2000 years

2018 to be exact.

Thats the current number, this time around anyway, and we are still acting like this.

Think about this for a second.

How old are you?

20? 30? 50+?

How much have you done in your life?

You learned to walk and talk a little, learned to use tools (spoons, forks, toys, etc.) Around 2 years old. You start schooling around 3-4, learn to make friends, to read and write, to draw and use computers. How to listen and learn mathematics all before you’re 6 years old. (Generalised I know, but how far off am I?)

You start meeting other peoples family, you get older, taller, wiser, you learn who are your friends and who are… Not your friends (you know who I’m talking about).

Now youre in your teens. Puberty. The opposite sex (or the same, however I can’t explain that side as it’s not something that I have experience with.) Boyfriends, girlfriends, meeting their family, dealing with your own family and their issues, your lessons get harder, math now has the alphabet in it! Science now has math in it! English is suddenly way more convaluted than just talking it (if English is your second language, congrats, most of us can’t speak it fluently!).

So think about it.

That is in total, 15 years of your life. 15 years.

How the hell, and i mean this as nicely as possible, how the hell can we achieve and do so much in 15 years and yet still act as though we are in year 0.

We subjugate those different to us, still. This is something people have been fighting since we started counting. Religious oppression, sexual repression, gender and identity.


How are we still ok with this occurring?

Please leave your opinion as a comment, I really feel like something needs to change.


Chandelier part 2: Burnt bones, Metal hounds.

Port Emper,

Outer regions,

Bax peeled his eyes open. His head was filled with a reverberating dryness and echoed with the pain of a thousand drinks from the night before.

With a twisting throat, he pulled himself up and looked at the broken fragments of wood next to him.

That was a wall…

He found himself surrounded by debris and bodies of all manner of creatures, but what had happened?

Quickly standing up, he patted himself down, knocking off dust and debris. There was very little blood, but the entire bar was trashed. Again.

Different bar, but the same kind of damage as before. He had been warned about this in the past.

‘If you ever- Ever- fuckin do this again. Ill take your fucking legs Bax. I know what theyre worth!’

The Metal Hounds owned every bar and drinkstop on this entire planet, and it was only through previous work that he had earned the grace of forgiveness. But that was the limit and now, here he stood, amidst another drunken binge of violence and excessive destruction.

The Hounds werent the police, but they were the most numerous and collected of the pirate groups in this system. That made them among the deadliest. Bax had come to their attention at a very early age, somewhere around 15 – 16, the booze made time a little fuzzy in the head, but he had to drink it otherwise he would go insane.

As he walked through the destruction, Bax came to realise he was on the upper floor of this bar, and that there was even more devestation below him. On the one side of the wall, a car had crashed in through the side wall and crushed several people against their tables. This was beginning to look more like an attack than a drunken binge…

Bax dropped down and, began to step between the bodies when one caught on his foot and tripped him over. Bax landed face first amongst the bodies, they were cold. A realisation came across him as if being dipped into an ice bath.

They’re all dead. This wasn’t me, was it?

Bax stood up quickly, he spotted the bullet holes, encircled by crusted blood.

Shit, shit shit shit…

He had to leave. This was clearly an attack, something he would have been lucky to live through, but if the Hounds caught him here

I’m so fucked.

Bax managed to escape the bar and hid round the side as two cars hovered up and drifted next to the bar. They were the usual rusted metal banged together with plates and running on some backwards hovering technology scrapped from a Corperation ship.

With speed and effieciency picked up from years of avoiding detection, Bax slipped back into the city and wove himself into the side streets.

Several hours passed, the alcohol had completely worn off now and the old ache negan to creep back. The stinging, relentless agony of metallic enhancements that ground against his bones and sockets. His enhancements were filled with miniscule engines that fired up when needed, but as they were engines, they ran at incredibly high temperatures and burned against his bones. The alcohol helped ease the pain, but nothing totally held off the agony everytime he had to use his arms or legs. They always hurt, but if he ever had to use more than his natural strength, and this happened autimatically, the engines fired up and quickly became to hot to bear. His flesh had been burnt away over the years, exposing the black metal of the enhancements and the engines that caused so much pain.

It had been 20 years since he left Korella, 20 years since he had X-tranol, the only substance that coated the enhancements with a type of lubricant that offered complete heat resistance and lubrication for the mechanized parts that he could use his full strength without being hurt.

What he would give to get some of that again…

Bax sighed, crouched down in an alleyway, bottle of Rezzilla whiskey in hand, and felt drops of rain tap onto his face as he looked up passed the lights of the city and into the stars above.

Chandelier: part 1


The not so final frontier.

Taken over entirely by corporate entities, most of the known universe has now been branded and is fought over by those entities purely for profit.

All races and species are forcibly entered into academies and pushed into careers by the branding that owns the star system they are born to.

There are ‘zones’ that are still free and none of the corporate spacefleets allow there captains to enter these unknown regions as they are filled with pirates, thieves and war criminals.

