Ev’rywun looks at ‘im, silent. Tension so thick ya could cut wi’ a knife. See what wer’ ‘e t’do? ‘E couldn’t say no, she wer’ ‘is cap’n n a woman at that. So ‘e agreed, she stepped back and walked to exactly six feet, same as a grave, and stood facing him. Nun of us knew what wer ’bout t’ happen. Suddenly ‘er breaks into a run, straight ‘wards ‘im, barrelin’ at top speed, ‘e locks up, crosses ‘isself an’ braces. 

She stops, just ‘fore she ‘its ‘im, starts swingin’ wild as a river! Bang, bang bang bang, ‘er fists land like lead shots, rainin’ down blow after blow, ‘e moves ‘ is arms t’ block, big mistake, cause she crushes into his belly, ‘e doubles over, an’ ‘er leaps up, arm raised ‘igh and crashes ‘er fist down on ‘is ‘ead, slammin’ ‘im t’ the floor. The deck explodes wi’ laughter, we all cheer an’ mock ‘im as ‘e staggers back t’ ‘is feet. She laps it up, soaking in the humour and glory, when ‘er raises a hand an’ shushes all of us. I’ll never forget the speech ‘er gave then.

“Listen up! I am your captain! Everythin’ on this ship, goes through me! You got an issue, you bring it to me! Understood?”

Never ‘ad a woman speak like that t’ me me whole life. So that gy finally got t’ ‘is feet an’ went for ‘er, flurry of fists n spit. An ‘er, get this, swings ‘im away like ‘e were nuttin’ an lands a fist so ‘ard i can still feel the shake o’ the boards in me feet t’ this day.

So, buy me ‘nother drink, n ill keep on yappin. Cause we did some shit… 

A slight update

So it’s been what,  9 months since my last post? 

Well my god you must be filled with all kinds of questions, where have you been? What have you been up to? How are the kids? Am I ever going to get that money I lent you back?

Well my friends (both new and old, trust me I’m clawing more and more of you in like a vicious whirlwind of inescapable creativity and God awful comedy) I am…


I’m OK,  I mean as much as things can be I’m fine.

Jk I’m pretty good. Still married (somehow, she stays with me) still a parent (yep they haven’t figured out how to escape yet so that’s all looking sweet) still playing with imaginary stories and characters that may or may not find life on a page or may just reside in my head, trapped like little people that refuse to bend to my will but still have to act within the stage that is my mind. By the way, I’m writing with autocorrect switched on so if any of my sometimes don’t make sentinels, you’ll unbelievable. 

So uni year 2 is about to start (did I already mention that? I forgot)

And I’m heading back with a fresher mind and an indomitable will to succeed (as this year counts to my final grade *vicious sweating*)

But anyway,  I have a story in the works. (Well several actually, maybe even with pictures if I can rope in an artist or find stock imagery that’s appropriate) and that’s due to land… eventually. For now it will just be rambling.



Hello world. I’m back.


That was a longer break than I thought it would be!

And so unexpected too…

But here I am, here you are, reading what you probably assumed was a dead accounts first post in… what, like a year?

Well, anyway, quick update, im heading back into uni (2nd year, somehow I managed to batter my way through the first and land a pass) and im looking to expand even further than we managed to get before! My writing is better than ever, having been corked up for a very long time and do I have some stories for you guys…

So keep watching. Im back and im ready to establish a new world.

Jan 5, 6 and 7. Busy times!

Hey everyone! Apologies for not posting anything sooner, its been mega busy here!

Coursework is due in on monday so ive been hitting that as hard as i can, also managed too lay laminate flooring downfor the first time ever, and i think its looking pretty good too say weve never done it before!

Anyway, im going too post something soon, im just not too sure when, so keep watcjing! 

Jan 4th

Does it ever feel like someone else is growing into what they should be and you arent?

How do you become what others need you to be?

I wish i had the answers but sadly i do not. It has come to my attention that, even though i have chosen a path in life (way too late, some might add) it dosent seem possible for me.

I feel my own burden weighing down upon my shoulders and despite my best efforts, i find myself lacking. All i want to do is make them happy, and yet instead i give them mistakes. No matter what i say, how i feel at any given moment, all i seem capable of doing is letting them down and they mean everything to me.

I dont know if she will ever read this, but if she does, i really want her too know that i love her so much that it burns my soul. I want nothing but good for her as that is what she truly deserves.

I try my hardest, but i lack the ability that she requires too truly brighten her soul. She is my light, were as i am an anchor keeping her grounded beneath what she could truly be.

Im sorry my love, for every pain, for every mistake i have made and truly sorry for not being able too love up too the man you though i could be.

I love you.