Captain Mag sat back in his synth-plastic chair and stared at the enormous screen before him. It was a projection screen, showing the vast black nothingness of space. It’s vast emptiness, pierced by pinpricks of white light that sparkled innocently.

But Mag knew different. He knew that the reason those stars sparkled white was because of the mass colour bombing of the stars at the centre of those galaxies committed by the Fletchers Lemonade corps. The ecology of the planets surrounding these stars was devestated within 24 hours of the change. Plants died, animals became mutated and hideously infectious. Within a week almost every system that had a white star at the centre was bleached and wiped clean. Nobody even knows how long the colour bombs will last inside of the suns.

Mag rubbed the side of his face, it was coming up to his third year as Captain of The Zephyr, a flag ship level ship, with weaponry more designed for flash than effectiveness, and yet somehow he had pulled them through several pirate sieges and a company dispute involving a race of lizard like creatures that spat acidic rocks when angered. They did not make effective negotiators.

‘Captain, communication from HQ.’

Mag looked back towards the comms operator, she wore her hair up high and her skirts the same, revealing more of her thigh than was the regulation norm. But he wasn’t about to bring her up on that.

‘Thank you, On screen’

The projector flickered and the face of an old man appeared. Wrinkled and creased, more from stress than age, his eyes were grey from time spent in front of the holo-screen.

‘Captain Mag, I trust I find you well?’

Mag shrugged, not a fan of orders, Mag was happiest when left alone to drift in the cosmos.

‘Good. We have a mission for you. It’s risky, but will stand you in good credit for the future.’

Credit was the universal currency, a form of trade adopted from the Cysle civilization of Grent 6. More spread by word of mouth and deed, it was rare for anyone to actually use money anymore. Everything was a brand, including you.

‘What sort of ‘good credit’ are we talking here?

‘The kind that would get your second ship and also youre own planetary base.’

Shit. That is a lot of credit. The second ship, Mag was close to affording that anyway, but a planetary base would allow a company startup with his sponsor. Maybe a small shipping lane or bottling plant…

‘Ok, were on it. Computer, take the co-ordinates, were on a mission guys.’

The engines sealed down into burst mode and they fired off across system.

#Battle plan 2018

Hey, sorry its been so long, I have to apologize, I have really had a hard time in the past few weeks.
But anyway, I have come with a brand new post, a brand new method and some brand new stories for everyone. I’m going to maintain the website a bit more to so that, you know, it actually makes some sense instead of basically being a clusterfoot of random scrawlings.

So here it is, my actual, 100% legitimate, bonified, ratified, legalized and televised (not really) plan of action. Or battle plan, because I am at war with you 2018! (By the way happy new year)

Yes you read that right, I am at war with 2018. Want to know why?
Good, ill tell you.
So this year uncomfortably flumped down into a chair in our front room and began coughing and scratching itself.

All of a sudden it’s the 21st and I’ve done bugger all writing, bugger all uni work and also, bugger all for you. I’m not talking every one, but you know who you are (wink wink) so I apologize from the bottom of my broken and pathetically weak heart. But I promise.

2018 will be our year, or at least our year in terms of us because I will be doing more on here.


My plan of attack.

Starting Monday, I shall upload the starting’s of a new storyline, something that will run alongside one of my bigger plotlines, and should make you want to read those as well.
So Monday, every Monday we will find a new, short piece added to this journey posted only on this site, so keep an eye out as It will land on Monday. If you wish to spread the pieces feel free, however I do ask that you point people in my direction as, come on, its just the nice thing to do.

Anyway, TL:DR
Content coming on Mondays, may change as productivity increases.
Thanks for reading, let us defeat this year and add it to our victories!

Final note. My headlines keep doubling letters when i write them in the app and I have no idea why it is…

Iit ggooeess ssoommeetthhiinngg lliikkee tthhiiss iiff lleefftt uunncchheecckkeedd.

But i kinda like it though. What about you guys?

Snow in the U.K

Hey all,

So i just wanted to make a post about the current snow situation in the U.K.

So its pretty thick.

This is the front garden of my house. There is a road here but the snow has completely devoured it.

I want to also mention that I am in no way isolated from civilization, just lucky enough to live in front of a nature reserve.

To all U.K residents, i hope you are ready to deal with the level of isolation and stranding this will cause.

Stay safe.

Will post updates through the day.

Origins Stream

Hello hello,

Well I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of Ass Creed Origins (or as my son likes to call it ‘Krakens Bleed Oranges’)

And I shall be streaming once I can convince Ollie to come off Goat Simulator (and its installed, up to date etc etc)

So whatever country you may be watching from, It will take place in the next few hours, I shall post just before I go live, See you guys there!


Hello everyone, apologies for the delay, I have thriwn myself into a new story that occurred to me the other day and have worked a lot on that (sample to come) so again, sorry I have been away.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I shall be streaming some gameplay of the new Assassins Creed game on the 27th (launch day) so… If any of y’all interested, come find me on Mixer as Genetic 680, as that is my gamertag (Xbox One).

Im not saying I will be astoundingly good at the game, however I shall endeavour to entertain haha. Maybe see you then.

See you then!